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July | 2019 Issue

Hello and Happy July! So, we have a question for you: If a customer asks you why they should choose GROHE, for example, instead of a competing brand, what do you say? The "because my rep is AMAZING" reason is super flattering, but it might not be very convincing to your customer. (We think you're amazing too.)  As you know, every good brand has a focus, philosophy, or product that is unique and captivating about them – which can hopefully be communicated in about a minute. And since we believe our brands are the best of the best (natch), this month our newsletter is all about that special little something that makes our brands stand out from the crowd. 

Now here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • 1-Minute Pitches for our brands
  • Training Video: AC 100 SpaLet Integrated Bidet Toilet
  • American Standard Toilets Parts List
  • Amber's Fave Product for July

All this and so much more, below.


Our 1-Minute GROHE Pitch | One minute? We only need three seconds because with that name recognition, GROHE sells itself. (The three seconds is the reverential pause after saying the name "GROHE.") But just in case you need to fill the other 57 seconds, here's the complete 1-Minute Pitch to download.


Our 1-Minute Steamist Pitch | It's not just a steam brand: even if your client isn't in the market for steam (as if), you can still sell them a CalGreen-Compliant, multi-outlet, digitally-controlled custom shower. Read all about how you can sell Steamist to any client with our 1-Minute Pitch.


Our DXV 1-Minute Pitch | The best way to pitch DXV is to put it on display or show off some pretty pictures, because those products are gorgeous. However, the design story might give a little inspiration to your clients, so you can also give them a 1-Minute Pitch for good measure.
Featured Training Video | AC 100 SpaLet

I do believe that Advanced Clean 100 must stand for 100 features, because this pretty little integrated toilet bidet SpaLet from American Standard is full of every feature your client wants. Learn all about it by watching this video.

American Standard

Our 1-Minute American Standard Pitch | If we only had one word to describe American Standard, we would choose "performance." If we had two words, they would be 1) performance, and 2) performance. I think what we're saying is that American Standard is an impressive brand, and since we have a whole minute and dozens of words, we'll elaborate a little bit more. Download our pitch here.

Toilet Parts List | You know what's handy? Knowing the part number for a replacement part you need, that's what. Well, if the part you need is for an American Standard toilet, you're in luck. We just happen to have a list of parts, just for you. 

Amber's July Joy | Oak Hill Console Sink with Metal Legs & Matching Faucet

I’m having a moment with specialty finishes and since I’m the DXV rep, I get to brag about some of the prettiest designs and products out there (in my not so humble opinion). Sometimes you see a product and you think to yourself, “Yes, nailed it!” and for me, that would be the Oak Hill Console Sink design. The sink itself is a gorgeous farmhouse design that perfectly balances the traditional style with modern form and function. But when you marry it with the matching Oak Hill Wall Mount faucet, and then the metal console legs, BOTH IN THE SATIN BRASS FINISH – OH EM GEE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? What’s better, you ask? Well, how about that the product is once again available as of this June and now you can make all your client's modern farmhouse dreams come true! 


Our 1-Minute Geberit Pitch | Over the last 60+ years, Geberit has perfected the art of the in-wall carrier & tank system. And by perfected, we mean perfected. (They're Swiss: They. Take. It. Seriously.) There's a little more to it, so please take a look at our 1-Minute Pitch. And if your customer doesn't have that much time, we also included some handy-dandy "10-second pitch" bullet points.

Case Studies | Wall-hung toilets offer a fantastic solutions to a number of problems – from saving space to making cleaning easier. Read these case studies to learn how designers used Geberit to solve their bathroom design challenges.


Our 1-Minute MTI Pitch | It's difficult to fit everything that MTI does and represents as a brand into a single minute, between the functional artistry of their Boutique products and the innovation of their hydrotherapies – but we did our best.  (For the record, the pitch clocks in at about 53 seconds, so – nailed it.) Download the pitch here.

NEW Showcards | If you're doing an event featuring MTI, ask your Western rep for some of these beautiful showcards, which highlight key products in the Boutique collection, Designer tub hydrotherapies, and Designer tub sensory therapies – in a clear and appealing way.

Tom's Tech Tip: Priming the Vormax Bowl

You might not have noticed – because I tend to be shy about sharing my opinions and feelings – but the Vormax toilets are my favorite toilets in the world. They boast a 1000g MaP score (even the 1 gallon-per-flush UHET), are independently tested to clean the bowl two times better than competitors, and come standard with EverClean anti-microbial surface technology.

Oh, just as an aside, the Vormax seat also happens to be my favorite standard toilet seat in the world. It's soft-close, of course, and features EverClean surface technology – but mostly it's my favorite because the EverTight bumper system eliminates everyone's favorite problem: the side-to-side seat shift. (There's a home-owner phone call I would be thrilled to never take again.) Can you believe it? Life changing.

Anyway, American Standard just released some fantastic new trouble-shooting videos that reminded me of a part of the Vormax installation that gets missed from time-to-time by the more "casual" manual readers: "priming" the Vormax bowl. Check out the video:

> "Priming the Vormax Bowl" Trouble-Shooting Guide

As you can see from the video, priming the Vormax bowl is an important step to make sure the Vormax flush works to its full spectacular potential. (For those who can't access the video, you can also read about it in the installation manual, but the video is more interesting and explains a little more.)

So I guess my two main points would be 1) the Vormax is fantastic and everyone should have one, and 2) Don't forget to prime the bowl after installation.

Thanks, Tom S

Question: According to the video (or installation manual), approximately how many times should you flush the toilet to "prime" the bowl post-installation?

Send the correct answer to by July 25, 2019, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.
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