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January | 2020 Issue

Hello and Happy January! And Happy New Year! We hope you had a joyful holiday season.

To celebrate the new year, we wanted to take a look at our favorite resource-efficient and "green" products offered by our brands. (This theme might be a little grabbier in August than smack dab in the middle of the rainy season, but we're going to move quickly past that.) To quote the great Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy being green" – but our brands can make it easier and the state of California can make it mandatory, so let's get to reading!

But first, here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • Reminder: Steamist price increase effective January 1, 2020
  • Our fave green products from our brands
  • Updated: American Standard Premium Products Brochure Price Sheet
  • Hot: American Standard Spectra Versa Sell Sheet

All this and more, below.


Green Products: GROHE Blue 2.0 | In the plumbing world, we usually think of water savings when something is described as "green." Of course, there are a lot of ways to be green, including in the ways called out in the handy "reduce, reuse, recycle" motto. GROHE Blue 2.0 helps us at the optimal point of that ideal by allowing the user to reduce the number of bottles of water they consume, whether they prefer filtered still or sparkling water. This faucet is perfect for reducing waste for both home and office installations, so show this brochure to every client – even ones who just came in for a replacement flapper (why not?). Download the brochure to learn more.
In Other News...

It's that KBIS time of year. If you're planning on attending, you can get a free pass courtesy of our Benevolent Overlords at GROHE, American Standard, and DXV.

>> KBIS Courtesy Expo Pass <<

American Standard

American Standard Premium Products Brochure & Updated Price File | American Standard offers approximately 1.37 bazillion products – all of them beautiful in their own way, but not all of them made for the decorative showroom market. And many of them are perfect for the showroom market. As you may know, Western Sales put together a little brochure & price guide with a brief overview of American Standard's gorgeous premium products. No need to flip through the ADA-height, 10-inch rough, bed-pan compatible toilets in this handy brochure. Anyway, we just updated the pricing in the price list so we wanted to share that with you here.
Spectra Versa Sell Sheet | Everyone wants a new Spectra Versa for their shower. Everyone at American Standard, everyone at Western Sales, everyone at Kohl–ahem, excuse my cough. I mean, and every one of your customers. Why is the Spectra Versa so popular? Well, it can turn your single-function shower into a two-function shower/hand shower in a 30-minute-or-less "do it yourself" installation. It also happens to be listed at a very accessible price point. And now you can sell tons of them, because we have a handy-dandy sell sheet right here.

Green Products: Vormax UHET | Yes, we're talking about the Vormax UHET again. But it's only because it's the cleanest and most powerful gravity toilet on the market, even though it only uses 1 gallon-per-flush. If it weren't so awesome or if you sold them all, we would stop talking about it. It's not going to stop being awesome – so you know what you have to do. Read more here.


Green Products: Sustainable Practices | Among the many, many (many, many) things we love about MTI, one of our faves is their culture of environmental responsibility. Did you know that MTI not only practices responsible recycling but also uses recycled materials in their products? There are dozens of ways, big and small, that MTI takes conservation seriously – and you can read all about them here.

Redesigned Accessories Page | Oh, nifty! MTI recently redesigned the tub accessories section on the website and makes finding those accessories a snap.


Green Products: SpaLets | SpaLets, including both integrated toilet/bidet and retrofit seat versions, are a fantastic way to save resources. Cleaning with warm water isn't just more comfortable and hygienic – it also helps reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper, saving all of those beautiful trees. So hug a tree and use a SpaLet! (That's a freebie slogan from me to the DXV marketing people. You're welcome.) 

Also, remember that if your client is on a tighter budget, American Standard also offers a number of models at an accessible price point, from full-featured to manual. 

Amber's Joyful January

Why not start off the New Year with some good ol’ fashioned reiteration of one of my favorite words when it comes to the plumbing industry: Custom. By now you should already know that word is synonymous with one of our favorite bathing products manufacturers, MTI. But did you know that we offer custom shower pans?!? That’s right, folks! MTI has the ability to take those "unique" shower designs from previous
homeowners or non-standard size and space constraints – and provides a solution. Shower pans can be tailored to the exact dimensions, drain location, and heck, even adding in an optional teak shower floor insert, to solve the oh-so uncomfortable conversation of “well what are we going to do now?”

P.S. You can find the work sheets for these custom shower pans on the website under the Boutique Collections!


Green Products: Ultra Low-Flow In-Wall Carrier | The Geberit ultra low-flow carrier is a flexible, water-saving wonder because it can be used for both dual-flush 1.28/0.8 GPF or single-flush 1.28 GPF applications (available in 2x6, 2x4, or short wall models). Ultra low-flow wall-hung toilets give bathrooms an elegant and minimalist look, save valuable floor space, and of course save valuable water. (They also work very well if you make sure to use a compatible wall-hung bowl.) 


Green Products: Less Waste | You might not think a soap dispenser connection kit would have a "green" angle, but we say anything that reduces waste is better for the environment – and that's just what the SmartConnect kit does. By allowing your customer to connect the counter-mounted soap dispenser directly to the refill bottle, SmartConnect reduces mess, frustration, and wasteful spills.


Reminder: Steamist Price Increase Effective January 1, 2020 | As you read in last month's newsletter, Steamist's price increase is now in effect. But what's new is that we now have the price book PDF, so that's exciting. You can download everything below:
Green Products: Steam | Steam might look fluffy and white, but steam is green! Did you know that it takes less than a gallon of water to take a 20 minute steam shower? Even if your shower head is a CEC-compliant 1.8 GPM, you would still have to take a 6-hour steam (not recommended) to equal a 10 minute regular shower. Especially during these cold winter months, you could save hundreds of gallons of water a week by taking a steam instead of one of those extra-long "just to warm up" showers (we've all done it). Read more here.

Tom's Tech Tip: The American Standard Spectra Versa

Who here remembers when GROHE introduced the first retro fit shower system back in June 2012? Raise your hands… okay, about 47 people of you remember way back then. GROHE (rather cleverly) named the shower system the Retro-Fit. Catchy name! 

The Retro-Fit introduced the concept of converting an existing in-wall shower into an exposed shower with hand shower bar. For some (me included) it was a mind-blowing concept. Without opening the wall, a customer could change their existing shower head into a rain shower with hand shower – in only a few short hours – with the help of a competent plumber or handy-person.

GROHE was quickly copied by several manufactures, including Kohler, Hansgrohe, Moen, and others. Copied but never equaled (natch).

American Standard didn’t jump into the retro fit shower system market at the time. They made a conscious decision to enter this market when they could add measurable value. So instead of "us too!", the new American Standard Spectra Versa Shower System (maybe not quite as "catchy") has refined the concept and made it approachable for everyone.

This system is so quick and easy to install, an average home-owner can change their existing "regular" shower to an exposed rain shower with hand shower – in 30 minutes or less –  without drilling into or opening the existing wall. Oh, and staying on theme with the newsletter, it's also available in a CALGreen/CEC version.

And with a very compelling price point, the Spectra Versa Shower System would have been an excellent holiday stocking-stuffer – if I’d only thought of it in November or December. But we know that starting now people will be coming to you for all of your excellent plumbing solutions, and you'll have big stockings to fill all year long.

You can read all about the Spectra Versa Shower System here.

Tom S

Question: The above linked presentation is an overview of the Spectra Versa Shower Systems. While there are multiple options, fast and simple installation is a compelling factor. What is the weight limit of the 3M adhesive pad that holds the lower bracket in place?

Send the correct answer to by January 25, 2020, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.

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