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November | 2019 Issue

Hello & Happy November! We hope you had a very fun and/or scary Halloween, depending on what you were going for. This month, you're all going to be "experts" (congratulations, by the way), because we're sharing the updated editions of our popular 10-Minute "Expert" training brochures for each of our brands. We know you probably already are an expert, you smarty-pants you, but you never know – you still might learn a little something. And even if you're all set on training, this issue of the newsletter is jam-packed with info that you don't want to miss, so check it all out below. 

Here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • Price increases announced for GROHE, American Standard, DXV, and Geberit effective December 1, 2019
  • New products from GROHE
  • New products from MTI
  • Updated 10-Minute "Expert" training brochures

All these bulletins and more, below.


Price Increase Announced for December 1, 2019 | GROHE has announced a minor price increase effective December 1, 2019, due to increasing costs in raw materials, transportation, and (you guessed it) tariffs – issues that have been affecting our entire industry, as you know. Luckily, we have all the important info you'll need, below: NEW SmartActive Hand Showers | Remember when we highlighted GROHE's super innovative SmartActive 2-in-1 shower head in last month's newsletter? Well, not to brag, but our timing was perfect because GROHE just released gorgeous hand showers for the collection that are open-to-order and open-to-ship. Read all about them in the materials below. 10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | As promised in the intro, here's your updated GROHE edition of the 10-Minute "Expert" training brochure. We like to think that sounding like an expert is the next best thing to actually being one (it's the secret to our success) and it only takes 10 minutes, so take a look here.

American Standard

Price Increase Announced for December 1, 2019 | As mentioned above with GROHE, American Standard is sadly not immune from the increasing costs in raw materials, transportation, and tariffs that have been affecting our entire industry. Here are the files you'll need for the price change: Updated Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve Price Pages | A few of the images in the price pages released in the September product launch were incorrect, so we thought we should share the latest version – but really we just wanted another chance to show off these industry-leading new diaphragm flush valves. If these aren't really your thing, feel free to pass on the info to your plumber clients or friends at the counter. Your Everyday Toilet | Are you looking for a "go-to" toilet? One that checks all the performance boxes, fits in with any style, and will make your customer very happy? Well, we have a couple for you: you can't go wrong with either the Cadet Pro or the Vormax HET/HEU for your everyday standby (+1 on the Vormax if your client wants an extra sturdy seat or a 1.0 GPF option). Check out the deets here.

10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in a trade or skill. But if 10 minutes is all you have, you can still be an "expert" in American Standard brand highlights – and it's almost as fun as mastering the violin. Take a look here.

Amber's Nifty November

10 year warranty. I repeat, 10 year warranty. That right there is enough to make you want to sell an American Standard Luxury Performance toilet! But if you must know more,  just take a quick peak at the Town Square S Skirted One-Piece (2851A104). So many traditional-style toilets border on bulky and oversized, with enormous tanks or wide skirts that make it seem like the toilet is taking over the space. The Town Square S collection – “S” for slim (j/k, I have no idea; totally made that up) – does the opposite, showcasing clean and stately lines without a huge footprint or overbearing presence. It’s modern traditional with the 1,000g MaP score, quick-release slow close seat (you might remember when I bragged about those before), and again, a 10 year warranty! Plus the trip lever comes in PN (among other finish options) and someone told me that’s coming back…


Price Increase Announced for December 1, 2019 | Like the rest of the industry, DXV is affected by increasing costs in raw materials, transportation, and especially tariffs. Here are the files you'll need for the price change:
10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | DXV is the hottest brand in the plumbing industry right now (just ask us – we'll tell you). If you've got 10 minutes to spare, we've got some training for you. Take a look here.


NEW Product Launch | Woo hoo! MTI just launched some very exciting new products, including some gorgeous new freestanding tubs, wall-hung sinks, and shower bases. All products are open-to-order and open-to-ship, so take a look here and see the latest new MTI products you can offer your clients.

10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | You wouldn't think you could become an expert on everything that MTI has to offer in 10 minutes – between all of the customization and options and gorgeous product ranges – but you can with our training brochure (more or less). Take a look.


10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | One of the most common reasons showroom sales associates don't sell steam is because they're not familiar with it. But it's not too hard – you can even become an "expert" in 10 minutes or less. Check it out here – and if you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact your friendly neighborhood Western Sales rep.

Product Video | Now that you know everything you need to know about steam and Steamist (or even if you knew already), here's a sales tool that will help you demonstrate to your client the luxury and value of having their own home spa.


Price Increase Effective Dec 1, 2019 | Did we say these darn raw material and transportation costs were affecting our whole industry? Well, they are. Download new December 1, 2019 pricing from Geberit below: 10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | Speaking of things that sales associates should sell more of (in our humble opinion) – wall-hung toilets are a beautiful addition to any bathroom, especially for bathrooms that don't have a lot of space. There are so many other advantages too, but we don't want to spoil the ending for you. Read all about it here.

SmartConnect Kit Dispenser System

You know how soap dispensers – home, office, public spaces – are always empty? It might have something to do with the fact that refilling soap dispensers is messy, inconvenient, and basically the easiest chore to put off because no one wants to do it.

We just happened to stumble across this brand new manufacturer that provides an elegant technical solution to this problem (yay!), so we're adding it to our lineup to save us all a lot of heartache and hassle. The SmartConnect Kit allows your customer to refill their counter-mounted soap dispenser by connecting it directly to the refill bottle. So much easier. Read all about it below and let your Western rep know if you want to learn more. 
Flyer & Presentation

Tom's Tech Tip: Which DXV "super slim" valve?

These are truly pieces of art. Functional art. And who doesn’t appreciate great function with their art…

The distinctively-styled, beautiful, extremely low-profile trims are available as two- or three-handle versions in three different popular DXV collections: Modulus, Percy, and Fitzgerald. Depending on the collection, they’re available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, platinum nickel, and matte black finishes. If that isn't exciting enough, the valves are also available with either a shared diverter – for our friends in Reno – or with a CEC & CALGreen-compliant non-shared/discrete diverter.

The decision to use a two-handle or three-handle trim depends on the functions needed and the rough in-wall valve used. They’re available with 1/2” inlets for the two-handle valves or higher flow-rate 3/4” inlets (that you’d use to fill a tub, for example) for the three-handle valves.

So you can probably tell from reading all of that – while they’re beautiful, figuring out which valve and trim to use for your shower design can a little tricky. But your best buddy Tom is here to help.

The other day, a showroom salesperson "May" called with questions about which DXV super slim valves to use with which trims in order to provide all of the functions (and art!) that her client wants – all while meeting CALGreen and CEC requirements. May’s client likes the look of the DXV super-slim thermostat so much that she wants to use them in all three bathrooms in her new house (spectacular choice, if I may say): traditionally-styled Fitzgerald in the guest shower, contemporary Percy in the 2nd shower, and mid-century modern Modulus in her own master bath.

The guest shower is easy-ish. May’s customer wants to have a shower head plus a hand shower in platinum nickel finish. So which valve and trim are needed for this application? May already knows she needs the two (discreet) function D35005522 valve and the two-handle trim in platinum nickel D35160527.150. If you check out this diagram, you’ll see that May is absolutely correct.

The 2nd shower also isn’t too difficult to figure out. May’s customer wants to add a rain shower to the shower head and hand shower in polished chrome. This time, May knows to use the three (discreet) function D35005523 valve with the two handle trim in polished chrome D35105527.100. Again, you can verify May’s work with the diagram. (Note that the same two-handle trim can be used for the one-, two-, or three-function two handle valves.)

It’s the master tub-shower that has May puzzled. (If she had the handy diagram, it would have been a lot easier – but I hadn’t made it yet.) Anyway, the customer wants a rain shower, a hand shower set, and tub spout with the Modulus collection in matte black – yes, functional art. Looking at the Modulus section of the DXV Price List, May sees two different ways that this can be done – but May has also sold a large tub that will need to be filled fast. Which valve and trim should she specify? 

> So here it is one more time: the handy “super slim” DXV valve diagram

Question: Using the handy diagram, which trim and which valve should May specify for her client’s master bath?

Send the correct answer to by November 25, 2019, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.

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