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A message from Jules....

Happy Summer Everybody!  Finally the warm weather has arrived and what a great Summer it is shaping up to be.  There are so many new things happening currently and also on the horizon at Pole Haus as well as some new additions to our talented instructor team.

Our new Summer Schedule has started with some exciting additions:
*Pole Strong is back - a great circuit conditioning class that uses the pole to increase strength and stamina.  ALL LEVELS
*Flow - a dance class that incorporates different dance styles with a constant emphasis on exploring space, connecting movements and fitness.  Connect to the music and 'perform.' ALL LEVELS
*Pole Intro is now offered DAILY!   If you have wanted to start Pole Classes now is the time with this Beginners Class offered at different times seven days a week.

Our Instructor team has grown! We welcome Jacqui Simone, Veronica Miller, Makeda McGill and Peter Jones. This talented group brings a lot of dance, pole, aerial, fitness and performance experience to share with their students.

We also have a number of Instructors and Students representing Pole Haus in upcoming Competitions.  In August, our students Blair Ballin and James Langel will be competing in the Titans of Pole Championship, Maryland.  In October we have 3 instructors (Jacqui, Veronica and Makeda) as well as 3 of our students Faye Min, Allison Boris and Linda Ruggiero competing in the USPDF Competition, New York.  A huge CONGRATULATIONS to these champions for qualifying, we couldn't be more proud!

In this newsletter you will find an article written by one of our students, Raluca - the article is about her journey through pregnancy while still attending Pole Classes.  Read about her thoughts and experience through this time.  She is definitely inspirational and now has a beautiful baby daughter!

To those of you who have not tried Pole Dance yet, now is the time - our Introductory Month Special for new members is only $55, this gives you access to our Pole Classes, Tempt, Flex, Power Haus, Pole Strong, Flow and Pole Asana!   

There is always something in the works at Pole Haus (stay tuned for Workshops that are coming up!)  Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so you don't miss out.


Above: New instructors Jacqui, Makeda, Veronica and Peter

Instructor Spotlight - ALFIE
Nickname:  Alfie (real name is Alfredo)
Astrology Sign: Cancer
Favorite Pole Move: Pegasus
Nemesis Pole Trick: Janeiro
Advice for the beginner pole dancer: Have fun, train both sides and be patient with your body....oh and watch pole videos
Favorite Pole Dancer: At the moment, Kehong
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?  With short hair, Scott Baio
How do you have your coffee?  Cream and sugar please
Secret Celebrity Crush: Dolly Parton
Favorite Quote: "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."  Dolly Parton
Favorite Food:  Steak, Steak and Steak
What should someone NOT cook for you: Anything too spicy or with blue cheese
Favorite Song? "Coming Down in the Rain" by Buddy Mondlock
Advice for the advanced pole dancer: Don't compare yourself to other pole dancers
Pregnancy and Pole - My Journey
by Raluca Ellis
When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first questions I had was “Can I still go to pole?” To my surprise, my doctor not only ok’ed it, she encouraged it! Moderate exercise during pregnancy has many benefits for the mom and baby. It helps keep your energy levels up and your pregnancy weight gain in check. It helps with the delivery (I only pushed for 11 minutes, using ALL the abs and core strength I had), and the recovery. It even helps reduce the risk of the child being overweight later in life.
Of course every pregnancy is different, and my experiences are uniquely my own, but I would still like to pass on some things I learned during my pole pregnancy journey:
  1. Keep going at your normal pace as long as your body lets you, but no new moves. Now might not be the best time to attempt the Spatchcock for the first time!
  2. Flex is your new best friend. I kept going to flex all the way until the end. Literally. Was doing straddle stretches the day before I went into labor. I’m sure that helped with the delivery!
  3. You can still be sexy and strong while pregnant. People think of pregnant women as something fragile and weak, when it’s totally the opposite. Celebrate your body, wear your sexy pole shoes, take a Tempt class, or anything else that makes you feel good.
Finally, I can’t say enough how much the love and support of the Pole Haus community meant to me during my pregnancy. From the instructors modifying exercises for me when my bump got too big, to the students excitedly asking me about the pregnancy, you all made the journey even more special and exciting!

        Veronica with her 'Tempting' group
            Third Trimester

    Stretching in Flex Class

   4 Weeks AFTER giving birth!


8 Reasons To Try Pole Dancing If You Can Never Commit To Workouts

“Pole dancing? So you’re becoming a stripper?” This was the reaction I got from my friends when I told them I signed up for a poll dancing class. Truth is, I would’ve probably had the same reaction if someone told me the same thing.

That’s when I realized how closed-minded we are when it comes to anything related to sex. I posted my announcement on my Snapchat story, and I automatically received a bunch of private messages from friends saying things like, “Are you changing your day job?” and creepy guys writing, “Oh, that’s so hot.”

The problem is, we associate heels and provocative outfits with sex, even when they don’t relate. Let me just make it very clear that stripping for money and dancing using a pole are two different activities. One is a job, and the other is a sport.

Here are eight things I learned from my personal experience of attending a pole dancing class:

1. It’s harder than it looks.

I don’t know why I pictured pole dancing as something that was easy to do. I thought you just swung around a pole and tried to look sexy while doing it.

It’s really not like that. You need a lot of upper body strength to be able to pull yourself up, and you need just as much leg endurance in order to carry out the techniques.

2. It’s not sexual.

People have this prejudice that pole dancing is associated to stripping. Newsflash: It’s really not.

There were girls as young as 12 years old in my beginner’s class, and they have been doing it for years. It’s like gymnastics, except with a pole.

3. It makes you feel sexy.

I must admit, it felt empowering to handle the pole. Once I got the hang of it and was able to wrap my legs around it smoothly, I really felt like I owned it. Pole dancing studios have a wall of mirrors, so you can watch yourself doing all the techniques, which makes you feel confident, sexy and strong.

4. Pole burn is real.

After an hour of dancing around and flipping my body in ways I didn’t even know it could, the burn starts to kick in. You don’t realize while doing the class because you’re so concentrated on getting the techniques right. But as soon as you’re done, your body starts to hurt everywhere. They call this the “pole burn.” Eventually, with more practice, it goes away.

5. You will sweat.

No joke, I came out of there sweating more profusely than I do when I attend a spinning class. If you’re like me and you sweat a lot during a workout, you’ll want to use “dry hands” applicator. You’ll also be wiping your pole with disinfectant for half of the class. Your palms get very sweaty, which negatively affects your grip on the pole, so you need to wait for them to dry.

6. It relaxes your mind.

There hasn’t been many times before where I did a fitness activity without having 100 things on my mind, but with pole dancing, my mind went on a complete mental break. 

I’m the type of person who thinks of things to add to my to-do list in the shower. Even yoga doesn’t get me in a zen state of mind. And yet, I was so concentrated on getting the moves right that, for once in my life, I wasn’t thinking about anything else. 

7. You’ll wake up sore the next morning.

The second you wake up, it will feel as if you just walked out of the gym. You don’t even realize how much you’re burning during the class because you’re concentrating on getting up on the pole and remembering the techniques.

According to Poleitical, an hour of pole dancing can burn up to 500 calories. Not only is it good cardio, but it also helps with muscle endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. I woke up the next morning hurting from every part of my body. I was sore for two days afterward. 

8. You’ll want to do it again.

The second I left the studio, I called my boyfriend and told him, “We need to get a pole in our apartment.” Now that I had perfected these moves, I couldn’t wait to show them off.

It’s funny how something can have such a negative connotation until you go out and do it yourself. Months ago, if someone had told me they were taking a pole dancing class, I would’ve laughed. But now that I experienced it firsthand, I will most likely say, “I’m coming with you!”

For full article (Elite Daily and written by Rebecca Perez on Healthy Habits), visit
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