Freshly Brewed Thoughts 4 September 2015
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Maybe I'm FUNemployed

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt via the Commons
You might not have realized, but I’m no longer with Mozilla. I had been taking a break. Now, I’m trying to take a position, but it’s like waiting for a wet cat to come out from under the bed. HR must know I’m not going to wait around forever, right?

Maybe I'm a Writer

The Passion of creation by Leonid Pasternak via the Commons

This week I wrote a brief reflection. The TL;DR is that I’ve been an asshat and let my self worth ebb and flow in correlation with my online presence. The more you loved me, the more I loved myself. Some people are noticing an addiction to the network, I certainly am. Could be that I have issues. Could be that we all have issues. I prefer to believe the latter.

In the creative writing genre, I decided to publish a chapter at a time of my corporate intrigue and maybe something about zombies book (go ahead and click, there’s a sample chapter for you!). I figured out where I’m going with this story but not how to get there. Chapter 8 was published on Wednesday. Want influence? Talk to me about this thing, and influence you shall have.

A few days ago I told a new friend a little bit about my back story. Her reaction made it clear that I should have promoted my first book, like, ever. Fail.

Maybe I'm a Cynic

On one of my office shutters, painted this week by Just Stencil the World

Yeah, yeah we all worship Steve Jobs. In fact, we should use him as the example in every single article about success ever written. This one uses him to define “success” and throws some science at the completely obvious fact that mo' interests and mo’ connections equals mo’ ideas, mo’ inspiration, (and mo’ money).

In other polymath news, someone once told me “You’re a quitter." I was like “WTF are you talking about!? I always finish my part!” I finally figured out what the deal is: I get bored. I like challenging problems.

I’m about to have a conniption from this article on Twitter and Emotional Resilience that Audrey Waters shared:

Most young people — the damaged always excepted — can plunge into the deepest and wildest waters of their inner lives because they know that they have what it takes to take the buffeting, even be energized by the buffeting, and to recover easily, quickly, completely.

The vapid, cordless masses retweeting horror videos aren’t plunging anywhere into their psyches. Young or old, people who spend time truly reflecting on their inner lives are not going to be doing it quickly. Call me “damaged” if you must, but “emotionally resilient” doesn’t just mean “can bounce back from snarky Twitter comments”.

Can we please take note of the delusional, crazy person trying to tell Amanda Palmer that she “owes” her fans an explanation for getting pregnant!? And then can we shake our heads at the fact that Ms. Palmer actually offered one? I like her response, though I feel a little bit like “Hey Internet, TMI!” It’s my own fault, I know.

Maybe I'm an Optimist

more street art on my office shutters

I don’t think we should be bitching about salad. Salad is good. It’s good for you (sorry, these arguments just don’t hold water, though the veggies do). It’s easy to grow, even in a small terrace/balcony garden (just watch out for slugs). We have bigger problems. How about we teach people about good nutrition and/or gardening instead, K?

We’re all dying all the time. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ve accomplished anything at all in your life? I’m happy for the distorted optimism in this article. I’m reminding myself that even though I can’t move any faster, can’t produce any more, can’t write another word today – I’ve already done enough to kill myself.

I’m slowing down. I’ve spent the past couple of months reconnecting with myself, and I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees this need. Maybe we’ll find a way to balance ourselves out?

Maybe I need help?

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A very special thanks to Farid Rueda for allowing me to use one of his sketches to build the Freshly Brewed Thoughts logo. He's very talented, check it out.

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