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April | 2020 Issue

Hello and a very safe April to you and your family. We hope that you and your loved ones are able to stay safe, healthy, and home as much as possible during these unprecedented and difficult times. We're all feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude to healthcare and other emergency professionals, grocery store and restaurant employees, plumbers and wholesale counters, manufacturing employees, garbage collectors, truck drivers, and thousands and thousands of other essential services workers and their families who are doing so much for all of us in these days. Our deepest appreciation to all.

With shelter-in-place orders and general social distancing advice, Western Sales Company has suspended all in-person sales calls until deemed prudent to resume, but we are available for anything you need by phone and email for sales and technical support, project quotes, warranty parts, and literature. We are also available for remote video training if you want to catch up on some product knowledge. Please reach out – we are here.

Again, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy. If you need a break from switching between work, stressful news, and therapeutic kitten videos (or is that just me?), here is the latest plumbing news from our brands.

Here are your highlights:

  • GROHE's April Product Launch
  • MTI March Product Launch
  • April 2020 Price Updates from GROHE, American Standard, and DXV
  • COVID-19 Related Operations Announcements 

All this and more, below.


April 2020 Product Launch | If you attended KBIS and/or read our February newsletter, you know that GROHE announced some pretty fantastic up-coming products, including toilet and sink ceramics. Practically a complete bathroom from GROHE – how neat-o is that? (Extremely neat-o, that's how.) Other products of note include the spectacular new pressure balance valve platform Grohsafe 3.0, the SmartConnect Kitchen Faucet, and the Rainshower 310 SmartConnect Shower Head. Read more below:
April 2020 Price Update | As you read in last month's issue, GROHE is releasing an updated price book for 2020. With the exception of a short list of items, this is not a price increase – just an update to include the launches from 2019/2020. Printed price books are expected in early April and you can download all of the digital files below:
Ladylux L2 Kitchen Faucet Product Video | You know everyone at Western Sales is a huge fan of the new Ladylux L2 – or the LLL2, as we like to call it. How can we not be? The updated look is stunning, the new blade spray is fantastic, and the Ladylux kitchen faucet put GROHE on the map. (Along with thermostatic technology and ceramic cartridges and precise German engineering, natch.) If you need more than our enthusiastic endorsement to be convinced, take a look at this new product video from GROHE

American Standard

SpaLet Bidets | We've heard from a number of customers that there has been an increased demand for bidet seats, due to toilet paper shortages. We've always believed that bidets work better than toilet paper – and they really work better than no toilet paper. As you already know, American Standard offers a number of models, accommodating a range of features and budgets – including a very affordable model that doesn't require a power outlet. Here's some resources you can share with any interested clients:
April 2020 Price Update | Like GROHE, American Standard is releasing an updated price book for 2020. This is just an update to include the recently released products and is not a price increase – with the exception of a very few items. Printed price books are expected in early April and you can download all of the digital files below:
COVID-19 & Our Industry

We've heard from each of our brands regarding the impact of COVID-19 on operations and supply, and they have shared that – while they are taking all vital measures to ensure the health and safety of employees – they are also working to ensure that shipping, supply, customer service, and other operations are maintained as much as possible for you and your customers. Some supply chains might experience delays, and of course conditions and circumstances may change over time. Reach out to your Western Sales rep with any questions or concerns.

The KBIS/NKBA online magazine featured an article on the impact of COVID-19 on our industry that you might find informative. You can take a look here.

Hygienic Products

If your client is asking about hands-free or other hygienic products, you may find helpful info in our December newsletter issue. You can take a look back at that issue here, or see the links below.


April 2020 Price Update | Just a reminder that DXV is releasing an updated price book. Again, this price book is just an update to accommodate new products, and does not include a price increase (with a couple of exceptions). We hope to have printed price books in early April. SpaLet Bidets | And of course, DXV has SpaLet bidet options as well.


New Case Study | The unique design concept of wall-hung toilet installations provides a number of fantastic solutions to a number of tricky problems – especially when it comes to getting creative with tight spaces. And that's what a good case study is for – exploring solutions to problems which can hopefully then  provide inspiration for future projects. It might be kind of a nerdy flex on our part, but Geberit has a lot of case studies. And now they have a brand new one, which you can read all about here.

Amber's April Fave

GROHE Foot Control Technology | Not that you weren’t already washing your hands – or maybe you’ve worked it into your daily schedule now, oh say, every other ten minutes. But it’s not just the act of washing that helps us all maintain our health and hygiene, it’s how we wash! It is good to be extra cautious these days, but that means being aware of how you are turning on your faucet as well. Enter GROHE Foot Control technology! Foot Control technology is available as a retrofit kit that is compatible with most GROHE kitchen faucets. The water flow is activated with a simple toe-tap of the sensor with your foot, allowing for a completely hands-free operation of the faucet. Going hands-free can help with everything – from cooking, to de-germing yourself while social distancing. Just remember to sing the Happy Birthday Song twice!


Steamist Digital Shower System Training | Oh, nifty! Steamist does a really nice job with training, and we just stumbled upon a new one for their digital shower system. This Steamist system is one of our favorite CalGreen-Compliant custom shower options on the market, so take a look.

Trim to the Trade

Product of the Month | Did you know that your customer can get a basket-strainer drain for their kitchen sink that matches that oh-so-gorgeous and oh-so-unique faucet finish? Well, probably. Look at all of your choices for the post-style and locking wing-nut type basket-strainer drains.


MTI Product Launch | MTI released some exciting new products in early March, including a stunning new Boutique collection tub, the Blake (#240), and two gorgeous new exterior colors. Check out all of the launch info below:

Tom's Tech Tip: The new GROHSAFE 3.0

One of the nice things about becoming an older member of the plumbing industry is being able to tell stories about the Good Ol’ Days. People rarely want to listen to these stories , but this one is (eventually) worth a $5 Starbucks card, so consider reading along...

When I was a younger member of The Industry, I was asked to be part of the GROHE valve committee to help recognize trends and develop products for future shower mixers. I was flattered to be asked, and was told that it was due to my astute observation and technical prowess. A little known fact, but I invented “righty-tighty, lefty loosey”, back in 1983. [Citation needed.] I know! You're stunned.

By 2013, it became apparent that CALGreen was more than a passing fad, and that we – GROHE – were going to need to come up with a long-term strategy for making a good shower possible, even with an ever-decreasing amount of water. The initial experiment of putting gravel into shower heads wasn’t a success [seriously, citation needed], so the Showers Committee (not me, I’m Valves), decided to use flow restrictors instead. This was okay at 3.5 GPM, and even at 2.2 GPM. But at 2.0, and then 1.75, and even sometimes down to 1.5 GPM, things started to not work as well. The shower heads were (are!) actually pretty good, but the pressure balance shower valves were struggling to meet plumbing codes for temperature accuracy (ASSE1016, for the code-nerds in the audience).

Even if you're not on the Valves Committee, you can see how "not meeting code" is kind of a  problem.

The old Tempress-made 35200-series valves couldn’t meet it, so GROHE developed the 35015000. It was fine at 2.0 GPM but struggled at 1.75, so Grohe borrowed some technology from American Standard for the short-term, and by 2016, came up with the 35015001. This valve meets ASSE1016 at 1.5 GPM, but we’re seeing those wacky water-savers at the California Energy Commission (CEC) starting to talk about even lower flow rates.

Something had to be done.

We on the Valve Committee came up with a list of requirements:
  • ASSE1016 compliant down to 1.3 GPM to the shower head
  • 6 GPM to the tub spout
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install and service ("plumber friendly")
  • A wide “comfort zone”, to make it easy for the user to get their exact preferred temperature
I'm sure you know where this is going: Introducing GrohSafe 3.0. It ticks all of the boxes. [No citation necessary.]

And there are a number of additional nifty features about the Grohsafe 3.0, including a metal trim plate/handle with concealed screws, Double Ceramic technology (spool and cartridge), and every connection type your installer needs.

Thanks, Tom S

Question: Reading through the materials about the fantastic new GrohSafe 3.0 above in the GROHE section, what unique feature of the Double Ceramic cartridge gives the user a wider "Comfort Zone" range of temperature?

Send the correct answer to by April 25, 2020 and receive a $5 Starbucks card. (Note: Let us know if you are working from home and prefer your card to be sent directly to you.)
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