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September | 2019 Issue

Hello and Happy September! September is such a wonderful month, with the changing seasons, Labor Day, pumpkin-spice everything, and best of all – product launches. (Whee!) So start this month off right and grab that pumpkin spice beverage of choice and read about all of the exciting, trendy, California-friendly, and eagerly/impatiently anticipated products from GROHE, American Standard, MTI, and Steamist. (We don't like to play favorites, but you're bananas if you don't check out the absolutely gorgeous new two-handle thermostatic trims from GROHE.)

As always, this newsletter is dense and rich (like a flourless pumpkin-spice cake), so if you're short on time, here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • September Product Launches from GROHE & American Standard
  • New Designer tub from MTI
  • Exciting new Matte Black products from Steamist
  • New collections brochure from DXV

All this exciting news and more, below.


GROHE September 2019 Product Launch | We've been told once or twice by some of our manufacturers that we're "picky" about new products, but we prefer to think of ourselves as "selective." (Tomayto, tomahto). That being said, GROHE nailed it with this launch. NAILED. IT. If you possibly can, spend a few minutes going through the below material. Your clients are going to flip for these new products, collections, and finishes. We sure are. Check the price pages for availability and details and the brochures/presentations for all the pretty pictures.

American Standard

American Standard September 2019 Product Launch | Eee! It's almost too exciting (almost). American Standard's popular and stunningly gorgeous faucet collection Studio S has a new addition: kitchen faucets. Oh, hello matte black kitchen faucet offering. Since it's American Standard, you know the entire collection offers premium quality and industry-leading performance, and now you can do the entire house with Studio S (a spectacular idea, if we say so ourselves) for a very happy client. Also just released are some beautiful and stately new concealed trapway toilets for the Town Square S collection, giving us a decidedly premium showroom-friendly product launch this September. Check out these almost-too-exciting products and more, below. 
AW 2.0 SpaLet Display | Have you considered putting the new American Standard AW 2.0 SpaLet on display? Our (totally unbiased) advice is "Do it!" With a minimalist design and ultra-low profile, it shows really well. There's also a few tiny other little details about it being MAP-protected, offering a three-year warranty, and featuring two wands for separate front and rear cleanse. Check out the extremely reasonable offer from participating American Standard distributors and give them a call for details.
Featured Training Video | GROHE SmartBox

This summer, we're all about CALGreen (as you can tell). So by extension, that makes us all about the GROHE SmartBox. Learn all about it here


NEW DXV Collections Brochure | DXV offers a few lovely pieces of literature, but we noticed an absence of something that could give your clients an overview of the most popular collections. It's a challenge to sell something your clients can't see – and as much as everyone loves a challenge, we thought to ourselves, "Heck – what if we tried making it easier to sell?" So toward that end (hopefully), we put together a small brochure with lots of pretty pictures to help your clients get the look and feel of DXV's gorgeous products. Download the brochure below.

DXV Collections Brochure


New for 2019 Overview | In observance of our theme, we thought we would remind you about some of the sleek and trendy new flush plates Geberit released this year. Check out the overview here.

Factory Fire | Geberit has announced that due to a factory fire from a sub-supplier, a small number of products (remote actuators cover plates) are on indefinite back order. These are the affected models, but please note that none are in high demand, so you or your customers are unlikely to be heavily affected. If an issue does arise, your Western rep will be delighted to help find a temporary solution until inventory returns to normal.

Amber's September Selection

As the self-proclaimed in-house MTI expert and frequent MTI factory visitor here at Western Sales, I am officially homesick for Sugar Hill and the MTI campus. So I’ve got Georgia on my mind and the gorgeous MTI product that is made there (cause it’s USA made, but of course, you knew that already). So I’m gonna brag a little bit about the custom counter sinks that they are whipping up back at those factories. “Custom did you say?!” Yes! Custom. Meaning that MTI can build a counter sink to your exact dreams and specifications, with one of the 22 bowl sizes and styles offered. But the custom options don’t stop there. Want it wall mounted? Done. Faucet holes drilled with customized spacing? Easy. Front overflow so as not to be visible? No problem. My favorite thing to say to specifiers - if you can dream it up, there’s a real good chance we can build it for you! And you can get started on designing your custom counter-sink any time.


NEW Designer Tub: Loretta | This new free-standing 66" x 36" soaker is absolutely stunning. You might also notice a clever and unique design detail – a shelf for optional roman tub filler. Check out the announcement and spec sheet below:
Additional MTI Product Updates | MTI has a few additional important product updates/announcements, including a new smooth bottom surface on Basics tubs, which you can find in one handy-dandy product bulletin for your perusing convenience. Download here.

New Counter-Sink Excel Price File | We wanted to share the latest Counter-Sink price file with you. While there was no official price increase, MTI announced that with the roll-out of the configurator, very minor price adjustments/increase were made (just FYI, for if you notice a mismatch with your current file). Download here.


Matte Black | YAY! Prepare to cartwheel, because we have fantastic news: Steamist now offers controls, steam heads, and light fixture trim in matte black. (Why, what a fantastic pairing with the American Standard Studio S collection! Hint, hint, hint.) Even more good news, we can tell you that the products are available to order and ship immediately.

Tom's Tech Tip | Steamist ShowerSense

As you learned last month when that smarty-pants Derek tried to take my job (and/or kindly gave me a break, depending on how you look at it), a CALGreen-Compliant shower must have a total flow of no greater than 1.8 GPM per shower valve.

If you're designing a custom shower (i.e., multiple outlets in the shower), there are actually two ways to accomplish this. Pretty nifty, right?

One way is if the valve itself is flow-restricted to 1.8 GPM (like the GROHE SmartBox, when the flow limiter is installed), such that no matter how many shower outlets are running at the same time the total flow will still be 1.8 GPM. That is, if you're running two shower heads at the same time, each shower head will flow 0.9 GPM, and if you're running 57 shower heads at the same time, each shower head will flow approximately 0.032 GPM (not recommended). Of course, as far as I know, there are no shower valves on the market that can operate that many shower heads simultaneously. The highest number that I know of is only three, and that distinct honor belongs to the aforementioned GROHE SmartBox (cough humblebrag cough).

The second method for achieving a CALGreen-Compliant custom shower is to use a valve that only allows one shower outlet to run at any given time and all installed shower outlets flow no more than 1.8 GPM. An example of this method is a pressure balance valve paired with a discreet-function diverter, where the diverter has positive stops between each outlet.

See, I told you it was nifty!

To celebrate the new matte black finish that Steamist just introduced, I want to remind you of what is to me the niftiest way to accomplish method #2: the ShowerSense valve. The ShowerSense valve can be operated straight from the Total Sense digital control, and can be used even without a steam generator installed if your client doesn't want steam (as if). Either way, that means no matter how many shower outlets (within reason) and/or steam generators, lights, music, and aromas your shower design has, your client can operate everything from a single control on the wall. And how is it CALGreen compliant? Because Steamist planned ahead for the California market: the Total Sense control will only allow one shower outlet to flow at a time. Those clever Steamist people.

You can read all about the ShowerSense valve here.

Thanks, Tom S

Question: According to the link above, how many separate shower outlets can you operate from the Steamist ShowerSense valve? (Hint: it's fewer than 57.)

Send the correct answer to by September 25, 2019, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.
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