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In this Newsletter:

  • Great interest in new Aplicom A11W with integrated WLAN functionality
  • Aplicom A9 IPEX – durable even in extreme conditions
  • Aplicom at ConCarExpo 2017
  • Tip of the month: ECHO feature – check your software version and SW-options with a simple SMS message
Great interest in new Aplicom A11W with integrated WLAN functionality
Our new A11W units are the most advanced products in our range and are arousing great interest among our customers. These units have all the same features as the A11 products and in addition have integrated WLAN functionality. There are four different product packages for cover every need. The WLAN functionalities opens-up many new use scenarios in different applications. WLAN brings for example the following possibilities:
  • to connect wireless displays to the vehicle telematics unit. Wireless displays can be used in the vehicle or to connect the portable terminal used outside the vehicle.
  • telematics data can be collected while driving and it can be easily unloaded to the operating system in a terminal, warehouse or other place – or uploaded to a telematics device.
A significant advantage of WLANs is their mobility. In addition to this, our WLAN has a wide coverage range - typically 50-100m or more. The WLAN is also easy to use as it is built in.

Contact our sales staff ( and we’ll tell you more!
Aplicom A9 IPEX – durable even in extreme conditions
To confirm the high durability of A9 IPEX we placed the unit in a water rig in Central Finland. The weather conditions were harsh, and at times the temperatures plummeted to below minus 20 degrees. 
In the test we configured the unit to wake up twice a day for four minutes and to send one snapshot. The back-up battery voltage was included in each sent snapshot (EXT battery field).
As a reference, the internal power endurance was first tested at room temperature, where the internal battery lasted 81 days. Following this, the unit was placed in a water rig, and even without external power in such extreme conditions A9 IPEX lasted 40 days.
The chart below shows the average back-up battery level of each day. The typical effect of cold temperatures on the battery voltage and its ability to provide energy can clearly be seen in this chart. Also the quality of the base station connection affects the energy consumption of the unit. The GSM module automatically adjusts its own transmit power according to RF- signal conditions. The worse the connection to the base station, the more power is used in transmit; this of course consumes more energy. Therefore, it must be remembered that battery life is affected by a number of issues in the operating environment.
Aplicom at ConCarExpo 2017
Aplicom will attend ConCarExpo 2017 at the Estrel Berlin on 5th-6th of July. ConCarExpo is an international trade fair for connected car and mobility solutions.

We will present our Cardian Auto IoT solution. It is a complete white label service solution for car dealers and car repair chains, which enables digitalised customer communication and services as well as remote diagnostics and location based services.

We are looking forward to meeting you at ConCarExpo 2017!
Tip of the month: ECHO feature – check your software version and SW-options with a simple SMS message
By adding a few simple lines to your Aplicom A11 or A9 configuration, you can easily request and get the status of your device with a simple SMS message: “A11+ECHO” or “A9+ECHO”. This feature provides help for example in situations where the software version and SW-options of the device need to be checked. To do this log in to the Aplicom Extranet and download the instructions on the main page.