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A message from Jules....

Happy Holidays to everyone in our community - I hope that the Holidays were filled with a lot of happy memories, treats, love and of course fun!  

As we look towards a new year, it brings to mind what great things 2016 brought us - our pole family grew bigger with additional instructors and students, with this brought different experiences in classes, workshops and the love of pole dance was shared even further than before!  It was great to see so many people competing and performing around not only Philly, but the East Coast!  

Pole Haus has been busy with more competitions on the horizon in the first half of 2017, a recital and expanding our class schedule.

We have a huge team representing Pole Haus in the USPDF and APC Competitions in April.  Our USPDF Competitors are instructors Jacqui (Professional Division), Jazzy and Makeda (Novice); our students Aimee Simone (Amateur), Caitlin Cantor, Alex Malevic, Melissa O'Connor, Blair Ballin, Morgan Thompson (Novice).  Our APC Competitors are instructor Veronica and student Allison Boris.  We are so proud of them all and wish them luck as they prepare!  

We welcome on board Linda Ruggiero who will be teaching a Yoga Class designed to focus on breathing, alignment and skills to transfer to your fitness/pole classes.  This class will also add balance to your fitness - with restorative practices also.  Linda has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, we are so excited to have her join our team!

New merchandise is in - crop leggings for floor work, conditioning and warm ups, as well as leg warmers and hoodies to keep you warm in Winter and don't forget to check out our new tank tops for men!

In this newsletter, our Instructor Spotlight is on Emily - most of you who have taken her class know what a great teacher she is as well as her gorgeous lines and grace that she dances with (not to mention the sexiness!).  We also have an article written by student Morgan - the health/emotional obstacles that she has overcome to become the power haus (!) that she is today is nothing short of inspirational.  To top off all her achievements, she recently found out she will be competing in her first pole competition in April!

If you are looking for a new change or hobby - come and check out our Intro Month for $55, a Private Lesson or a Pole Party.  Bring on 2017!

Instructor Spotlight - EMILY
Astrology Sign: Sag
Favorite Pole Move: Ballerina Spin
Nemesis Pole Trick? Anything involving a handstand
Advice for the beginner pole dancer: When you've got a move the way you want it, try to memorize how it feels.  There is nothing more powerful to a dancer than being in touch with how their body feels
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?  Once someone told me I look like Jules Corrado (edit:
Secret Celebrity Crush: Daniel Radcliffe, but if you ever try to talk to me about it I will casually deny it
Role Models?  My Family!
Favorite Food:  Anything that can legally be called a taco
What should someone NOT cook for you: Weird seafood like squid and octopus
Most famous person you have met? Nicole Richie
Favorite Quote: 'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.' Albus Dumbledore
Favorite Vacation Destination?  I still have some exploring to do, but so far Thailand is at the top of my list
Advice for the advanced pole dancer: Trust yourself 
Lyra Workshop with Regan

In December we held an Intro to Lyra Workshop with instructor Regan Jackson.  A lot of knowledge and skills were gained with everyone having a great time!  Keep an eye out for another one coming up in the next month!

Fly At Your Own Pace
by Pole Haus Student, Morgan Thompson

A couple of months ago I saw an Instagram of some awesome stranger doing the Superman, with the caption: Fly At Your Own Pace. Things like that get posted and said all the time in the pole community, and that supportive environment is one of the reasons I fell in love with pole dance.

Three years ago, I couldn’t fly. I couldn’t even walk.  One day in September I was sick, miserable, and feeling like my world was falling apart. My mom had died, my brother had died, and I thought I was going to die, too. At this point my reservoir of weird jokes is pretty deep, like lots of folks who go through life-altering circumstances. But I started with this: “So depressed. Trying to think of how to write comedy, and all I can think of is how I really suck as an amateur pole dancer.”

I had never danced on a pole in my life. So you know where this is going now, right? It took another year to get on the right dose of the right medication, and another four months for most of my symptoms to subside. I felt better, and I wasn’t in pain... but I still felt like my body was controlling me, instead of the reverse. It didn’t help that after getting back to my normal weight, I’d gained an additional 40lbs.  I remembered that long-ago joke, and thought “Why not?” And then... I googled.

A week later I was in Jules’ Pole Intro, sweating buckets through the warm-up & doing unsteady dip-turns. And to me, it was both deeply comical and completely serious - because somewhere between fan-kicks and stripper knees, I’d caught Pole-itis. You know what I mean: The moment when you look at the huge bruises on your thighs and think “Yeah, I finally did that pole sit!!”  My first pole sit, in Alfie’s Pole Intro, was one of the moments when I felt I was regaining control. Not just of my body, but my life.

Pole is sexy, empowering, and uplifting (ha, ha, ha) - anything & everything that pole dancers say it is, because each dancer brings their own life experiences to their dancing. For me, it’s also a metaphor for life. Sometimes learning a new trick comes easily, and that’s exhilarating. Sometimes it takes a long time, and you get bruises or cuts or soreness. But eventually you learn to control your spin... and then when you can finally fly? Well, that’s pure joy.

Above left: Morgan during her treatment (with a walking stick to aid her balance)
Above right: Look at her now!  Preparing for her first Pole Competition!
Why be a Male Pole Dancer...with James

What do you want to do... go the gym?  Work on your biceps? Chest press? That's nothing when it comes to the art of performance where your own body weight and strength are necessity and sometimes your enemy.  Once you master those integral parts, you need to then make it look sexy without that look on your face like you are about to pass your colon.

In reality though, pole dancing forces you to use muscles that no equipment in the gym will ever target.  Your core will have no clue as to the bombardment of work it will go through and in the end you become stronger, more coordinated and possibly enticed to try it all in a pair of 6" patent leather ankle boots. Happy hunger games!
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