Things are looking UP! 好消息!放寬防疫措施
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Dear Community, 

Things are looking up! With the relaxation of certain distancing and mask wearing regulations by the HKSAR government yesterday, we’re further enhancing your yoga and fitness experience starting THIS FRIDAY, 18 September!

  • Masks will no longer be required in Yoga, Group Fitness and Cycling classes. Please keep masks in mask holders whilst exercising.
  • We’re able to increase class capacities whilst maintaining adequate distance between all individuals.
  • Masks will no longer be required whilst working out in PURE Fitness locations – provided there is adequate distance or a screen between individuals.
  • Hot yoga classes return! From Saturday, 19 September (bookable from 17 September) your detoxifying sweat sessions will be turned back ON!
  • The ICBC swimming pool will re-open on Monday, 21 September with 50% maximum capacity.
For any of our community currently on suspension, you’re welcome to reactivate your contract at any time – just fill in this super simple form.
We’re so happy that things are moving in the right direction -- but we need to continue our teamwork to keep it that way:

  • Saunas and steam rooms will remain closed for now.
  • Cardholders must still wear masks when not exercising, except when showering, eating or drinking -- whilst the PURE team will continue to wear masks at all times.
  • Temperature checks and all additional hygiene measures will remain in place.
  • Travel declarations will remain mandatory – very quick and easy to complete via the PURE 360 Lifestyle app.
  • Advance class bookings will be restricted to one yoga and one fitness per person per day.

For anyone who’d prefer to keep a mask on whilst exercising, we’re happy to offer mask brackets on request – these can make breathing a little easier!
Thanks to every single one of you for rallying together to maintain our safe and happy PURE environment. You’re THE BEST!

Your PURE Team

  • 參與瑜伽、團體健身及單車課堂期間毋須佩戴口罩。運動時請將口罩放在口罩收納盒內。
  • 我們會陸續增加每班上堂人數,同時繼續保持適當的社交距離。
  • 在PURE Fitness中心健身期間毋須佩戴口罩-只要大家保持適當的社交距離,或以隔板隔開。
  • 高溫瑜珈(Hot yoga)課堂重開!由今個星期六(9月19日)開始,您可以重投高溫瑜珈的懷抱,盡情揮灑汗水!高溫瑜珈課堂由9月17日開始接受預約。
  • 中國工商銀行大廈游泳池將於下星期一(9月21日)重開,泳池內人數最多為容納量的一半。

  • 桑拿房和蒸氣房仍然維持關閉。
  • 持卡人於運動以外的時間仍需佩戴口罩(淋浴及飲食期間除外)。同時,PURE團隊會繼續於所有時間佩戴口罩。
  • 量度體溫和其他額外的衞生措施將維持不變。
  • 必須填寫旅遊及健康申報表格,您可透過PURE 360 Lifestyle應用程式填寫,過程簡單快捷。
  • 每位持卡人每日只限提早預約一個瑜伽及一個健身課堂。  



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