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October 2018 Issue

Hello and Happy October! Is it just us or did it suddenly get kind of cold out there? At least it has here in San Francisco. Well, it wouldn't be the Bay Area if we didn't go from complaining about the heat to complaining about the cold within the space of a few days (hours?). Anyway, we heard a rumor about a pretty snazzy product launch from LIXIL next month, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we've got plenty of product news to keep you busy through the month of October.

Here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • MTI on the Wellness trend
  • American Standard flushing platforms explained
  • Reminder: New Grohe CEC brochure
  • New DXV Designer Magazine for 2018
These and more, below.

American Standard

American Standard Flushing Platforms Explained | So we've been talking a lot lately about how American Standard toilets are industry leaders in performance – both in flushing power and cleanliness – but maybe you're looking for a little information on the difference between the various flushing platforms so you can easily explain and differentiate for your clients? Of course you are. Well, this flyer is for you.

Studio S Faucet Installation Video | Let's make this really easy on your plumber customers and give them a handy "how-to" video on the Studio S faucet installation, shall we? Let's shall.

Manufacturing Capacity Increase – Aguascalientes, Mexico Plant | This is great news for our region: LIXIL has been working hard to substantially expand manufacturing capacity and output at the American Standard plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico, which can now boast triple previous capacity. Wow, that's a lot of toilets. Let's sell some and keep us out of hot water with our LIXIL benevolent overlords.


Ahhh, Wellness | The hottest of the hot trends in bathroom design right now is Wellness. And don't look now, but MTI is smokin'. If you're out of the loop (or even if you're in the loop), you might want to check out this press release on both the Wellness trend and MTI's Wellness products, technologies, and therapies – featured in its entirety in Retail Observer. Read more here.


New(ish) CEC Brochure | Just in case you didn't see it a couple of months ago, we wanted to promote this very beautiful, very useful new CEC brochure from Grohe. Now featuring list prices, it's effectively our California Grohe shower price book. Download it here or order it here.

Amber's Outstanding October

At this point, you are probably used to someone from Western Sales talking at to you about toilets. What can we say, we like what we do and when we have a killer product, we wanna shout it from the mountain tops. Have you heard of the Vormax flushing system from American Standard yet? Well it’s only the highest rated flushing system on the market and uses the unique technology of a double flapper system that cleans the bowl two times better than a conventional one-flapper toilet. And the Townsend one-piece toilet marries style with functionality to give you the best of both worlds. With a Right Height elongated siphon action bowl and dual injection flush valves (remember what I just said about two flappers) and a CleanCurve rim, you can’t go wrong. Oh, and just FYI, this toilet has a TEN YEAR WARRANTY. No big deal. Need a PK about this double-flapper deal? Holler at your Western Rep to set you and your showroom team up with some product knowledge!


Golden Actuators | So gold is very pretty. And it's also kind of pricey. Apparently there was a teeny, tiny little typo involving the pricing of Geberit's real gold-plated actuator plates, and due to their real-gold-platedness, they're just a tad more expensive than previously indicated. Did we mention that they're real gold-plated? Take a look at the bulletin for price correction information.


2018 Designer Magazine | Ooo, pretty. DXV just released their inspiration magazine for 2018, so you're going to want to grab a cup coffee (courtesy of Tom's Tech Tip) and take a few minutes with this gorgeous brochure. Holy shoot, there are some stunning designs in here. Download here.


Training | One of the hardest parts about selling steam showers is training. But by some strange coincidence, Steamist has completely stepped up their training game and come up with some pretty spectacular training videos. Here's their latest one on the Power of Steam.


dahl Elevator Pitch | Here's one of those plaguing life questions: How do you convince your plumber client to spend a tiny bit more on a dahl valve over a cheapy, flimsy generic angle stop? Here's how! The dahl elevator pitch. Download and memorize this magic.

Tom's Tech Tip: American Standard Luxury Seats

Alright, I’m just going to come out and say it: American Standard makes the world’s best toilet seats. Specifically, I’m talking about the Luxury Seats (these are the ones you would want to sell to your client anyway). “That’s a pretty bold claim,” you might be thinking – but I’m a bold guy. I’ll go a step further – the seat is a great reason to buy an American standard toilet and an American Standard toilet is a great reason to buy the seat. Kismet!

And if you don’t believe me, you can trust Amber – she’s so impressed by the Luxury Seats, that she featured them in her coveted “Amber’s Fave Product of the Month” article in September.

I’ll start by saying what an American Standard Luxury Seat is not, because most toilet seats are (broadly speaking) terrible: American Standard Luxury Seats are not wobbly, wiggly “flexible” seats that threaten to bend, break, or slide right under you every time you sit down. They’re kind of like the opposite of that.

Now this is what an American Standard Luxury Seat is:

  • Durable polypropylene plastic
  • Antimocrobial, stain-, mold-, and mildew resistant from EverClean technology (actually in the material, not a surface coating)
  • Non-shiftingly stable from Ever-Tite stabilizing hinge technology
  • Easily cleaned and cleaned around from the two-button removable seat feature
  • (And of course soft-closing)

So which American Standard seats are the Luxury Seats? Here’s a brochure with a handy list.

This brochure is handy, but it’s actually missing a very important model. If your client is getting a Vormax (and they should), the Vormax seat is even better. How so? It doesn't just have an Ever-Tite hinge, it also has Ever-Tite bumpers on the under side of the seat. Ever-Tite bumpers fit down against the rim of the bowl just so to give it even more anti-shifting stability – as if the seat is giving the toilet rim a gentle hug. In other words, the Vormax seat is a good reason to buy a Vormax toilet and the Vormax toilet is a good reason to buy the Vormax seat.

Tom S

Question: Here’s a snap shot of the Luxury Seats from the price book. What is the model number of the Vormax seat?

Send the correct answer to by October 25, 2018, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.

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