Pole Haus Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 2
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A message from Jules....

Finally Spring is here with warmer weather and an increased motivation to get back into fitness!

What a busy Winter Season it has been - we have been busy in the Studio with our classes as well as preparing for Competitions!  On the first weekend in April, Pole Haus was represented by both instructors and students in the USPDF (New York) and APC (Virginia) Competitions!  Everyone was so professional and gave their very best to produce some empowered and kick-ass performances!  Congratulations to everyone!  To find out how they all performed and to check out some photos, scroll down further towards the end of this newsletter!  

We are also preparing for our Spring Recital in May.  There will be Solo and Group Acts with an entertaining show guaranteed.  In our next newsletter we will be sure to recap the event and include photos.

Veronica is featured as our Spotlight Instructor this newsletter - if you have ever taken her Tempt or Pole Classes, you already know that her sultry moves and effortless grace is infectious....learn what makes her tick.

 We also have an article written by our student Nicole Myles who has overcome many health hurdles and credits her pole dance classes for a lot of her recovery.  Read about her courageous journey from her first Pole Intro Class to becoming a great example to others.

If you are looking for a new change or hobby - come and check out our Intro Month for $55, a Private Lesson or a Pole Party.  Happy Spring :)

Instructor Spotlight - VERONICA
Nickname: V
Star Sign: Cancer
Why Pole Dance?  Why not?!  It is such a fun and exhilarating way to find out what your body can do.  It builds strength, stamina and confidence.
Favorite Pole Move: Wrist Seat jazz split on a spinning pole.
Nemesis Pole Trick? Superman :(
Advice for the beginner pole dancer: If you can't invert, climb.  If you can't climb, spin.  If you can't spin, shimmy.  And if you can't shimmy, just stand there, whip your hair and look sexy AF!
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?  Raven Symone
Secret Celebrity Crush: Idris Elba....though that's not much of a secret.
Something you did not know about me...  I have a scar from wildly running into a wall when I was 3.
Favorite Food:  My dad's cornbread stuffing.
How do you have your coffee? Just like my hubby...strong and sweet :)
Favorite Quote: "That's not how this works.  That's not how any of this works."
Favorite Pole Dancer?  Sergia Louise Anderson
Favorite Song: The 50 Shades version of 'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce.
Advice for the advanced pole dancer: Sharing your journey with beginner pole dancers is so beautiful and, it gives you good juju.
Competition Fun!

Over the weekend of 1st/2nd April, there were two competitions happening on the East Coast.  We had a huge team representing Pole Haus in the USPDF and APC Competitions in April.  Our USPDF Competitors were instructors Jacqui (Professional Division), Jazzy and Makeda (Novice); our students Aimee Simone (Amateur), Caitlin Cantor, Alex Malevic, Melissa O'Connor, Blair Ballin, Morgan Thompson (Novice).  Our APC Representative was student Allison Boris.  

So happy to announce that Allison placed 2nd in her Dramatic Category and Blair scored 3rd place in the Sexy Division!  Jazzy and Alex also grabbed 4th place respectively in Artistic and Sexy Divisions.  All reports of the performances stated they were flawless, strong and empowered!  

Congratulations to our ladies, we are so proud of you!  


                            My Journey from Debilitation to Empowerment
                                          by Pole Haus Student, Nicole Myles

When I first came to Pole Haus, I was terrified. I couldn't hold a plank let alone lift my feet up long enough to do a fan kick. I saw all these beautiful girls smiling and laughing while executing moves flawlessly. For the entire thirty minute warm up I debated internally if leaving in the middle of class or staying would be more humiliating. 

It wasn't that I thought I came to slay or that pole would be easy. Dance was my first love and it hurt to feel rejected by her. I'd danced five days a week for as long as I can remember until I got sick. 

Almost eight years ago, when I was 18, I developed a series of debilitating symptoms. I was bright and driven enough to start college at 16, but in my junior year found myself too disoriented to read a single page in one sitting or hold a meaningful conversation. I slowly recovered, but chronic illness has a funny way of not wrapping itself up with a tidy bow even after diagnosis. 

Doctors condescendingly prescribed exercise for the lingering pain and depression. I'd take a remedial ballet or modern class and rather than a day or two of soreness, have that old, searing pain come rushing back for a week or two or four. My muscles had atrophied from a year in hospital beds, compounding the problem. 

I bought Pole Haus' intro membership on a whim in November 2015. I figured in three classes it would pay for itself and so I walked into my second class --- Pearl's Tempt --- the next week. 

For the first time in years, it didn't hurt to love dancing. I felt an ownership of my body and sexuality. Over the course of a year, I built enough muscle that most days I'm not in any pain at all. Leaving my sweat, fears and insecurities on the dance floor has helped lift my depression beyond my wildest expectations. Movement for me is mindfulness and meditation all wrapped into one. 

My complete inability to so much as do a dip turn my first class was met with three or four girls coming up to me, generously feigning surprise that it was my first class and excitedly asking not if I was coming back, but on what day. I briefly wondered if I walked into a cult, but I never looked back. 

Pole dance gave me my body back. I don't mean the weight loss. Health comes in every size, but I wasn't well when I first came here. Pole Haus is an exceptionally welcoming and familial environment where you can truly start from any level. I couldn't be more grateful for the brilliance, warmth and support my pole sisters so freely and thoughtfully give. If you were on the fence, jump over it and keep coming back. 
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