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Faith Driven Entrepreneur Community, meet the Faith Driven Investor!

Over the past year, we've seen the importance of content and community. We've also seen the incredible power when like-minded investors and entrepreneurs come together. 

Christ-followers are responsible for stewarding well north of $1 trillion of investment capital. For many believers, there's a disconnect between their faith and their investing. Too often we don't bring the same "one pocket" approach to our investing that we do with the rest of our lives. 

But we're seeing growing activity that gives us hope! God has positioned many leaders in roles where they can influence the market. Over the summer we did a 5-Part Podcast Series introducing the Faith Driven Investor website and its new podcast. This is a one-time newsletter to Faith Driven Entrepreneur Subscribers introducing the series and the site. 

For some, you've already been tracking along with us on the Faith Driven Investor conversation—we're glad you're with us. But if you haven't already signed up, we encourage you to join the over 500 leaders on the Monthly Faith Driven Investor Newsletter (new social feeds also listed below). 

In the coming months, we plan to introduce working groups in different asset classes (Private Equity, Public Equities, Real Estate, etc.) that will shape the movement. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear from you with any questions or ideas as we're in these beta stages

In the meantime, check out some of these resources from the Faith Driven Investor below!

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The Best of a New Podcast Series

Introduction: What is the Faith Driven Investor?

Tune in to hear Henry Kaestner and Aimee Minnich discuss the faith-driven investing movement, talk about what God has been doing, and dream about what the future of this movement could look like if people continue to come together. As you listen, we hope you get as excited about the launch of the new Faith Driven Investor website and podcast as we are. Our hope is that both of these resources will help you on both your spiritual and professional journey. LISTEN HERE

Creating Abundance to Decrease Competition

In this episode, Trae Stephens of Founders Fund talks about how they invest in companies that are defining and creating new categories. He also talks about how great business ideas not only solve problems but do so in a way that creates abundance and decreases competition. We hope you enjoy listening to Trae talk effortlessly about investing, philosophy, and everything in between. LISTEN HERE

The Investor as the Servant Leader

Frank Chen is helping entrepreneurs change the World at the Silicon Valley Venture powerhouse of Andreessen Horowitz. As Frank describes it they are “helping entrepreneurs build software companies that are eating the world.” He's a self proclaimed former product and user experience design junkie with specialties in venture capital, artificial intelligence/machine learning, fund raising, product planning, product launches and a lot more. One of the things we found most compelling was his vision for what it could look like when investors view themselves as servant leaders. So often, we think of the relationship between entrepreneur and investor as a constant power struggle, but Frank upended that idea and offered a much more redemptive approach. LISTEN HERE

How 'Love Thy Neighbor' Turned from a Command to a Business

We couldn't think of a better place to start the Faith Driven Investor Podcast than with the great story of Apartment Life, led by Pete Kelly. Since 2000, Pete and his team have helped apartment owners care for over 3 million residents by connecting them in relationships, which pays incredible dividends for everyone. Listen in to hear how Apartment Life enables real estate investors to deliver an above-market return while making an even greater impact in the lives of their community. We think the work they are doing has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses interact with real estate across the world, and we think you’ll be glad you heard about them now! (LISTEN HERE)

How Faith Conversations Strengthen Culture and Build Shareholder Value

This episode finds us in Cupertino, California connecting with Christeen Rico. She’s on the International Expansion team at Apple where she spends much of her time focused on bringing Apple's largest product—their retail stores—to life in new countries around the world. In addition to that, she is responsible for co-leading a volunteer team to define and execute programs that strengthen community and growth opportunities for the Apple Christian Fellowship, one of Apple'sDiversity Network Association. It’s a part of a growing trend that’s emerging in places like Facebook, SalesForce, Google, and many other companies. As Faith Driven Investors we have an opportunity to support these movements and encourage other companies to do the same. LISTEN HERE
A Defining Event of the Faith Driven Investor Movement
There is nothing like the power of getting together. There's something catalytic about spending time praying for what God might do in this space, and we're so glad so many of you were able to be there.

But if you couldn't make it, don't worry! You can read this blog post to hear what went down, and we will also be releasing some of the talks from the event over the next few weeks, so stay tuned...
Featured Video
A Princeton educated, Wall Street Financial Analyst lost millions in the 2007 financial crash. Watch her story to hear how after much praying, fasting and support from her Fellowship of Companies for Christ International group, she rebounded to live out her life's calling to bring wealth creation and jobs to her native New Mexico.
Top Ten Articles
Aligning Return and Values: One-Pocket Investing
by Access Ventures
A one-pocket mindset dispels the notion that investment strategies seeking social returns must be separated from those seeking financial returns. Rather than a siloed approach to deploying capital, one-pocket investing puts your mission at the center of your strategy, and ultimately at the center of all of your investments.

How Our Faith Affects the Way We Invest
by Tim Macready
What does it look like to invest, as a professional and fiduciary investor, in accordance with our faith? If you've asked that question, or something similar, Tim Macready's article is just for you.

Real Estate + Impact Investing
by Vip Vipperman
Any conversation about real estate investment comes down to two words: risk and reward. All investments have both, but let’s talk about some rewards that go beyond just financial to an even more significant impact for the Kingdom of God.

The Praxis Business Accelerator
by Praxis
A mentorship-driven program, the Praxis Business Accelerator equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. They accept just 12 startups, with up to two leaders per organization. Learn more about the work they're doing and the investment opportunity they're offering...

Rivalries Gone Wrong
by Peter Greer
As much as we love the energy of competition, there’s a shadow side to this way of looking at the world beyond the athletic fields: the idea that every time we win, someone else must lose. That success is a limited good, and our achievements must come at the expense of the other...

If VC's Aren't Socially Responsible, Then the Robots Will Win
by Wired
When a man overseeing $5.7 trillion speaks, the global business community tends to listen. So when BlackRock founder Larry Fink posted a letter to CEOs demanding greater attention to social impact, it sent shockwaves through corporations around the globe.

What Do We Measure?
by Impact Foundation
Having defined Kingdom Impact, the leaders at Impact Foundation ask: how do we measure it? In the final post of their defining and measuring series, Impact Foundation reveals the five things they look at when evaluating a company’s impact.

Jesus' Terrible Financial Advice
by Jerry Bowyer
Many of us have learned to look to the Bible for answers to life's problems—including those involving money! But what if we've been misreading one of Jesus' commands? Or worse, what if it's actually bad financial advice?

What's Your Why?
by Ron Blue
Every organization has a What, a How, and a Why. But it’s our Why that sets us apart from other wealth management and trust companies. Why is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning – it’s our reason, cause, and purpose for what we do.

Leadership Views on Corporate Chaplains
by David Miller
Chaplaincy has long been a reliable marker that the leadership of a company is serious about ministering to the spiritual needs of its employees. Now, David Miller, Director of the Faith and Work Initiative at Princeton has released a very compelling research paper on the case for Chaplaincy.
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