Newsletter - 11th June 2023
This Week:

Strong 'Joshua courage over fear' - Steve

Next week: 

Strong 'Joshua courage over fear' - Steve
This Week 

Strong 'Joshua courage over fear' - Points from the Strong Series Guide

What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

 How has someone else’s obedience impacted your life in the past? 

How has your obedience impacted someone else? 

How can the impact it has on other people make it easier to be obedient? 

Do you struggle with viewing someone in particular as a “lost cause?”

Do you ever feel like a lost cause? 

How can I pray for you? 

As always, follow along on the Bible App:

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Prayer this week:
1. Pray for the Kidz Club and Vertical as they round out term 2. 
2. Pray for the students and staff of Selwyn Ridge Primary.   

3. Continued prayer for the physical and mental health of our church family.  

Thank God for His faithful provision and for our gifts and offerings that they be used to further the Kingdom.

Offering amount for May 2023:

Offerings: $13166

Budget: $16250

Shared Lunch Guide
We are heading to Canada to see our family and will be away from July 1st to October 1st (all of the school term 3) and would appreciate help with:

A large garage to house our 64' Pontiac Convertible.
Grandparents Club at WB school from 9-10am each Wed morning as an extra pair of hands to help Jane Rode, Kevin Hampshire and Malcolm Garthwaite. We have up to 10 tamariki who are in need of extra care and attention. You don't have to be a Grandparent to help!

Contact Ngaire Arnold - 0210462022

Thank you. 
Click on the link below to go to our website:
Set Up Team for June/July
Reminder – if you cannot fulfill your role on any given day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, then please inform the office. 
11th June 
Set up: Peter, Isaac, Owen, Irene
Door: Trish
MC: Michael
Music: Sarah, Andrew, Jo, Esther
Sound: Matt
Data: Lynne

Primary Kids Church: Matt
Junior Secondary: Luiza
Helper: Karen

18th June 
Set up: Daniela, Diego, Dennis, Noelene
Door: Sandi
MC: Carolyn
Music: Kassi, Liz, Jo, Julia
Sound: Matt, 
Data: Ngaire

Primary Kids Church: Vicky
Junior Secondary: Peter
Helper: Amanda J
25th June
Set up: Robbie, Julia, Maria, Trish
Door: Pamela
MC: Peter
Music: Sarah, Tim, Esther, Kevin
Sound: Ben 
Data: Daniela

Primary Kids Church: Matt
Junior Secondary: Luiza

Helper: Amanda M

2nd July
Set up: Matt, Bruce, Jan, Lucy
Door: Lynne
MC: Steve
Music: Kevin, Jo, Tim, Vicky
Sound: Adrian, Ben
Data: Josiah
Primary Kids Church: Vicky
Junior Secondary: Peter
Helper: Amanda M
Church office: Open Tuesday & Thursday, 9 - 12am
For any needs contact Steve Murray at or email

Office number: 021 452454
Our mailing address is:
283 Welcome Bay Road
Welcome Bay
Tauranga 3112

Bank Account details: Westpac - Welcome Bay Baptist
03 1549 0057287 00

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