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January | 2019 Issue

Hello and Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and fantastic New Year's celebration. Here's to a prosperous 2019!

January is a slow news month (thank goodness), so it won't take too much time to get you all caught up. But don't skip. There are a few very exciting and/or important bulletins throughout and you'll be sad and out-of-the-loop if you miss them. And if there just happens to be a topic here or there that you think is more of a yawn, just remember – that's what the Tom's Tech Tip coffee prize is for! (We have a method to our madness.)

As always, here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • Geberit Price Increase Announced March 2019
  • Reminder: MTI Price Increase Effective Jan 1, 2019
  • New Edition of the American Standard Premium Products Brochure

All that and more, below.

American Standard

Premium Products Brochure 2019 | Well, we're simply delighted to release a new edition of our popular American Standard Premium Products Brochure. As you may recall, we developed this brochure to showcase American Standard's incredible showroom-level product offering and to make it easy for you to find without digging through more non-showroom, budget-oriented products (cough Colony cough) in American Standard's ginormous price book. We will have hard copies available soon, and you can also download it below: American Standard: Showroom Brand | Seeing all of American Standard's showroom-level product offering might lead you to ask yourself, "Is American Standard the perfect brand for my showroom?" This flyer makes a compelling case (if we say so ourselves) for exactly that.

Plumber on the Street Video | Amongst the brand's many, many special talents, American Standard puts out some pretty spectacular videos. (No one's going to forget their "splatter" commercial in a hurry.) Here's some more excellent content, explaining the benefits of Vormax.

Updated Excel Price File | Just a little correction here or there. Download the latest.


Reminder: Price Increase Effective January 1, 2019 | Just a friendly little reminder that MTI's price increase took effect at the beginning of the year. You can order your new price book from our literature site.

Custom Sink Configurator | Is your client interested in a custom counter-sink from MTI? Who isn't! Luckily, MTI has a fast and simple way for you to spec them out exactly the way your client wants it – just click on the "Create your Custom Counter-Sink" button and create an account. (Reminder – you must be a displaying showroom to order from MTI.)


Updated Excel Price File | For those little minor corrections and changes, download the latest Grohe Excel Price File here.

SmartControl for the Win | As you know, the SmartControl is an industry game-changer with its CEC-compliant multi-outlet design and super slender profile. Or should I say the award-winning SmartControl is an industry game-changer? And yes, yes I should – because Architectural Record has named the SmartControl a Best of 2018 Kitchen & Bath Product. (You might also notice a little guest appearance from the American Standard Beale.) Read all about it here.

Amber's January Joy

The biggest downfall of being a plumbing rep is that I am constantly bombarded with the most beautiful and wide ranging variety of faucets that we sell. How is that a downfall you might ask….? Well because I am continually redesigning my dream bathrooms and kitchens. And while I don’t have the budget or the open-minded landlord needed to be redoing bathrooms left and right, at least I can live vicariously. The Serin wall-mount faucet is one of my current obsessions. The sleek, less-is-more, design is ADA compliant and features ceramic disc technology (duh, American Standard invented the ceramic disc cartridge after all). Best of all, it is American Standard, so you know that the dependability and durability is at the top of the priority list to ensure a hassle-free, life-long bathroom faucet.


Price Increase Announced March 1, 2019 | Just keeping you in-the-loop – Geberit has a price increase scheduled for March 1, 2019 (midnight, Zürich time). We hope to provide all relevant pricing materials soon; further bulletins as events warrant.


Updated Excel Price File | For those who like to keep good inventory management system hygiene, here's an updated/corrected price file from DXV. Download.


Steamist Virtual Steam Shower | Sometimes steam showers can be a little difficult for the client to visualize. But now they don't have to! Steamist has a nifty little tool on their website called the Virtual Steam Shower, demonstration a typical installation for the components both behind the wall and on the wall. Check it out here.


Partition Stops | This might not be an "everyday item" on your projects, but should you be working with an owner of a multi-unit building, you'll be simply thrilled to know that dahl makes partition stops. (Ok, calm down – they're just partition stops.) On the other hand, you're wondering what the heck that is, you can read more about these nifty valves here.

Tom's Tech Tip: Cadet Pro Configurations

If you're looking for a go-to, everyday toilet, the Cadet Pro is a fantastic option. Just take a look at this feature set:
  1. It has a clean, transitional style;
  2. It offers a powerful and quiet flush with a gravity-fed 1000g MaP score;
  3. It features EverClean anti-microbial surface on both the inside and the outside of the toilet;
  4. It's exclusive to the independent trade channel;
  5. It's a fantastic value (premium toilet at a good price);
  6. It has a 5-Year Warranty on Parts, Lifetime on China
  7. And configurations for every installation.
Which configurations? All of them. Every last one. 1.37 bazillion, to be exact. If you don't believe me, check out this list of a few of the more popular models.

Does your client want, say, a round-front, RightHeight (ADA height) toilet?  With a 10" rough? Oh, and in Bone finish?

Did I say 1.37 bazillion options? I believe I did.

Tom S

Question: What is the model number for the Cadet Pro model that matches all of the criteria listed in my example above?

Send the correct answer to by January 25, 2019 and receive a $5 Starbucks card.
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