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A message from John K. Hoey, President & CEO.

Dear Y member,

I am writing to ask for your help. The COVID 19 crisis has significantly upended Y operations and, frankly, has forced us into survival mode. We are doing everything in our power to both help those most in need and stay viable long enough to resume and stabilize normal Y operations when this crisis is over.

As hard as we are trying, we can’t do it without our members. It is as simple as that. Membership revenue accounts for the majority of our operating funds and everything hinges right now on retaining our members. 

We have already taken every other available action to mitigate the losses and stay afloat:

  • We have furloughed over 2,000 good Y associates (greeters, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, Stay & Play associates, after school coaches and many more);
  • We have cut salaries of remaining Y associates, with more senior leaders taking steeper cuts;
  • We have dramatically reduced expenses;
  • We are working with our bank, landlords and others to defer some significant monthly costs;
  • We have reached out to our funders and donors for help.

As we are doing all this, we also rapidly shifted our energy to help those who are most vulnerable at this time: 

  • Our 11 Family Center Ys across the region have been repurposed to serve as child care centers for over 700 children of  essential personnel including frontline healthcare workers and first responders. This enables parents to go to work with peace of mind knowing their own families are safe and well-cared for by the Y, as they do the life saving work of caring for others in this crisis.

  • Y teams are going into schools in our most economically depressed neighborhoods to serve food to children who are food insecure.
  • Across the region, Y associates are in regular contact with our 1,600 Y Head Start families to help them access food, health care, economic support, and ways to keep their young children healthy and learning from home.
  • Our teams are calling thousands of Y senior members to see if they need help, food or medicine during this crisis, or just someone to talk to.
  • We have also put many resources online to help families stay healthy in spirit, mind and body during this crisis, including storytime for little kids, camp games, and fun projects.

We are doing all this because it’s what a Y does, but we simply can’t do this work, hang on and be there for you when this is over without your help now. 


All you need to do is hang in there with us. During this period, all Y members will be considered Y Community Impact Members, and your dues will be considered charitable donations to support our community crisis response work and help us remain viable for you when this is over. 

Your membership helps us help those in need; it helps give work to some of our furloughed associates, and it gives us a lifeline to stay viable for you after this crisis.

Since all this started, our members have been remarkable, as always. The comments and emails we have received keep us going and are deeply gratifying reminders of what a wonderful, caring and generous community we are a part of.

If you need to communicate with someone here at the Y about your membership, please send an email to

Thank you for sticking with us, and with those most in need.  We appreciate each and every one of you.

Warm regards,

John Hoey

President & CEO

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