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September, October & November 2019

Spring is here!!   Only 4 months till 2020!!!

It will be good to get some warmer weather, and be able to relax and bask in the sun.  We have lots happening in our village, with all the fantastic groups and clubs that are organized by some of our residents, keeping us busy and healthy.  Take the time to read about their weekly meets and organized functions in this newsletter and have a look on our website's event calendar too!

Recycling Bins

In case you didn't know....  The sticks that are attached to the recycling bins are to help hold the lids open while you put your recycling in them.


Work Being Undertaken

Our pool looks beautiful, the water is sparkling clean and  the grass surrounds looking better than ever.  We just have some pots to fill and it is all ready for the sun to get hotter to heat the water for us. 

The tennis court gazebo is up and the paving is underway.   Once that is finished the seating can be installed and we will all have somewhere nice to sit and watch all our fit and flexible residents have a hit.


Gate Code

We have witnessed the gate code being yelled out to people who do not have access to our village.  This needs to stop, the boom gate is there to deter the general public to drive into our village, if it is given out to anyone just sitting at the gate, it is not doing this. 


Please keep your dog on a leash at all times and make sure you pick up your dog's poo.  We have been getting several complaints lately of dogs running freely around and that poo is not getting picked up.  There is a lot of residents that are looking out for the culprits and if we get complaints we will be handing out warnning letters.  It is a privlige to be able to have a dog in our village and  if you do not abide by the pet rules that have been agreed to, we will have no other alternative but to take action. 


The speed limit in our village is 10km per hour, there is a few people that do drive too fast in the village, this is very dangerous..  Please abide by our speed limit!


We have witnessed tailgating when going through the boom gate at the entrance of our village, we have also seen cars damaged because of this.  It also damages our boom gates that can cause them to be out of action until they are repaired.  Please be patient when going through the boom gates and wait your turn.  

Rubbish in Compound

Please DO NOT dump household rubbish and recycling items in the compound area as it is not the proper way to dispose of these items.  It also encourages vermin. 


After Hours Contact

All after hours and weekend enquiries or emergencies please call 4358 8925.


New Resident

We would like to welcome our new residents to the village:

- Lesley and Gary Poulsen
- Jason Phillips
- Raewin MacDonald


Sales News
Well the market had slowed down, not just in our village, but also all our surrounding villages.  The whole of the coast is going through a very quiet sales period which is directly linked to sales of all homes.  In the last week we have started to see an improvement in the number of home inpections, so hopefully things start looking up and homes start selling again.  We have had 29 inspections over the last couple of months and I am sure we will start getting more and more.

We have also put an advertisement in The Senior Newspaper this month to see if it will help to get some more people into our village.  All of our houses are being advertised on and   These ads remain on both of the internet sites until you sell your home as long as it is listed with us.  They are also put on our own website and are on our sales board located next to the reception door.

Our vendors get a phone call from Ann every two weeks letting them know of any feedback regarding their listed home,  we also let you know when we have shown your home to a potential buyer if you are not there at the time of showing.

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, come and see our friendly staff and get a free home appraisal.  Our sales commission is 2.7%, incl GST, and we will endeavour to beat any commission rate offered by any real estate agent.  You also get No Cost Advertising on the leading real estate web sites.

Just come in and talk with us before you sign anything.  

NOW OPENING MONDAYS (starting the 9th of September)
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday by appointment only

Price List
« Mens - $20 « Mens Seniors - $15
« Fades - $25 « Head Shaves - $25
« Beard Trim & Shaping - $10
« Cheek & Neck Shaping - $20
« Hot towel cut throat shaves from $25
« Kids Cuts - $10 Under 5  years
$15 Primary School & $17 High School
« Ladies Cuts - $20
« Shampoo, Cut & Dry Off - $30
« Shampoo & Blow Dry from - $30
« Shampoo, Cut & Blow Dry from - $35
add $10 for Treatments with Shampoo
(appointments may be needed for long hair)

 For any enquiries call Georgia on 0432665030

Library and Community Hall News

A very heart felt thank you to all the kind residents that support the library, community hall and its related activities. There is no point in doing all the work and holding functions if no one uses the facilities and activities to enrich their lives.  However, we have a solid core of people that make a point of being part of what the Library Group offers to the community and we are very grateful for the continued interest and encouragement from everyone. 
To those who have not as yet availed themselves of the things offer, we invite them to visit the hall and see just what the library has to offer. 
We have received some wonderful donations in the last month or so.     
Many thanks to the donor of the lovely cream leatherette sofa, which not only looks good, but is sooooo comfortable and a great place to sit and have a quiet browse of books from your favourite author.   
Thanks, too, for the kind donation of not only two great bookcases, but also eight boxes of interesting books, all in tip top condition. A sad time for a family, but an enriching one for the library and we acknowledge the generosity behind the gift.                                                                                               
 Also, a grateful note of appreciation to all who attended the annual "Soup & Damper Day" and helped us make it a wonderful success once again. We were a bit disappointed at the numbers being down, but even with holiday travellers, hospital visits, and many other issues that led to apologies, we all managed to have plenty of soup and a good time with our friends and neighbours. 
Those who were not able to join us missed out on: Pea and Ham; Chicken and Vegetable; Minestrone; Pumpkin; Sweet Potato and Tomato, all of which were absolutely delicious, and this was proven by the fact that very little remained to go home with the chefs. 
Every year we say that this will be the last time, but we expect demand will have us back for another go next year. We will let you all know!
Final changes in the library arrangement.                                                                                                                              
With the arrival of the two new shelves, we have managed to house the jigsaws in an attractive and tidy fashion. The old, well-worn jigsaws have gone to their reward and we have kept the most modern, interesting and clean ones, hopefully with no pieces missing. 
We now have approximately 3,000 DVDs for you to choose from, all carefully categorised to make your selection easier.  We smiled to see one respected couple set off on their caravan travels with 2 or 3 grocery bags full of DVDs to entertain them on their trip. This makes us feel all the hard work is worthwhile.    Two new categories are TV series and Classics. You can still find your Thrillers, Romances, Comedies etc. within those new sections, all marked with the appropriate coloured dot.  So for example, you love "The Beverly Hillbillies"? Just look at the green dot cases in the TV section, and there they are!
You want a movie starring Humphry Bogart? Down the end shelves near the store-room door is the Classics section, so begin your search here. 
There is a chart on the side of the large print bookcase to tell you the colours of the dots for each category, so hopefully you will have no trouble finding what you want.   Good luck and happy viewing.
A very dedicated and very small team have made all this possible, and we must acknowledge the work done by Pam Lines, Jean James and Edna Studdert. These three, along with one other, have worked tirelessly to co-ordinate all the DVDs, care for the re-shelving of all materials and generally maintain the high level of service that has become expected in our library.
However, illness, family issues and simple old age is catching up with this devoted team, and new volunteers are needed to be trained to take over when this team finally calls it a day.
 Please consider offering to assist in maintaining the library so that this facility does not fade away when its current care-takers can no longer do the work. Basically, all you need is to know the alphabet and be able to read the blurb on the back of the DVD, or the book, and decide where to put it: romance:  non-fiction: general: thriller etc. So, if you can read, are interested in helping and willing to be trained, please get in touch and we will make you very welcome. 
Being able to make soup is NOT a pre-requisite!

We have a large collection of books by Ken Follett, (born 5 June 1949) who is a Welsh author of thrillers and historical novels and who has sold more than 160 million copies of his works. Many of his books have achieved high ranking on best seller lists. For example, in the USA, many reached the number 1 position on the New York Times Best Seller list, including Edge of Eternity, Fall of Giants, A Dangerous Fortune, The Key to Rebecca, Lie Down with Lions, Triple, Winter of the World, and World Without End. Many of his most well-known novels are on our shelves and they present a great read for those who enjoy a challenging book. I personally recommend the series about the building and maintaining of Knightsbridge Cathedral, in the Middle Ages: "Pillars of Earth" and "World Without End". Both magnificently written and a most compelling and interesting read for those with a taste for historical drama. His books are found with a blue dot at FOL ( the collection of Follett books is on the top shelf above the "F" section.)                                 
Finally! Are you following our most lovable rogue, Les Norton, and his adventures on the ABC each Sunday night?
 No? If not, you are missing a good Aussie treat. And better still, we have most of Les's exploits on our shelves, blue dot, “BAR".
His stories are written by Robert.G.Barret (14 November 1942 – 20 September 2012) who was a popular Australian author of numerous books, most of them featuring the fictional Australian character Les Norton.  The character "Les Norton" was based on two likeable Sydney larrikin identities, "Ken Wills," (Willsy) a polly-athlete who was a retired Sydney TRG/ water police officer, deep sea diver, first grade rugby league player for South Sydney in the mid 70s, a professional boxer and a skiing gold medalist. The other character was amateur boxer turned seaman/waterfront worker "William ( Doogza ) Davis" an underworld hard man.                                                                                                                                          
Robert Barrett worked as a DJ and his two friends worked as doormen at "Randy Wicks" night club in Randwick, thinly veiled as the nightclub where Les works in the tales (the nightclub in the books, (the Kelly Club as it is called is actually based on the Kellett Club, a Terrace house in Kellett St Kings Cross as small but well known private casino). Both Doogsa and Willsy had associations with the Kellet club; Barrett did not. After work they would "grab drinks at the early opener at Kings Cross and swap stories," whilst Barrett jotted down the occasional note. A montage of these stories and the continuing life experiences of these two uniquely Australian individuals are what appears in the Les Norton series. Therefore, the Les Norton tales are truer than may be imagined.
There you go! Want any more information about the Library?
Contact: Von Watson  4358 4875      Jean James  4358 3941        Pamela Lines  4358 4811

Cheers, Lorraine
4358 4423


Tuesday Trivia News

The winter of 2019 has seen some excellent trivia sessions held in the library on the last Tuesday of each month with the duties being ably shared by Warren, Lorraine and myself.  Both Warren and Lorraine have put together outstanding series of questions involving not only the usual written quiz but also images of famous people and places designed to test the memories of the participants.
Most of us are still reeling from a certain image we had to name of a not so famous person which eventually turned out to be none other than Warren himself when he made an appearance on a quiz show in the early 2000’s, very sneaky.

Our numbers have increased, and the enjoyment factor remains very high with our self-proclaimed quiz buffs relishing not only the quiz itself but the socialising with other people during the session which includes afternoon tea.

Remember, everyone is welcome to come and sit down with us on the last Tuesday of each month and enjoy not only the quizzing but the lovely afternoon tea as well, all for the cost of $2.

Bill Walker


Lakeside Leisure Village Social Bowls Club

Greetings members,

Our Xmas in July at Wyong races attracted 36 members and guests. The feedback was very positive, thank you to all who attended.

Congratulations to Ken Doonan and Garry Conway who are the LLV Pairs Champions for 2019. They defeated Jeff Boler and Judy Raishbrook in the final.

Tuesday and Thursday bowls are still starting at 1pm and Friday twilight begins at 3pm, will advise when the time for spring / summer is changed.

The Singles championship is currently underway, matches are being played on certain days of the week / weekend. Information on the matches can be viewed on the blackboard in the bowls area.

Good bowling,

Rob Gregory (Secretary)
Social Club Happenings

We are past the halfway mark for the year and steadily drawing towards Christmas and the New Year. Time is flying by. 

The Monthly BBQ’s were less supported during the colder months, but we look forward to a resurgence with the warmer times ahead.

Saturday Happy Hours seem to still draw people and with the Sporting Challenge happening at the same time we are sure to enjoy a build-up of competitors trying to complete their particular game prior to the finals in the near future.

Other events over the last Quarter:

The General Meeting: Only 37 attended but we still managed to discuss a number of events and sought to establish further functions; to date, only the Sporting Challenge has been actioned. We are still planning other events in the near future that we hope will be better supported by the Village Residents.

Revitalife Presentation: Mr Robert Hayes gave a presentation to 11 Residents with regard to sleep and healthy living and Kate McNeill was fortunate enough to win the Lucky Door Prize of a $50 voucher. Kate has also taken advantage of the deals on offer and now possesses a new recliner/massage chair.

The new committee:

Sally Mackintosh site 218 (President)
Malcolm O’Neill site 165  (Treasurer/Secretary)
Kate McNeill   site 169 (Vice president)
Lynne O’Neill  site 165
Doreen Kirkham  site 252
Debra Beman    site 238
Alan Dyer  site 217
Sherylin Wykes  site 247


This was held on the evening of the 9th August and was a complete success. Parts of D.V.D’s were shown that dated back to 2009 through to 2015, done by the Party Planners and some concerts. Malcolm O’Neill was the M.C. and he did an excellent job, not only on the evening but setting up and working the projector. Also a huge thank you to Sue Mack who did a lot of explaining who people were etc. And I think she enjoyed singing and dancing to the D.V.D.’s as well.
The social club are sorting out dates now so we can all see more, different things that we have left off this last one. Maybe in February 2020.

As you all will know, this committee is run by volunteers, we do this for love, for the warm fuzzy feeling it gives us, and for the residents so we all can have a good feed, and a chin wag with our Village friends.
BUT! This can’t be done without the army of helpers. Helpers put out the marques, bring out tables and chairs. They also help with the washing up and help with the cleaning in and outside of the BARN. They also run the chocolate wheel at the B.B.Q.’s and help out in a hundred other ways.
In saying that, this is to ALL our helpers who turn up wind, rain or shine.
THANK YOU  We could not do it without you.
If you would like to meet new people, get some exercise and have fun, why not sell our monthly raffle tickets.
The committee does need a little help with this. Contact Kate (site 169) or Sally (site 218) and we will give you a small area to do, that is as close to your house as possible.
Thank you.
Market Day  7th September (Saturday) See Sally (218) to book a table
B. B.Q.’s - First Sunday of each month.

Happy Hour   Every Saturday from 2.00pm

Ham Raffles  November/December.

Christmas Party Friday 13th December

Aqua Aerobics & Exercise Classes

Looking forward to October when we will start another season of Aqua aerobics, in the mean time I will be starting an exercise class for over 60 year old's. The classes will be low impact stretching and breathing.

Starting next week - Tuesday the 3rd of September at 10.30 in the squash courts, no charge and everyone is welcome.

Yours in health

Rhondda 0407 414 617

- A Message From Our Village Angels -

Do you need help in your home?   
We are offering a free service to those who NEED domestic assistance in their home, we can
help out with the following things;
- Light housework
- Light gardening
- Help with paperwork
- Clean ovens and fridges
- Minor repairs (small cost)
We are NOT associated with the Social Club or any religious organisations.
Please Contact:
Robyn - 43581076 or 0405797577
or Rhondda - 0407414617

EZI EATS Fridays
What a great day was had for our August Ezi Eats.  Our numbers are increasing month by month.  A big thanks to all who give their time to support us. 

In September we plan on spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread or curried chicken (mild) and fruit trifle all for $5.50. 

Friday 20th September, in The Barn or Delivered.

To Book
Robyn - 43581076, Site 119
Rhonda - 0407414617, Site 97

Hoi News

We all miss Margaret very much, but oi still goes on!
All the ladies enjoy Hoi every Wednesday Night, we have a laugh and a bit of fun and also try to win a prize.  

Hoi is going really well, new ladies are tuning up almost every week, we can't wait for the warmer weather.  I would like to thank some special ladies for keeping Hoi going by calling every week, Sue Dyer, Debb Farr, Judy Oakes, Deb Gregory, Faith and also Maria for she works like a trooper.  I can always count on Maria.

Also I would like to thank Valda and Dianne for helping out with the prize shopping.

Sue MacPherson, Site 48

Craft News

-  We have some new members -

New to the village or would you like to take up a craft? 
Then you are invited to join us each Thursday in the Hall on 7th Ave starting at 9.30am.
Share your hobbies, learn a new one, or just come have a chat and get to know some residents with the same interests over morning tea .
Some of the things that we have done are…
Card making…   
Scrap booking…
Contacts.. Jean James  Mob 0439760088
Di Vincent Mob 0415995996
Edna Studdert Mob 0499055897 
We look forward to meeting you.

Art Group

The Lakeside Leisure Village ARTIST group have moved to our new sunny location, day n time.

We now meet each FRIDAY morning at 10am in the foyer of the Squash Courts situated on the main drag near the office.

Now the weather is starting to warm up, why not come a long with your creation and work alongside and be encouraged by other artists. We are open to all artists no matter what medium. Please bring your own equipment and a cuppa or cold drink with you. Table n chairs supplied. 


Courtesy Shopping Bus

Tuesdays - 8.30 - Woolworths, Lake Munmorah
Thursdays - 8.30 - Lakehaven Shopping Centre
Fridays - 9.00 - Local Shops
Resident's Bus Trips

Monday - 16th September 2019 - Woy Woy
A leisure drive to Woy Woy via Lakes Entrance for Morning tea, then, Terrigal, Macmasters Beach, St Hubbert's Island and to Woy Woy for Lunch at the many food outlets available, and of course the famous Fisherman's Wharf.

Monday - 21st October 2019 - Kurri Kurri
Kurri Kurri has over 55 outdoor public artworks on display. The history of Kurri Kurri is painted on murals throughout the town.  Kurri Kurri tourism is excited as the area is a finalist in the 2015 Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

We will have a local historian guide travelling on our bus for this tour.  They showcase the history and heritage of the area, telling the story of the town and its people.  They are also cleverly painted to provide a fun puzzle.  - Can you spot the kookaburra (the symbol of Kurri Kurri) in every mural?

Monday - 18th November 2019 - Blackbutt
Come with us to Blackbutt reserve (owned by Newcastle city council).  Entry is FREE.  For a picnic day and barbeque lunch.

Blackbutt Reserve contains a number of multi award winning wildlife exhibits.  The modern and spacious wildlife exhibits provide close viewing of the various native animals on display.  The boardwalk (wheelchair, walkers and pram friendly) provide an opportunity for visitors to observe the fauna and learn about each species.  The reserve also offers a range of recreation opportunities including barbeques, playgrounds, picnic facilities, photography, bird watching and peaceful areas for relaxation.

Our mailing address is:
Lakeside Leisure Village
51 Kamilaroo Ave
Lake Munmorah, NSW 2262

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