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June, July and August 2019 Newsletter

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And Ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn 
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.

Can you believe that we are already halfway through another year, time just goes too fast.  With winter here and the colder weather setting in, it makes it perfect for getting cosy and enjoying a good read.


Work Being Undertaken


Our pool paving is almost finished, it will look amazing when the landscaping surrounding the pool is completed. 

The gazebo that will be located next to the tennis court has been ordered and will be erected soon.

As there are still other projects not yet finished, please
take care when you are walking near work sites around the village.



Please refrain from putting notes on other peoples property within our village.  If you feel there is a problem please report the situation to the office for us to deal with.


Rubbish in Compound

Please DO NOT dump household rubbish and recycling items in the compound area as it is not the proper way to dispose of these items as well as it encourages vermin. 


Lakeside Staff

We ask that you refrain from chatting to our outdoor staff  during their working day.  If you do have any questions you would like to ask, come to our office, during office hours and we will be able to help you or pass on a message.


After Hours Contact

All after hours and weekend enquiries or emergencies please call 4358 8925.


New Resident

We would like to welcome our new resident to the village:

- Kay Graham



Sales News
With the early release of this newsletter and the federal election around the corner there is not a lot to report back to you all about sales.   The whole of the coast is going through a very quiet sales period and this has effected sales of manufactured homes as well.  We have still had sales in our village but it has been a lot slower than normal.  We have had 13 inspections and do have a few people wanting to purchase homes in our village but are waiting for the sale of their own home outside of the village.

We are now advertising on and at our own cost.  These ads remain on both of the internet sites until you sell your home as long as it is listed with us.  They are also put on our own website and are on our sales board located next to the reception door.

Our vendors get a phone call every two weeks letting them know of any feedback regarding their listed home,
We also let you know when we have shown your home to a potential buyer by putting a note in your letterbox,
if you are not there at the time of showing.

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, come and see our friendly staff and get a free home appraisal.  Our sales commission is 2.7%, incl GST, we will endeavour to beat any commission rate offered by any real estate agent.  You also get No Cost Advertising on the leading real estate web sites.

Just come in and talk with us before
you sign anything.  

If you haven't checked her Black Rose Barber out yet, visit Georgia, and grab a price list: 
Men's and Ladies cuts are $20 and Men's senior cuts for $15.

There is no need to make an appointments for cuts so drop by and say hi.

 For any enquiries call Georgia on 0432665030

Library and Community Hall News

Welcome to newcomers to the village and greetings again to the established residents.
The Library is located in the Community Hall, situated between 6th and 7th avenues. There are four parking spaces in 7th Avenue and three in 6th. These are shared with residents using the Laundry facilities, but most days parking is not a problem. If you are using a mobility scooter, there is a ramp to the 7th Ave door, but you need a helper to hold the door open for you.
On entering the hall from 7th Avenue you will see the Billiards tables on the left-hand side and the non-fiction collection along the right-side wall. Straight ahead is the “Classics Collection”, along with the ever-popular People’s Friend publications, and the pamphlets that are on a wide range of subjects from Buddhism to Holidays and Travel.
On the back wall is the computer, which is set up and ready to go, along with a printer and copier. You are welcome to use any of this equipment, but sorry, we cannot offer internet or Wi-Fi. The jigsaws are also in this area and present a great selection of all sizes, shapes and subjects for you to choose to take home.  Please have a try at our community jigsaw. It only took three weeks to finish the last one, so we will see how quickly the new one can be completed.
Through the double doors into the rest of the collection, we have a defibrillator attached to the wall and a kitchen where you can make yourself a cuppa and sit quietly to read or chat to friends, surrounded by a wide-ranging collection of popular novels and biographies.
At the far end are the DVDs, arranged in subjects for easy choosing and browsing. Nearby is a lovely bookstand of Large Print books, a great help to those with failing eye sight.
The Community Hall and Library is furnished with café style tables and chairs, comfortable sofas and kitchen facilities: all you may need to spend a cheerful hour or two with your friends. Tea and coffee, with long life milk are provided, and if you are lucky, you could even score some bikkies.
This is a great gathering place for a chat, some particular activity or a special needs meeting for groups and committees, in company with a warm electric fire.
And what happens in the Hall as far as community activities go?
Library working bees at intervals during each month (shelving, sorting and processing donations ready to put on the shelves): contact Pam on 4358 4811
Library Group meets on the first Monday of each month at 2.00pm to talk about what they are reading or watching: contact Jean on 4358 3941
Craft Group is each Thursday at 9.30 am. Coffee, craft and chit-chat is the motto of this group: contact Edna on 0499 055 897
Trivia Buffs meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 2.00pm; cost $2.00 to cover prize kitty and Afternoon Tea. Fun questions mean you do not have to be Hot Seat contenders to get a few correct. Come and join a group or bring your own brains trust to win the prize pool: contact Bill on 4358 4542 or check the Face Book page: Lakeside Leisure Village Trivia Buff.
Crazy Whist is held on the last Monday of each month at 1.00 pm. Cards for fun, with a cuppa thrown in: contact Sheila on 4358 4309
Billiards Players meet as arranged. If you would like to play a game or two with players of similar potential ring to get the details or to arrange to play with other keen pool sharks.
All these groups make new members most welcome and each one is a great way to meet new friends and while away an hour or two, in good company, in friendly, comfortable surroundings.
So do come and check out the great collection of books, DVDs, jigsaws, games and other materials that we have in this most comprehensive library, or join one or two of the relaxing, sociable groups that meet here regularly.
See you soon in the Hall, playing cards, answering questions, talking about books, having a shot at billiards, making birthday cards or knitting, and generally enjoying the companionship of fellow residents in the Community Hall.
Cheers, Lorraine
4358 4423



Tuesday Trivia News

2.00pm on the Last Tuesday of each month a dedicated group meet to challenge each other and dazzle the
gathering with their brilliance at TRIVIA. Considering the average age of the contestants the actual brilliance
can be debated, but the fun of the debates make it all worthwhile. You do not need to be clever and you do
not need a team. You just need to be keen to match your wits with others and to have the wish to join in with
a group that has a lot of laughs as they pull each question to pieces and try to find the answers.

The simple fact that no-one can ever answer all the questions does not deter this group from having a good
time , or from enjoying a yummy afternoon tea, while having a laugh and a good gossip.

Our new format, where 10 questions are written on a paper and the teams have 10 – 15 minutes to answer
them, has proved very successful as it means known answers are quickly disposed of, and there is time to
ponder and discuss the difficult questions. It has led to a smoother, more enjoyable game that allows all
thinkers to have their input considered as the topics are thrashed out around the tables.

Come and join us for a relaxing afternoon, no pressure, just some good fun. We will make you welcome.
Costs $2.00 for the afternoon. This is $1.00 for afternoon tea supplies and $1.00 for the Prize Kitty, which
goes to the winning team.

When you join us, try to get on the same team as Wazza or Sally, you will be sure of sharing the pot if you do!
Contact: Bill Walker:  4358 4542 or Warren Loxley:  4358 4743 for more information


Lakeside Leisure Village Social Bowls Club

Greetings members,

Just after the AGM in February, the club was saddened by the passing of the 2018 Treasurer Bob Kirkwood. On March 2nd, a number of residents and bowlers went to Sydney for the funeral and internment of this respected person. A special thank you to Mal O'Neill who drove the village bus.
The Inter village competition is underway between the local 6 villages, which is played on the last Monday of the month up at the Bowlo. Lakeside Leisure has 7 - 8 teams which is one of largest to participate in this tournament.

Our first championship for 2019 has just recently been completed. The triples final was played on Tuesday May 7 and the team of Ken Doonan (skip), Terry Frazer (2nd) and Mal O'Neill (lead) defeated Rick Farr (skip), Norm McNeil (2nd) and Judy Raishbrook (lead) in a very competitive match.

Nominations for our Pairs championship close next Monday 13th May and we will have the matches underway before the end of the month.

Scroungers is held on the last Sunday of each month commencing at 9:30am. Sausage sizzle $2.50.  Tea, coffee and nibbles provided byo refreshments.

Good bowling,
Rob Gregory (Secretary)

Social Club Happenings

With the first half of the 2019 nearly complete, we need to look towards creating a great atmosphere that will still draw you to The Barn for a bit of fun and activities; that will keep you warm throughout the colder times.
The Monthly BBQ’s continue to be well supported and crowds grow larger with each BBQ Day. We must be doing something right.
The Sporting Challenge commenced at the end of May; although few have chosen to partake, we hope that it will lead to others attending in a social manner as time goes on.
Others events over the last Quarter:
The General Meeting: Only 37 attended but we still managed to discuss a number of events and sought to establish further functions; to date, only the Sporting Challenge has been actioned. We are still planning other events in the near future that we hope will be better supported by the Village Residents.
Revitalife Presentation: Mr Robert Hayes gave a presentation to 11 Residents with regard to sleep and healthy living and Kate McNeill was fortunate enough to win the Lucky Door Prize of a $50 voucher. Kate has also taken advantage of the deals on offer and now possesses a new recliner/massage chair.
Cakes, Baked and Bottled Stall: Thank you to those that donated and the items on sale were well received by those quick enough to enjoy the goods on sale.

The Mother’s Day BBQ:  Well attended with 53 Villagers enjoying the day and many were fortunate to win either cash or a Scratchy as part of the Mother’s Day Prizes available. Just fabulous to see so many of you attend. The Monthly Raffle winners were 1st Sue from 264, 2nd Dave from 212 and 3rd was Faye from 138. Congratulation to all Scratchy and Chocolate Wheel winners, hoping good fortune shone on you. The right era music playing in the background and the Pool tables available for use had some playing (more laughing than playing) and the impromptu dance moves were a delight to see.
The next B.B.Q. will be June the 2nd with the usual tasty beef and chicken burgers and chippies of course, followed as always by a scrumptious dessert; also great music and the pool / billiards tables ready for all to enjoy.

As you all will know, this committee is run by volunteers, we do this for love, for the warm fuzzy feeling it gives us, and for the residents so we all can have a good feed, and a chin wag with our Village friends.
BUT! This can’t be done without the army of helpers. Helpers put out the marques, bring out tables and chairs. They also help with the washing up and help with the cleaning in and outside of the BARN. They also run the chocolate wheel at the B.B.Q.’s and help out in a hundred other ways.
In saying that, this is to ALL our helpers who turn up wind rain or shine.
THANK YOU  We could not do it without you.
If you would like to meet new people, get some exercise and have fun, why not sell our monthly raffle tickets.
The committee does need a little help with this. Contact Helen (site 216) or Sally (site 218) and we will give you a small area to do, that is as close to your house as possible.

Thank you.
Annual General Meeting (Paid up members only) – 14th June
B. B.Q.’s - First Sunday of each month.

Nostalgia Evening – Early June
Christmas in July – 14th July

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics has finished until summer.  We had a lot of new ladies come along this last season.  Thank you all for the support, I will see you all next season

Yours in health

Rhondda 0407 414 617

- A Message From Our Village Angels -

Do you need help in your home?   
We are offering a free service to those who NEED domestic assistance in their home, we can
help out with the following things;
- Light housework
- Light gardening
- Help with paperwork
- Clean ovens and fridges
- Minor repairs (small cost)
We are NOT associated with the Social Club or any religious organisations.
Please Contact:
Robyn - 43581076 or 0405797577
or Rhondda - 0407414617

Cheap Eats Fridays
What a great day was had by all who attended our Friday Cheap Eats Lunch.  This is proving to be a much needed event in our village.  Especially appreciated by those who could not make it to the barn and had their 2 course meals delivered to their door.  Bookings already coming in for our May lunch which will be on the last Friday of May.  Bookings are essential.  A big thanks to our hard working team of helpers and management for their support.

To Book
Robyn - 43581076, Site 119
Rhonda - 0407414617, Site 97

Hoi News

Come along to the Barn on a Wednesday night for a game of Hoi. 
The prizes are groceries one week and $10.00 Woolworths Vouchers the next week.  Hoi costs $6 to play, we
play 20 games and it finishes around 8.45pm.  W
e take a break for supper. (coffee, tea and cake) at half time. 
Sue MacPherson, Site 48


Craft News

New to the village or would you like to take up a craft? 
Then you are invited to join us each Thursday in the Hall on 7th Ave starting at 9.30am.
Share your hobbies, learn a new one, or just come have a chat and get to know some residents with the same interests over morning tea .
Some of the things that we have done are…
Card making…   
Scrap booking…
Contacts.. Jean James  Mob 0439760088
Di Vincent Mob 0415995996
Edna Studdert Mob 0499055897 
We look forward to meeting you.

Art Group

Lakeside Leisure Village ART Group meets Thursdays from 1 to 3pm during school terms at the Barn (10th Ave).  We will soon be moving our group down to the squash court building next to the bottom letterboxes. 

Need a hobby, come along and see what is on offer.  For further information contact Valda, site 5 after 3pm.


Courtesy Shopping Bus

Tuesdays - 8.30 - Woolworths, Lake Munmorah
Thursdays - 8.30 - Lakehaven Shopping Centre
Fridays - 9.00 - Local Shops
Resident's Bus Trips

Monday - 17th June 2019
Trip to the Historic Wollombi Village via Cessnock.  Having Lunch at Woolombi Pub.  Travelling home via Magnificent Mangrove Mountain.

Monday - 15th July 2019
Christmas in July Buffet Lunch at Cardiff R.S.L.

Monday - 19th August 2019
Op Shops Tour, Lunch at Bateau Bay Village Shops

Saturday 18th May 2019
Federal Election Day - Bus leaves outside office at 9am to take those residents to vote and return back to village.

Our mailing address is:
Lakeside Leisure Village
51 Kamilaroo Ave
Lake Munmorah, NSW 2262

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