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May 2018 Issue

Hello and Happy May! It's that construction/remodel time of year again, isn't it? They say there's no rest for the snarky, so don't hesitate to let your favorite reps know how we can help out during these busy months.

Anyway, the weather is too beautiful for either reading or writing plumbing newsletters, so we're going to keep it snappy. So as always, here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:
  • New Limited Lifetime Warranty on MTI Boutique Tubs
  • New brochures from Grohe, American Standard, and DXV
  • PCBC Passes from Geberit
  • Amber's May Fave

Now for a few words from our Benevolent Overlords.


Functional Art | If you've ever thought that MTI's gorgeous Boutique products – like the Juliet tub, for example – look like they belong in a museum, we're right there with you. That's because they're basically designed by artists, who just happen to make sculptures that you can use. (It can't be a coincidence that MTI's solid surface technology is called "SculptureStone.") How about the stunning sinks or gorgeous colors? Breathtaking, functional art. Do you want to watch a video about MTI's design focus? Let's watch a video.

NEW Counter-Sink Pricing | Not a moment too soon, MTI has announced a price increase on the Counter-Sink collection, effective today (or May 1, 2018, depending on when you're reading this). As a reminder, this collection can only be purchased by displaying showrooms [sad trombone], so if that's not you, check with your Western rep for a display upgrade. You can download the new pricing below.
> Price Sheet PDF
> Excel Price File

A Lifetime of Beauty | Eee! It's so exciting: MTI just announced that Boutique series tubs now come with a limited lifetime warranty. Just one more reason to love SculptureStone.

Amber's May Fave: MTI's Addison Tub

As you may already know, the MTI Woodward Mill House is something of a second home to me. It seems like I am always back at the MTI campus in Georgia. And when I am, the tub I head straight for every time is the Addison. It combines all of my favorite MTI features: handcrafted, in-house design, SculptureStone, freestanding soaker (or with air bath therapy for those looking for something even more luxurious). Because of these things, Design Journal named it one of the Best Products of 2015. What’s more, the Addison Collection comes in three different sizes to accommodate any bather. And as you read above, MTI now offers a limited lifetime warranty on Boutique tubs. Checks all the boxes for me! - Amber


2018 Featured Products Brochure | 2018 is going to be a great year for Grohe. If you're more of a trust-but-verify kind of a person, just check out the new 2018 Featured Grohe Products brochure. Download.

Updated Grohe Price File | Grohe has released an updated price file – just a few product additions, etc. Download here.



Get Your Passes Here | Geberit is giving customers free passes to the West Coast plumbing society event of the year. Spoiler Alert: It's PCBC. Can you stand it? We neither. If you want to attend PBCB 2018 (all the cool kids are doing it), get your free pass promo code from Geberit here.


Product of the Month | dahl does this neat thing to remind us about all of their clever angle-stop-valve-fitting solutions – they have a Product of the Month(™). This month, they're bringing us all to an exposed copper pipe-free zone with their decorative finishing valves: now you can hide all of those pesky stub outs with these bad boys. Sure, you can still see the chrome sleeve, but chrome in a bathroom is effectively invisible. Right? Right.

American Standard

2018 Featured Products Brochure | Oh, and look – American Standard also has a 2018 Featured Products brochure (you are on it, "One LIXIL" marketing team). Self-cleaning toilets, the stunning Townsend collection, Spalets, Spectra+ showers, Studio tubs, and striking kitchen faucets – you don't want to miss all of the featured awesomeness, so take a look here.

Vormax Commercial | Have you seen American Standard's Vormax commercial? It- um... Well, it paints a picture. If this doesn't convince your client to get a Vormax toilet, I'm not sure what will.


2018 Featured Product Brochure | If the plumbing world were the fashion industry, DXV's 2018 Featured Product Brochure would be Vogue. Just look at this photography – it's almost too beautiful. Check out the Modulus, Lyndon expansion, AT200LS, Oak Hill Expansion, and more, from this brand new brochure.


Home + Steam = $$$ | Remember how last month we hinted that Steamist hinted that you can lose weight by taking regular steam showers? Well, we’ve got an even better one for you this month: How would your clients like to significantly increase the value of their homes? True, it's possible there may be more of a correlation than a cause – but why take the chance? Get that steam shower.
Tom's Tech Tip: SmartActive & CEC

You might recall from last month's newsletter (the contents of which I assume you memorized) the launch of Grohe's beautiful, luxurious Rainshower 310 SmartActive. What makes this shower head so special? So many things.

To start with, it's effectively two shower heads in one stunning package. The PureRain shower features the relaxation and enjoyment of a true rain shower; the second shower (ActiveRain) offers strong enough pressure to easily wash the shampoo out of your hair. Zowie!

"Hang on," you might ask, "How is this different from a multi-pattern shower head?" To that I say, IT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, STOP ASKING RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS.

Ahem. In all seriousness, it actually is different. There are in fact two separate shower heads built into one – two separate supply lines and everything. And what this unique design accomplishes is a true rain shower (and additional powerful, shampoo-washing shower), not just a rain shower-imitating pattern on a regular shower head. 

"Ok, that sounds amazing," you might astutely observe, "but that seems complicated to plumb. How is it installed and is it CEC Compliant?" Excellent, excellent questions. 

To start with, each shower head flows at a CEC-compliant 1.75 GPM, so that's a good start. The SmartActive shower head comes with a rough-in box (that needs to be installed while the wall is open), and can be fed by any of the following dual-function shower valve choices:

  1. Any dual-function GrohFlex
  2. The new dual-function SmartControl
  3. It also comes packaged with the new two-outlet discrete function 29 900 000 diverter rough valve (diverter trim sold separately), so it can be used with any single-outlet mixer
For some installation examples, check out the SmartActive sell sheet. Oh, there are also the smart ways to do it, which I have personally authored. As you can see, the SmartWay Option 1 uses a GrohFlex with discrete functionality, whereas SmartWay Option 2 with the SmartControl allows the user to run the shower heads individually or both shower heads at the same time at a total of 1.75 GPM.

Tom S

Question: "SmartWay Option 2" allows the user to operate both 1.75 GPM shower heads at the same time – explain how SmartControl keeps this shower head installation CEC Compliant.

Send the correct answer to by May 25th, 2018, and you will receive a $5 Starbucks card. 
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