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  • Aplicom focuses on data security
  • 4G connectivity for A11
  • Getting to know EBS systems’ telematics with A9 IPEX EBS Starter Kit

Aplicom focuses on data security

With the digitalisation and growth of IoT applications data security is becoming more and more  important in vehicle telematics. Data storage is becoming cloud based, and the threat to vehicle data being illegally accessed means data security solutions need to be in place. Aplicom, with its software and hardware development and implementation, places important emphasis on data security solutions. And with emerging developments, updating data security is always part of the work.
Aplicom´s new releases and configurator for the A11 and A9 product families include enchanced tools and methods for data security that makes them more secure. These measures  include: automatic encryption procedures, memory handling to minimise stored data and access to it and password use for OTA (Over-The-Air) updates. In addition, Gemalto modules’ (2G, 3G and LTE 4G) enhanced Java security features provide stronger protection for their use.
Aplicom continues to focus on data security so that its users can be sure no illegal or inappropriate access to data takes place.
Aplicom already has in place the ability to handle its personal related data according to the new EU data security law GDPR.

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4G connectivity for A11

Aplicom is introducing A11 with 4G connectivity and will be available in July 2018. The A11 product family is expanding with EU LTE models. LTE connectivity will be available in all A11 product variants of the current A11 models. In addition to previous features, the main change is the LTE module used. Gemalto ELS61-E is 2G ready as a fall-back to 4G. The availability of A11 LTE and A11W LTE will be soon announced. Product samples in limited quantities are available for ordering.

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Getting to know EBS systems’ telematics with A9 IPEX EBS Starter Kit

Aplicom has the new Aplicom EBS Starter Kit (order code D107208) for getting familiar with EBS systems’ telematics. The package contains the Aplicom A9 IPEX EBS unit (EBS unit) with cables for connecting to different EBS manufacturers systems – Wabco, Haldex and Knorr-Bremse.

The package includes also a prepaid SIM card for testing and configuration purposes. As with other Aplicom Starter Kits, the EBS starter kit unit includes all available software options (except RDL) for testing purposes. The EBS SW option is used to get the EBS information from the EBS systems. The EBS unit can read manufacturer specific information since it automatically detects the system. Aplicom A9 Quick Start Service is included for immediate testing and evaluation of the unit usage. The service includes access to a web portal on the Aplicom server to view the unit’s position on a map and to see the content of the data it has sent to the server.

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