New pultrusion plant in Latvia
Tap Stool: What the client has to say about it
Changing Matty - wins international design award
What is PIR/ side insulation?
Meet us at this year's trade fairs                  
Insulating with PUR                                     
Welcome to a spring update from Tinby

This spring edition of our newsletter has updates on topics such as 1) news about our new plant in Latvia, 2) the Tap Stool from Normann Copenhagen – something for which PUR can also be used, 3) Changing Matty has won an international design award, 4) PIR side insulation - a new product now being used as energy efficient insulation, plus 5) a guide to trade fairs where you can meet us in 2019. 
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New pultrusion plant in Latvia

Tinby is pleased to announce the opening of its new 1,100 sq.m. plant in Latvia - where we will focus on the manufacture and distribution of pultruded products for our customers. In brief, pultrusion is a process that weaves and “freezes” fibre threads into the geometry and strength properties desired by the customer. Using this method we ensure a consistent quality that can be reproduced as required and the composite material can be used to manufacture products in multiple industries including marine, transportation, automotive, wind, construction and sanitation. Pultruded products are very strong and rigid, require minimal maintenance, can be moulded or shaped into lightweight components with complex geometries, are lightweight and extremely flexible and can withstand extreme weather.

Want to know more about pultrusion? What can it be used for?
Read the full article here

Tap Stool: What the client has to say

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company that creates original, innovative products with a simple and contemporary design. One of the products marketed by the company is the Tap Stool by Simon Legald, which won a German Design Award “Special Mention” in 2016. The customer describes the cooperation with Tinby as follows: 

“During our design processes we always seek to use exciting materials in new ways. This often results in great challenges, more than with “traditional” production methods. Manufacturers tend to adhere to production methods they know well, but this may impede the development of new and exciting designs. The design of our Tap Stool provided quite some challenges with regard to obtaining nice and even surfaces, venting in the moulds and demoulding the items without ugly stripes caused by the mould. Tinby was of great help to us and accepted the challenge. The result is a super nice stool with exactly the expression we had hoped for. And where the legs seem entirely incorporated in the soft PUR seat.”

Søren Stryhn Petersen


> Yes, please let me see everything you have on the Tap Stool project

Changing Matty wins international design award 

The super popular Changing Matty from Danish Leander has now also achieved international recognition by winning the prestigious German Design Award. The prize is awarded exclusively to pioneers who contribute to the German and international design scene and according to the panel of experts made up of 46 specialists, Matty won the prize for its unique, stylish and practical design in the ‘Baby and Child Care’ category. The changing mat is moulded in flexible PUR and produced by Tinby A/S.


What is PIR/ side insulation
- and why is it a smart solution? 

Side insulation, as it is commonly known, is a piece of insulating foam, generally measuring 40 x 120 x 1200 mm and used in sheet form to insulate around windows and doors instead of mineral wool.

PIR - the technical name for the material - insulates 35% better than mineral wool and is now increasingly used in the construction industry. 

Construction companies, contractors and carpenters find it easier to meet the 2020 energy requirements for new houses as side insulation insulates considerably better than more traditional insulation materials, as well as taking up less space. 

The material is also easy to work with because:
•    It has a very high insulation value
•    It can be easily cut into the shape required and will not crumble or crack
•    It does not cause irritation to skin or eyes
•    It can withstand high temperatures (and therefore has low flammability)

> Contact us for more info about our PIR products

Meet us at this year's trade fairs

2019 is going to be a really exciting year for trade fairs as far as Tinby is concerned - one in which we hope to meet not only many of our current clients, but also a lot of potential new customers from around the world. Perhaps that includes you? We are only exhibiting at one trade fair this year but, in addition to that, our sales team will be visiting a number of other trade shows to keep up-to-date on new trends, make new contacts and follow up on interesting leads. These will mainly be the key trade shows in the fields of furniture design, composite and insulation and the wind turbine industry.  

> View the full trade fair guide here:
Will we see you at one of the fairs in 2019?

NB! If you are planning to attend one of the shows, we'd love to hear from you
to arrange a meeting and/or informal chat about our materials. 
> Contact us

Insulating with PUR

Polyurethane (PUR) is the focal point for the majority of what Tinby produces. The material combines high tensile strength and durability with excellent insulating and chemical-resistance properties and is a very poor conductor of electricity, cold and heat. This is why PUR is an optimal insulation material. It is primarily the air trapped in the PUR that gives this material its insulating properties and that makes all of our products so lightweight. At Tinby, we mould both individual items in PUR as well as items including component materials such as wood, aluminium and steel. With a lambda value of less than 0.024 W/mK, significant amounts of energy can be saved through insulating valves and fittings using Tinby CE-labelled PUR insulation caps.

> Read more about available PUR insulation options

Did you know that... Tinby, we produce a large range of products for the wind turbine industry?  
Our skills include, among others: 
  • Lightweight materials and sandwich constructions
  • Lightning cables
  • Vacuum film and bags
  • Glass laminates
  • Leading edge protection
  • Parts used for covering and in construction
  • Pultrusion
  • Balancing blocks and transportation components
  • Prototypes
Polyurethane contains many possibilities in relation to the greentech industry. When it comes to the wind turbine industry, the future development opportunities are first and foremost to be found in the fact that PUR is a lightweight material that is extremely strong and easy to work with. These are properties that are particularly relevant to wind turbine manufacturers.


How can we help you? 

Do you or your company have a good idea or perhaps several that you would like to try out, test or discuss at the development and/or production stage? Then why not get in touch with our sales and project department who will be happy to meet with you and discuss how the whole process works, chat about materials, and much more. 

> Contact our Sales and Product Manager, Michael V. Therkelsen

Who is Tinby?

Tinby A/S has been supplying complete polyurethane solutions to clients all over the world since 1972. With 250 employees throughout Denmark, the USA, China, Latvia and Poland, we primarily serve four segments: 1) Cabinets, 2) flex and design, 3) greentech, and 4) insulation.

We strive to build and optimise long term business relationships with our customers in order to provide top quality solutions customised to each individual client – relationships in which we’ll be happy to shoulder responsibility for a large portion of the value chain – from concept, design and development to production, processing and distribution. 

Tinby guarantees top quality and reliable delivery at competitive rates from our factories in Denmark, the USA, China, Latvia and Poland. 
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