Vol. 8 - February 1st, 2017
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Greetings from the Grand Secretary

Sam Roberts, Grand Secretary, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Washington

I really must compliment the Grand Lodge Staff for their contributions and support of the Grand Lodge Messenger. They saw the potential as a means of going beyond not only doing their everyday jobs but as an opportunity for sharing with the Brothers what they are working on to benefit the Lodges. I also want to thank the Brethren for their acceptance, support, and encouragement for this newsletter. If you have a particular question, please send it in, we will do our best to get an answer out to the Brethren. If you like the Messenger, please share it with your Brethren and friends (potential candidates).  Remind them that anyone can go to the Grand Lodge website and subscribe to the Messenger.  When they do, it will show up in their email inbox every month.
Where’s Sam?
In a sense, Sam is homeless! Vickie and I closed on the Mukilteo home on the 25th of January. It was a bit rough walking out of the home that we have lived in for more than 20 years for that last and final time.  Leaving the neighbors and friends was a decision that we made for the opportunity to be a steward and custodian for the Brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction.  However, so that you know, it is true that (after closing) you can never go home again. We don’t want anyone to be concerned or think that we’re without a home. We’ve decided to rent in the general area of the Grand Lodge Office for as long as the Brethren desire my assistance as the Grand Secretary.
New for LSI
For the Lodge Secretary, there is a NEW Lodge Dues Manager module that has been added to the Lodge Secretary Interface (LSI).  This module allows the Lodge Secretary to load the Lodge dues, assessments and fees into the database.  The module can also track the member’s different payment amounts as well as other contributions. So, with a simple click of a button, the Secretary can see who has and has not paid for the current or past year, when, and how much.  I’ve asked a couple of the Lodge Secretaries to assess the new features and functions, provide feedback and suggest improvements, and write up a “How to…” for the other Secretaries.
Endorsement of DeMolay
How do you respond to the comment that the Catholic Church and Freemasonry have been, are and will be at odds with each other? Here is an excerpt from a 1993 re-Statement of Cardinal Jan Willebrands at the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 European DeMolay Pilgrimage. “The inspiration and ideal which lead to the foundation of the Order of DeMolay in 1919 have their full meaning, even increasingly, in our days.” As Masonry, along with all the appellate and appendant organizations share the same tenets and moral foundations, this recognition of DeMolay can be shared by Freemasonry worldwide.  For more on this and many other topics relating to the Catholic Church and Freemasonry, contact Worshipful Brother Vincent DiGiulio.
Civility – A Masonic Characteristic
The National Civility Center (  has designated February as Civility Online Month. We have all been witness to the most outrageous and inappropriate behavior in email and on every social media outlet.  Unkind and thoughtless comments, disrespectful remarks, and foul and obscene language is disgorged in public because it incites reaction and is hidden by the wall of anonymity. We, as any part of the Masonic Family, should not sink into the cesspool of people that have no regard for their fellow citizens of a global community. Do unto others and the path of civility should cause each of us to reflect upon the ramifications of our words and actions before we press the send or post button.
Civility Quote
“Civility means a great deal more than just being nice to one another. It is complex and encompasses learning how to connect successfully and live well with others, developing thoughtfulness, and fostering effective self-expression and communication. Civility includes courtesy, politeness, mutual respect, fairness, good manners, as well as a matter of good health.”

– Pier Massimo Forni – from The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct
Pier Massimo Forni founded the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, where he is a professor.
Washington Masonic Charities
Aging Your Way - Independence & Long Term Planning Workshops
By the end of this workshop, you will

  • Understand the issues, options and opportunities for retaining independent living, aging in place, and long-term care.
  • Begin to outline a plan for you or your older relative.
  • Begin assembling Your Team of trusted individuals and professionals who will aid and assist you as life changes occur.
  • Have information on how to connect with Masonic Outreach Services to provide assistance with planning or future issues related to aging in place or long term care.

To schedule a workshop or to attend one, contact Byron Cregeur,, or 1-844-288-3531.

Quote(s) of the Month

"No one cares about how much you know, but about how much you care."
- VWB Bill Werner

"Freemasonry may not be right for everyone, but Freemasonry is right."
- MWB Jim Mendoza
2017 Lodge Leadership Retreat Registration is NOW OPEN!
Deadline for Registration is March 1st, 2017

The 2017 Lodge Leadership Retreat will be held Friday, March 17th through the morning of Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA. Those that are eligible and encouraged to attend are any Masons that anticipate being installed as a Warden or Senior Deacon of a Lodge in 2017. While the primary focus of the retreat is geared towards Lodge Wardens and Senior Deacons, any Master Mason (including Masters or Past Masters) may attend. The program is designed to lead officers to a greater understanding of their role as a leader in their Lodge and provide them the skills to excel and succeed in that role. A few of the topics to be covered include: Roles and Responsibilities for the Junior Warden and Senior Warden, Degree Ritual, Leadership, Building Membership, New Candidate Education Program, Public Relations, Our Responsibility to the Craft, Lodge Traditions and Landmarks and Installation Planning. A full list of classes offered can be found on the Grand Lodge website. Ladies are encouraged to attend, with special ladies and coed programs designed to help gain additional knowledge about our Fraternity and guidance on how to assist in the successful journey of their Mason in his Lodge officer role.

For registration information including a class list and RW Warren Schoeben's letter in its entirety CLICK HERE or go to
MW Richard A. Mecartea 

Most Worshipful Brother Richard A. Mecartea was born in Mt. Vernon on August 9, 1922, to James and Pearl Mecartea. He shared his childhood with four brothers and three sisters. Our distinguished Brother attained his early education in the Mt. Vernon and Marblemount School Systems in Skagit County. He later moved to Seattle where he graduated from Franklin High School. During WWII he served in the U.S. Army Field Artillery and rose to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. His military experience included serving as an Infantry Artillery Forward Observer in the South Pacific.

Following his honorable discharge from military service, he attended the University of Washington and majored in Civil Engineering. He worked during the summer vacations for a mechanical contractor, and this was the beginning of his life-long vocation in this field. He held positions as Estimator, Project Supervisor, and Project Engineer on some significant construction programs, including military projects in Alaska, the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona; a natural gas distribution system in Anchorage, Alaska; a five hundred mile pipeline and related pumping stations in Iran; major hospitals in Seattle – Veterans, Swedish, Providence, and University of Washington; the major reconstruction of SeaTac International Airport; and construction of the Boeing Auburn and Everett facilities. Our Brother, upon completing his formal education at Seattle Community College and Purdue University, taught night school for many years at Edison Vocational School, Seattle Community College, and Renton Vocational Technical School.

Our Brother’s Masonic career began June 14, 1957, when he joined Elliott Bay Lodge, No. 257, in Seattle and was enrolled a Master Mason March 4, 1958. After progressing through the Lodge line, he served two years as Worshipful Master of his Lodge in 1964 and 1965.

His long service in our Grand Lodge began when he was appointed Deputy of the Grand Master for District No. 5 in 1984 by Most Worshipful Brother Matt Martin. He served continuously in appointed positions including Grand Lecturer, Grand Marshal, Junior and Senior Grand Deacons, and numerous Committee positions including Chairman of the Future Planning and By-Laws Committee, until he was elected Junior Grand Warden in June 1997.

During his tenure as Grand Master in 2000-2001 he preached a theme of “Shaping the Future” while at the same time “Improving the Present” by becoming involved in our communities by revealing who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Most Worshipful Brother Dick and his wife, Barbara, celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary during his year as our Grand Master. They have been blessed with two daughters, Judith and Patricia, four grandsons, and one granddaughter. Dick and Barbara were very proud of their family. He was active in the International Order of Rainbow for Girls during the time his daughters were involved in this young women’s organization. He served as Rainbow Dad on several occasions, was on the Adult Advisory Board for six years, and Chairman of that Board for three years. In recognition of his dedicated service, he is a recipient of the Rainbow Grand Cross of Color.

Other Masonic organizations in which he was active are Nile Temple of the Shrine, Royal Order of Scotland, Angora Grotto, Order of Eastern Star, Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research No. 281, and Seattle Valley of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He was designated 32° Knight Commander Court of Honor in Scottish Rite, receiving this distinction in 2001 during the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction. He is also a member of the National Sojourners and Heroes of ’76.

Our Past Grand Master has always been a true student of Freemasonry. He has consistently lived by our philosophy and worked hard to promote the principles and tenets in his daily life and to others. His years of skill and experience and his calm and steady demeanor proved most helpful to each Grand Master he served. He has always been there to offer his assistance and expertise when needed and will be long remembered as a faithful worker and leader in the quarries of Freemasonry.

Our Brother passed to the Celestial Lodge January 23, 2017.  His Lady Barbara pre-deceased him May 1, 2009.  He is survived by his second wife, Ophelia, daughters Judith (Lawrence) and Patricia, 5 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and many relatives.

MWBro. Richard Mecartea had requested “no funeral or memorial service” in his will.  Accordingly, the family has canceled the scheduled memorial service for this coming Saturday.  He will be buried at the Tahoma National Cemetery at 11:30 am this Friday.

Life Membership Income Distribution 

Hope 2017 is off to a great start for everyone! Just a reminder that participating Lodges will receive their Life Membership income distribution check by the end of February 2017. Checks will be mailed to each Lodges’ Secretary that is on file in the database.
If you have any questions, please email or call me at the office. or 253-625-7891 x203

Happy Valentine's Day!
Kathleen Lau

Grand Lodge Updates and Training Opportunities 

Secretary, Treasurer, and Temple Board Governance Training 

The Grand Lodge office staff hit the ground running in 2017.  The Grand Secretary, MWB Sam Roberts, VWB Clint Brown and WB Skip Nielsen conducted Secretary, Treasurer and Temple Board Governance training in Bremerton, WA on January 28, 2017.  Over 50 Brothers were in attendance.   There is a lot of useful information provided by this training and we encourage anyone who hasn't attended to come to one of our upcoming seminars.  Even if you are not currently holding one of these positions, but are thinking about making yourself available in the future, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what is involved.  We are offering this training at the Pasco, WA Red Lion on March 19, 2017, from 11 am to 4 pm immediately following the Lodge Leadership Retreat and at Centralia Lodge, No. 63 on March 11, 2017, from 11 am to 4 pm.  Links to sign up for the training can be found on the Grand Lodge website or by clicking on one of the options below.

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 – Centralia
Centralia Lodge, No. 63 – 218 N. Pearl St. Centralia WA 98531

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 – Pasco
Red Lion Hotel, Pasco – 2525 North 20th Ave, Pasco WA 99301

990-N Forms

It has been brought to our attention that some of the Lodges and Temple Boards have had issues with filing their 990-N forms online this year.  Information was sent to the Lodges with tips to assist in filing the forms and an IRS website and phone number to obtain further information.  This information is available on the Grand Lodge website.  If you continue to have trouble, please call the Grand Lodge office and either Clint Brown or Don Campbell will try to assist you with the process.  

Form Updates

Additionally, the Grand Lodge office staff is working on several new projects that will help make each Lodge Secretary's life a little easier.  We are starting a project to make many of the forms that are used by the Lodges fillable on-line.  This will enable the Lodge Secretary to simply fill in the blanks and print out the form.  We are also working on making petitions for the Degrees, Plural Membership and Affiliation fillable as well.  We hope to have many of the forms converted before the Annual Communication.  We welcome any input you may have and will continue to keep you updated as we go forward with this project.

VWB Clint Brown
Assistant to the Grand Secretary

Ask Adoniram
Dear Brother Adoniram,
We have a Brother who has started bringing his dog into the Lodge for all of our meetings, including the Degrees.  Many of us are upset that the WM is allowing this. What if his dog should bite one of us? The Brother is not sight impaired or does not need to have his dog in the Lodge as far as I know. How should we deal with this problem? Can the rest of us bring in our dogs and other livestock?
- Going to the dogs
Dear Going to the dogs,
Certified service animals should be considered as an extension of the Brother. The only issue the Lodge should consider is in the event that another Brother might have an allergy, the Lodge should make accommodation for both Brothers. If the dog bites a Brother, make sure that the dog has had all his shots because who knows what kind of diseases some of our members may have.  Also, if the animal is present at Stated or Special Communications, make sure that it is proficient in the work and that it has been through the 6 Steps to Initiation Program.
Ask Adoniram
Dear Brother Adoniram,
We have a great Junior Warden and he is a great cook. He prepares wonderful meals for our meetings and special events.  The problem is that every meal is chicken or chicken or more chicken. Without hurting his feelings, how can we let the JW know that some other entrée would be appreciated?
- Ready to squawk
Dear Cluck Cluck,
I would offer the following prayer at the next dinner.

For chicken young and for chicken old,
For chicken hot and for chicken cold,
For chicken white and for chicken green,
For chicken plain and chicken with beans,
For chicken baked and for chicken fried,
For chicken with cake and chicken with pie,
For chicken tender and for chicken tough,
Please help us Lord, we’ve had enough.
Lodge Secretary's Corner
Thank you to all of the Secretaries who have submitted their Year End Report! Per Sec. 14.11 B.L., the end of the year return must be submitted (or postmarked) to the Grand Lodge office no later than February 1st to avoid the $5.00 per day late fee.  Reports can be sent via email to or by fax at 253.625.7896.
February Grand Lodge Events
District No. 2 Meeting
Friday, February 10th @ 6:30 PM - CLICK HERE to view event Flyer
Shoreline Lodge, No. 248, 753 N 185th St., Shoreline 
A Prime Rib dinner will be served for a $10.00 donation.  
All proceeds benefit the Norm Watts Memorial Youth Travel Fund.
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @

President's Day - Grand Lodge Office Closed
Monday, February 20th, 2017

District No. 16 & 17 Meeting 
Saturday, February 25th @ 11:00 AM
Olympic Masonic Center, 521 North Street, Tumwater 
An all-you-can-eat Pasta Bar will be served for $10.00
Basket Raffle to support the Grand Master's Charities
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @

Click on the underlined event heading for additional information 
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