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Highlights this week...

Payment Gateway Directory: See Who's Who

TSG recently released its expanded and updated Payment Gateway Directory (preview). The eReport features side-by-side comparisons on functionality and company information, covering 3,000 data points from 51 gateways. 

The following companies are included:
Gateway data points (as available) have been primarily gathered from company surveys. Additional research included calls, web research, and internal TSG knowledge.

Click here to purchase. Priced competitively at $2,900.

Here's How Trump Could Dismantle Dodd-Frank
The Washington Post | 2.10.17

For years, Wall Street has complained that restrictions placed on the industry after the financial crisis went too far and were too costly. Those concerns didn’t generate much sympathy — until now. President Trump has opened the door for sweeping changes to the way financial institutions — big and small — are regulated. He signed an executive order calling for a review of the laws that govern the U.S. financial system in an opening bid to upend the Dodd-Frank Act, the financial reform legislation passed in 2010. Banks and other financial institutions are dusting off their wish lists in hopes of trimming, if not killing, some of the most costly portions of the law. The country’s biggest banks will spend $100 billion over the next five years complying with regulations.


Alibaba's Payment Affiliate Is Gearing Up to Become Even More of a Global Powerhouse
TheStreet | 2.09.17

Ant Financial, the finance affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is seeking to raise around $3 billion through a debt issuance to fund its acquisitions, various news outlets reported. Hangzhou, China-based Ant Financial is raising money for future acquisitions and also in part to finance its acquisition of Dallas-based money transfer company MoneyGram International. The deal, first announced on Jan. 26, is valued at approximately $880 million in equity but carries an enterprise value of $1.64 billion when you factor in MoneyGram's debt and cash balances.

Square Launches Dedicated POS App and Service for Retail Merchants
VB  | 2.08.17

Square has always wanted to be a part of the success of small businesses, but as a growing public company, it needs to develop products that will cater to bigger clients. Today, the commerce company announced it is launching dedicated tools for retailers to help manage inventory in multiple locations and across unlimited employees, all through the Square experience. Square for Retail is the first industry-specific solution the company is launching — starting in the U.S. — and features an enhanced point-of-sale (POS) app with improved searching, a bar code scanner, customer directory, and employee and inventory management.

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Arby's Probes Possible Data Breach of Credit Cards
USA Today  | 2.09.17

Malware on cash registers at Arby's fast food restaurants may have resulted in the breach of more than 355,000 credit and debit cards. The incident was first reported by security researcher and writer Brian Krebs and may have affected cards used at hundreds of the chain's restaurants. Only Arby's restaurants owned by the Atlanta, Ga.-based company were affected, not its franchises. Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. said in a statement to USA TODAY that it had recently launched an investigation of its payment card systems after learning of a possible data breach.

Upgrade Time: Changing the Point of Sale
PaymentsSource  | 2.08.17

Now that the holiday sales rush is over, merchants are starting to look more closely at game-changing sales models like Amazon Go as models to reinvent their own point of sale. Checkout-free shopping, portable payment systems and self-service kiosks are a few examples of how technology is revolutionizing the in-store experience and helping make the traditional checkout process obsolete. Other up-and-coming options such as robotic assistants and biometric payments also have the power to radically transform the way people shop.

Banks Can't Wait to Wipe This Complaints Database
Bloomberg  | 2.08.17

Johnson Tyler, a longtime legal aid attorney in Brooklyn, often spends his days battling financial companies on behalf of aggrieved low-income clients. Not much has changed in the wake of the Great Recession, despite new federal rules meant to better protect households from financial misconduct, except in one area: When Tyler complains about a large company, the company actually responds. “It’s the biggest change” Tyler says he has noticed in the consumer finance industry since the 2007-09 financial crisis. The reason is simple: a government-maintained public database that collects consumers’ complaints, tracks companies’ responses, and records whether consumers ended up satisfied.

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Company Behind Facebook, Uber and Netflix Payments Reveals Huge Transaction Growth
CNBC | 2.08.17

Dutch payments company Adyen saw a big jump in the number of transactions it processed last year for clientele including Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Uber and Netflix. Transaction volume increased by 80 percent on-year to $90 billion in 2016, the company said on Wednesday. Currently, half of the transactions Adyen processes come from Europe, its CFO, Ingo Uytdehaage, told CNBC. An additional 10 percent of transactions come from Asia Pacific, he revealed, adding that he expects the region's contribution will increase.

PayPal Plans To Raise Prices on Various Cross-Border Transactions in March
Digital Transactions  | 2.08.17

PayPal Holdings Inc. on Wednesday announced updates to its user agreements for consumers and merchants, and among the numerous changes are 0.5% price increases for several types of transactions involving U.S. sellers and foreign buyers. Beyond the price hikes, other changes include a new non-discrimination clause for sellers that will ban PayPal-accepting merchants from discouraging PayPal usage by customers. PayPal also made additions to its list of items not eligible for its Seller Protection program, a form of chargeback insurance.

Klarna Buys BillPay, the PayPal of Germany, for $75M From Wonga
TechCrunch | 2.06.17

Some chopping and changing is afoot in the world of payments in Europe. Klarna, the startup out of Sweden that works with online merchants to enable flexible payment options, confirmed that it has acquired BillPay, a payments company based in Germany, from its previous owner Wonga, the startup that once achieved notoriety for predatory payday loans. The companies are not disclosing the value of the deal, but our close sources corroborate a number mentioned in a couple of reports from over the weekend that placed the price at around £60 million ($75 million). Klarna itself was last valued at $2.25 billion back in 2015.

Pinterest is Making it Easier to Click and Buy the Stuff You See
Recode | 2.08.17

Pinterest is making it easier for users to buy the things they see in photos on the service. The company on Wednesday rolled out a new feature called “Shop the Look,” which lets users click on individual items in photos so they can buy them or, if they aren’t for sale, see similar items that are for sale through the network. Brands can tag items themselves, or Pinterest employees will tag them so users can click through to make a purchase. The company already offered buyable pins, which let users make purchases on the service, but those pins were limited to a single item each. Now a brand can essentially advertise multiple products in the same pin.

More than 33 Million Customers Have Used Amazon Payments to Make a Purchase
Amazon | 2.07.17

Amazon  announced that more than 33 million customers have used Amazon Payments to make a purchase. Amazon Payments makes it easy for customers around the world to pay on thousands of merchant websites using the information already stored in their Amazon account. In 2016, Pay with Amazon payment volume nearly doubled, with expansions into France, Italy and Spain and new verticals including government payments, travel, digital goods, insurance, entertainment, non-profits and charities helping fuel this growth. Amazon Payments also introduced new in-store experiences with Moda Operandi and Amazon Books.

Symple Wants to Be Venmo for Business Payments
TechCrunch | 2.08.17

Between Venmo, Square Cash and even Snapcash, no one can argue that it’s hard to send money to a friend. But it wasn’t always this way. Paper checks used to be the de facto method of repayment — and it was messy, time-consuming and nowhere near instantaneous — someone could wait a month to cash a check you wrote them, leaving you with an annoying surprise when the money is withdrawn after you forgot about even writing the check. And the surprising thing is that most small business in the U.S. still use paper checks to remit and accept payments from other businesses.

Payment Innovation Requires Merchant Providers to Be a Jack of All Trades
PayThink | 2.08.17

The voice of the merchant is becoming stronger and louder. Vendors and service providers have to reshape their business strategy in order to maintain importance. This means taking over roles which were previously done by other companies. Rather than working with several groups, merchants are willing to cut the process down and find the one vendor who can offer them the full package.

Apple Pay Now Supported by 36% of Merchants in United States
MacRumors | 2.07.17

Apple Pay is now accepted by 36 percent of merchants in the United States, according to research conducted by retail consulting firm Boston Retail Partners and shared by NFC World. That's up from 16 percent last year. 22 percent of retailers who don't currently support Apple Pay said they plan to accept the payments service within the next 12 months, while 11 percent plan to do so in the next one to three years. 31 percent plan to take a "wait and see" approach before implementing Apple Pay support.

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Two of China's Biggest Exchanges Stop Bitcoin Withdrawals
CoinDesk | 2.09.17

Two of China's most widely used bitcoin exchanges have announced that they will suspend bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals for one month effective immediately. Yuan recharge, withdrawals and other services will not be affected, the exchanges said. In public posts that showcase the increasingly coordinated nature of exchange policy in the region, both OKCoin and Huobi said today that the move was a bid to bolster their anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities and prevent "illegal transactions". In the case of OKCoin, only it's portal is affected.

Crime Deterrent Or Inconvenience? Coffee Shop Goes Cashless
Baltimore CBS | 2.06.17

After being robbed a handful of times in the past few months, one Baltimore coffee shop is no longer accepting cash to stop the robberies and keep their staff safe. Nowadays, many people don’t carry cash in their wallets day-to-day, and at Park Cafe in Bolton Hill, cash payments are no longer on the menu. “We’re not going to accept cash anymore,” said Park Cafe & Coffee owner David Hart. “I’m going to take that out of the equation.”

Revised Cybersecurity Executive Order Seen as More Moderate
Bank Info Security | 2.09.17

A heavily revised draft of President Donald Trump's executive order on cybersecurity lays out initiatives to build upon the previous administration's IT security programs rather than to radically change them. "Much of this quite literally could have been written by the Obama administration," says Paul Rosenzweig, who served in a top Department of Homeland Security policy role during the George W. Bush administration. "It's a reasonable, moderate, incremental set of approaches that reflects a different way of thinking about cybersecurity than President Trump has advanced in some of his other executive orders, which have been more disruptive or transformative in intent."

InterContinental Confirms Breach at 12 Hotels
KrebsonSecurity | 2.06.17

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the parent company for thousands of hotels worldwide including Holiday Inn, acknowledged Friday that a credit card breach impacted at least a dozen properties. News of the breach was first reported by KrebsOnSecurity more than a month ago. In a statement issued late Friday, IHG said it found malicious software installed on point of sale servers at restaurants and bars of 12 IHG-managed properties between August and December 2016. The stolen data included information stored on the magnetic stripe on the backs of customer credit and debit cards — the cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and internal verification code.

Philadelphia Fed President Says Regulation Will Protect Fintech Innovators
Finextra | 2.08.17

Fintech firms should welcome, not fear, regulation because it is in their interest to have an "established framework" in which to operate, says the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. While regulators around the world ponder how best to deal with the host of new digital entrants in the financial services world, Patrick Harker is seeking to offer reassurance, insisting that "regulation is not just a question of protecting consumers; it’s a question of protecting the innovators as well".

A Rash of Invisible, Fileless Malware is Infecting Banks Around the Globe
Ars Technica | 2.08.17

Two years ago, researchers at Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab discovered their corporate network was infected with malware that was unlike anything they had ever seen. Virtually all of the malware resided solely in the memory of the compromised computers, a feat that had allowed the infection to remain undetected for six months or more. Kaspersky eventually unearthed evidence that Duqu 2.0, as the never-before-seen malware was dubbed, was derived from Stuxnet, the highly sophisticated computer worm reportedly created by the US and Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Now, fileless malware is going mainstream, as financially motivated criminal hackers mimic their nation-sponsored counterparts.

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Cooled in February on Views of Finances
Bloomberg | 2.10.17

Consumer confidence retreated in February from a 13-year high, as Americans tempered expectations of their finances and the economy. The University of Michigan said Friday that its preliminary index of sentiment cooled to a three-month low of 95.7 from 98.5 in January. The median projection in a Bloomberg survey called for 98. Expectations for wage gains in the coming year deteriorated even as more respondents said this month that they were better off financially than at any other time in the past 12 years. More than half of those surveyed expect better economic conditions in the future, though the results reflected stark differences between Republicans and Democrats.

Study: China Will Overtake the U.S. as World’s Largest Economy Before 2030
Fortune | 2.09.17

In this time of intense angst about America’s greatness (or, as some argue, loss of it), weak economic growth, and perhaps waning U.S. influence in the world, here’s a perspective you won’t hear much: America’s economy will not be the world’s largest for much longer, and that’s something for Americans to be proud of. In yesterday’s note I fleetingly mentioned a new study by PriceWaterhouse Coopers forecasting that China’s economy will be bigger than America’s before 2030 (maybe well before then) and India’s will also be bigger before 2050. The U.S. will rank third, and in fourth place, the researchers speculated, could be Indonesia.

Kashkari Says Economy Still Needs Low Rates as Inflation Lags
Bloomberg | 2.08.17

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari justified his vote last week to leave interest rates unchanged by saying inflation is in check and the U.S. job market seems to have more room to improve. “We are still coming up somewhat short on our inflation mandate, and we may not have yet reached maximum employment,” Kashkari said Tuesday in an essay posted on the bank’s website to explain his decision. “That suggests that somewhat accommodative monetary policy would still be appropriate to close those gaps.”

First Data and KeyBank Partner to Enhance Merchant Services Offering
First Data | 2.09.17

First Data, a global leader in commerce-enabling technology, and KeyBank, one of the nation's largest financial services companies, announced a new relationship designed to provide  enhanced merchant services solutions to KeyBank’s commercial, business, and government clients across the country. The partnership will allow KeyBank to offer First Data’s entire portfolio of business tools, including the Clover platform which provides next-generation capabilities for business owners to accept payments, manage inventory, track sales, and access revenue-generating analytics and rewards programs.

Visa Brings Its “Tech Epicenter” To Silicon Valley
PYMNTS | 2.08.17

Visa is serious about tech — and it’s putting its money where its mouth is with the opening of a massive new Silicon Valley office for its research and data teams. The 62K square foot site is designed to be an “epicenter for technologists, academics and global thinkers,” according to Visa — with a special focus on data, network processing and loyalty. The new building will also be the official homebase for Visa Research, a new organization that is primarily focused on the scientific foundation underlying cutting-edge technology, specifically in areas like blockchain, cryptography, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.

ETA, BAFT to Host International Payments Day in Washington
The Green Sheet | 2.09.17

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the global trade association representing the payments technology industry, in conjunction with BAFT, an international financial services association, today will hold International Payments Day in Washington, D.C. This forum, part of ETA's annual series of policy events, will help senior level individuals representing policymakers, companies, think tanks, law firms, law enforcement and members of the media to better understand how international regulators are thinking about the fintech space. “As fintech and traditional companies are converging, it’s important to analyze how current US and international regulation will impact this new business model,” said Scott Talbott, SVP of Government Affairs at ETA.

Ninety Percent of Surveyed Banks Report Same Day ACH Origination Volume is Higher Than or as Anticipated
NACHA | 2.06.17

New survey results released today by NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association®, the steward and rule maker of the ACH Network, show that Same Day ACH usage is strong, with 80 percent of respondents expecting to see steady growth in 2017. Twenty-three financial institutions, representing 63 percent of ACH Network origination volume, participated in a qualitative survey during December 2016 and January 2017 about Same Day ACH, an industry solution to move payments faster. Across the board, Same Day ACH has seen strong performance and usage, with 90 percent of respondents saying the volume of origination services was the same or higher than expected, and 83 percent saying the same about volume received.

PayPal Launches Slack Bot for P2P Payments
VB | 2.07.17

PayPal today launched its first bot for users of team messaging app Slack. The bot lets people send peer-to-peer (P2P) payments with the shortcode /paypal and a user’s Slack handle. Watch those keystrokes though: $10,000 can be sent in a single transaction, a PayPal spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. PayPal bot is now available to Slack users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, the payments company announced in a blog post.

Chase Pay and New Partners Bring Payment Convenience to Customers on the Go
BusinessWire | 2.07.17

Chase customers will soon be able to use Chase Pay while on-the-go with two new merchants – global restaurateur HMSHost and Parkmobile. HMSHost is the leading food and beverage provider for travel venues, while Parkmobile enables users to pay for parking in cities around the country through their app. HMSHost operates nearly 2,000 restaurant locations in more than 80 North American airports and 99 motorway service centers, and partners with more than 300 traveler-preferred brands such as California Pizza Kitchen, Lorena Garcia TAPAS y Cocina, and Starbucks.

FIS Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2016 Results
FIS | 2.07.17

FIS, a global leader in financial services technology, reported that fourth quarter revenue increased 30.4 percent on a reported basis to $2.4 billion from $1.9 billion in the prior year quarter. Net earnings from continuing operations attributable to common stockholders was $207 million, with a margin of 8.5 percent, compared to $105 million in the prior year quarter. Diluted EPS from continuing operations was $0.63 compared to $0.35 in the prior year quarter, an increase of 80.0 percent.

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Fiserv Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results
Fiserv | 2.08.17

GAAP revenue for the company increased 5 percent in the fourth quarter to $1.43 billion, driven by 7 percent growth in the Payments segment and 2 percent growth in the Financial segment, compared to the fourth quarter of 2015. Full year GAAP revenue for the company increased 5 percent in 2016 to $5.51 billion, driven by 8 percent growth in the Payments segment and 1 percent growth in the Financial segment, compared to the prior year.

Shift4 and SkyTouch Technology Bring Joint EMV Solution to the Hotel Industry
Shift4 | 2.08.17

Payment services and gateway provider Shift4 Corporation and cloud-based hotel PMS provider SkyTouch Technology announced the general availability of their joint EMV-certified solution for hoteliers. This announcement comes after a year of revolutionary cloud-based EMV integration in hotels. With Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET and SkyTouch Technology’s cloud-based hotel management system, hoteliers can process EMV payments to help prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card data in card-present environments while adding the layered security of point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. 

What Is the Future of Revel With New Owner and CEO?
LTP | 2.10.17

After many months of speculation about a potential acquisition by IBM or private equity firms, point-of-sale payments company Revel Systems announced that WCAS (Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe) has led a large growth round in the company that will make it the company’s majority shareholder. The company’s Co-founder Lisa Falzone has stepped down as CEO. She is getting replaced by Scott Betts, a former CEO of Global Cash Access who has also worked at First Data. Before this round, Revel had accumulated $130M in five rounds for the last six years. WCAS led Revel’s $100 million Series C in 2014. In 2015, at its last fundraiser, the company was valued at around $540 million.

BluePay Announces Acquisition of VersaPay Merchant Services Portfolio
BluePay | 2.07.17

Technology-driven payments provider, BluePay, is pleased to announce it has acquired all of the assets of VersaPay’s Merchant Services portfolio. VersaPay is a cloud-based software company specializing in providing an automated accounts receivable solution to improve the efficiency of the invoice-to-cash cycle. The acquisition of this merchant portfolio brings many benefits to BluePay's current market position.  It adds a best-in-class solution tailored for the card-present small and medium enterprises (SME) space. The portfolio is also comprised of strong reseller and association channel relationships, which is aligned well with BluePay’s core strategy focusing on partnerships.

Moven Launches In London With A Free App Users Can Link To Any Bank Account
Forbes | 2.08.17

Moven, the banking/savings app that is based in the U.S. and has been adopted by TD Bank in Canada and Westpac in Australia, has just launched in the UK with a new version of its app that users can link to their own bank accounts at no charge as a way to help them save. The company developed the UK version in just four weeks, said Greg Midtbo, Moven’s chief revenue officer, just in time to have a working version to demonstrate at FinovateEurope in London. The speed was possible because the app works with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Realtime Electronic Payments (REPAY) Acquires Sigma Payment Solutions, Merging Consumer Finance and Auto Finance Expertise
PRNewswire | 2.08.17

Realtime Electronic Payments (REPAY), a full-service provider of advanced payment technology products and electronic transaction processing services for the consumer lending industry, has acquired Sigma Payment Solutions, which offers related services in the auto finance space. Both companies will continue growing in their respective industries, now with shared technology, resources and relationships. "REPAY had already planned to expand into auto finance, so Sigma's established footprint and well-respected leadership in that space made this an attractive acquisition for us," said John Morris, CEO of REPAY.

USAePay Launches Its Groundbreaking Browser-based EMV Solution for Merchants and Resellers
PRWeb | 2.09.17

USAePay is proud to announce the release of its innovative browser-based EMV application that is an ideal solution for every merchant. Certified to work with a majority of the payment processing platforms, the EMV application offers a web-based interface that allows users to accept credit and debit chip card payments using their desktop and laptop computers. Merchants now have the ability to pair their EMV devices to USAePay’s browser-based application through any WiFi network and start processing payments right away.

InstaMed Revolutionizes Online Payment Security in Healthcare With the InstaMed Secure Token
BusinessWire | 2.07.17

InstaMed, healthcare’s most trusted payments network, announced today that it has released the InstaMed Secure Token to deliver providers and payers the only way to create a seamless and secure online consumer payment experience while dramatically reducing Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope and costs. The InstaMed Secure Token enables integrated online payment functionality within an existing patient or member portal with cardholder data never touching the healthcare organization’s servers.

FTSI Chooses Vantiv for Debit, Credit and ATM Processing for its Financial Institution Partners
Vantiv | 2.09.17

Vantiv, Inc., a leading provider of payment processing services and related technology solutions for merchants and financial institutions of all sizes, announced that Financial Technology Solutions International, (FTSI), has signed an exclusive agreement to offer Vantiv services, including debit, credit and ATM processing to its 150 financial institution partners across the U.S. FTSI offers a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge branch solutions including hardware, software, cash services, first-and second-line maintenance, security solutions, and a range of consultative services.

Total Merchant Services Announces Free Groovv mPOS
PRNewswire | 2.08.17

Total Merchant Services, a leader in payment services and solutions, announced Groovv mPOS, an omni-channel, mobile point of sale solution. Part of the Total Merchant Services free product family, Groovv mPOS comes with a free EMV-compliant and NFC-enabled mobile payment device for in-person payments as well as an online payments suite enabling acceptance of "card not present" payments for phone, mail and online transactions.

JetPay Executes Agreement with the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer to become the Payment Processor for E-Pay
MarketWired | 2.06.17

JetPay Corporation, a leading provider of debit and credit card processing services, payroll and human capital management, and prepaid card services, announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer to become the payment processor for the State's E-Pay program. The agreement, which was awarded to the Company through its participation in a Request for Proposal process, is for an initial term of six years with four one-year renewal options. Revenues under the agreement are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Eckoh Introduces PCI Compliant Payments via Live Chat
Finextra | 2.08.17

Eckoh announces that it has added the capability to take a secure payment directly via live web chat (“Live Chat”). This new capability extends Eckoh’s impressive payments portfolio and means that Eckoh is the world’s first Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI DSS”) Level 1 service provider to be able to offer secure payment solutions across the full spectrum of phone, web, mobile app, SMS and now Live Chat.

NCR Silver Tablet POS System Lands in the United Kingdom
BusinessWire | 2.08.17

NCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions, has launched the NCR Silver family of point-of-sale (POS) products in the U.K. With NCR Silver, U.K.-based merchants can turn their tablet into a complete POS system. This cloud-based payment, marketing and business management solution operates on iOS and closed Android devices. It is designed for small business retailers, restaurateurs and service providers who need a mobile solution to not only complete transactions but manage business from anywhere.

WePay Strengthens Executive Team to Drive Expanded Growth
News9 | 2.08.17

WePay, the leading provider of payments as a service for online platforms including Constant Contact, GoFundMe, and Zoho, today announced the appointment of veteran B2B leader Mark H. Resnick as Chief Financial Officer. Resnick brings to WePay more than 20 years of experience leading technology companies through step-change growth, owning strategic financial and operational initiatives from successfully raising funds and driving exits to setting direction and overseeing daily operations. Most recently, he served as CFO and COO of Vindicia thru its acquisition by Amdocs.

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