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Dear Community,

Reimbursement for Closure Period
As promised, here’s a form where you can tell us your reimbursement preferences for the 14-day closure period. Please let us know within 7 days and we’ll process your request as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically adjust your next Autopay payment or, for prepaid Cardholders, extend the duration of your contract. Note that auto payments will not be collected at the end of this month and will only be reactivated mid-next month after our locations re-open.

Case Update
Again, we’re committed to sharing all available details surrounding affected Cardholders and have identified the details of a previously reported individual (Case #227) who tested positive for COVID-19. This is the record of their visits to Pure Fitness California Tower, ICBC and Kinwick Centre in March:
  • Pure Fitness California Tower - March 4 (19:30) attended the 19:40 RPM class, March 14 (18:17 – no classes) and 15 (15:59) attended the 17:10 BODYPUMP 
  • Pure Fitness ICBC - March 5 (19:27) attending the 19:40 Pilates class and 20:45 BODYPUMP
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre - March 8 (16:35) attended the 17:00 Pilates class and 18:10 BODYPUMP
The individual showed no symptoms until March 17, and tested positive on March 19. He did not train with a PT and did not visit the sauna/steam room or nood food.

Take a look at our updated FAQ in both Traditional Chinese and English.

Live-Streamed Classes
Our live-stream schedule is expanding fast with content on @PureYogaOfficial and @PureFitnessOfficial IG pages. All live-streamed classes will now be saved for anytime viewing on YouTube (Pure Yoga Official and Pure Fitness Official).

Coming soon – the schedule of a VAST array of live classes from our teaching community on their own channels, which we’ll post on IG soon. Keep the requests coming in the comments on Facebook and IG.

Best Wishes,

Your Pure Team

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我們承諾會公布有關確診持卡人的到訪記錄,就早前的個案227,我們已查證其身份。以下為其三月份於Pure Fitness California Tower、ICBC及Kinwick Centre的到訪記錄:
  • Pure Fitness California Tower – 3月4日 (19:30) 參與19:40的RPM課堂、3月14日 (18:17 – 並沒有參與課堂) 及15日 (15:59) 參與17:10的BODYPUMP課堂 
  • Pure Fitness ICBC - 3月5日 (19:27) 參與19:40的Pilates課堂,及20:45的BODYPUMP課堂
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre – 3月8日 (16:35) 參與17:00的Pilates課堂,及18:10的BODYPUMP課堂
該名持卡人於3月17日前並沒有任何病徵出現,及後於3月19日確診。他並沒有進行私人訓練課堂、沒有使用蒸氣室/桑拿室,及沒有到nood food用膳。

請查閱我們最新版本的常見問題 (設有中文英文)。

我們不同範疇的直播課堂已全速上線,請到@PureYogaOfficial and @PureFitnessOfficial的Instagram發掘更多。所有直播課堂更將儲存至YouTube頻道:Pure Yoga Official 及 Pure Fitness Official,讓您隨時進行訓練。



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