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March | 2020 Issue

Hello & Happy March! Spring is just around the corner. Can you feel it? Spring is wonderful because A) it's beautiful, and B) it's the start of the remodel season. Yay! 

Have you heard of the "living-in-place" design trend? Of course you have. Living-in-place home design (also sometimes called "universal design" or "aging in place" design) refers to updating/designing a home that is accessible, comfortable, and safe for people of all ages and ableness – addressing the needs of grandkids and grandparents alike, and everyone in between. This trend is increasingly popular in our area because the Baby Boomer generation is getting older and they want to enjoy the comfort and independence of retiring in their own homes. (And also because who can afford to move anymore in California? Oof.)

The living-in-place trend is great for our industry because that means we can be a resource for improving our clients' comfort and safety – and because it means more remodels. Everybody wins! This month we want to show you some products that you might consider for those living-in-place clients.

But first, here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:

  • LadyLux L2 display opportunity
  • GROHE, American Standard, and DXV Updated Pricing (April 2020)
  • Our favorite "living-in-place" products from our brands
  • New MTI Basics price sheets (effective immediately)
  • Additional MTI product updates

All this and more, below.


April 2020 Price Update | GROHE has announced an updated price book for for April 1, 2020. The new price book is being released to include recently launched new products and is not a price increase (with the exception of a very few items, which you can find by sorting by the column "Future List Price") on the updated Excel Price File. We should have hard copies and the price book PDF soon. Hopefully.

Ladylux L2 Display Opportunity | The new Ladylux L2 kitchen faucet is hot, hot, hot. It offers gorgeous European minimalist design and a complete kitchen offering, including pillar tap and pot filler, in Starlight Chrome and SuperSteel. And just as importantly – it's also current and not discontinued, unlike the older Ladylux models. That's why (in our completely unbiased and objective opinion) you should make sure you have it on display, especially if you currently have an older (discontinued) version. Get in touch with your Western rep or GROHE distributor for hot, hot, hot display pricing and check out the flyer here

Living-In-Place Products: Foot & Touch Control Faucets | Faucets that can be operated without using the handle can be useful and convenient for users for a number of reasons, including cleanliness and limited mobility. The GROHE Foot Control, which can be added/retrofitted to almost any GROHE kitchen faucet, is fantastic for families with small children who can't reach back behind the sink or for people who have trouble operating the handle. If your client loves to cook, the Foot or Touch control allows them to wash hands and prep food without getting the handle dirty over and over (ew!). Take a look at this brochure to learn more about the handy and hygienic Touch & Foot Control technology. 

American Standard

April 2020 Price Update | If you read the GROHE section above, you have the scoop. American Standard is releasing a new price book for 2020, effective April 1. As with GROHE, there is no general price increase (a couple items went down in price a little bit). We have your new Excel price file here, hope to have the price book hard copies soon, and anticipate the price book PDF any day now™

Living-In-Place Products: Walk-In Tubs | Taking a bath can contribute significantly to our comfort and well-being. Is there anything better than a bath after a hard day? (Except, of course, having a less hard day.) They can also be safer than showers for people who are at risk of slipping or falling – but it can also be extremely difficult to get into a bath for people with limited mobility. That's why walk-in tubs are an ideal solution and a big part of living-in-place. Designing products that work wonderfully and improve the user's quality of life also just happens to be a big part of American Standard's design philosophy, so check out their fantastic walk-in tubs here.


April 2020 Price Update | You know the deal: no general price increase, just a price book update. There is one notable exception: the AT200LS has gone up in price, which you can find by sorting by the "Future List Price" column. We have your Excel price file here and hope to have price book PDF and hard copies soon.

Living-In-Place Products: SpaLet Bidet Seats & Toilets | Almost more than any other product, we believe bidet seats and toilets typify the living-in-place philosophy. The comfort and hygiene of washing with warm water instead of toilet paper is fantastic for everyone – and we encourage you to recommend one to every client (of course). But these products offer even more for individuals with limited mobility, providing safety and independence for users and more ease for caregivers. With the gorgeous low-profile DXV AT200LS SpaLet, there's no sacrifice with style or design – plus dozens of features that your client will love. For secondary baths or clients on a budget, also check out the AT100 SpaLet seat from DXV or American Standard SpaLets.


Living-In-Place Products: NEW Accessible Designs Brochure | Accessibility is a big part of living in place, of course. Even in homes (which don't need to satisfy ADA requirements), keeping accessibility guidelines in mind with bathroom design makes a lot of sense. Your clients may intend to retire in their homes, move in aging parents, or have guests with limited mobility. Check out Geberit's recently updated brochure on accessibility for information and inspiration.

New Conduit Pipe for Carriers | Hold the phone and stop those presses. We wanted you (and your fellow subscribers) to be the first to know that Geberit has improved the conduit pipe and tank insulation for easier hose and wire insertion. Yes, it's true. You can read all of the details in the product bulletin here.

Amber's Marvelous March

A few months ago, I had to go to a job site to take a look at a walk-in tub. While talking with the homeowner, she mentioned that she had been planning her dream bathroom for as long as she could remember – and having a walk-in tub to suit her personal needs was the main fixture in the bathroom that she was most excited about. The entire visit made me realize that I had to personally restructure the way I had been thinking about walk-in tubs. As the population ages and the housing market for Northern California continues to give us all heart palpitations, the concept of living in place is only going to grow in actuality. Walk-in tubs are no longer the black sheep of the product category, but rather a way in which we can expand and enhance the bathing experience for our customers, whose dream bathtub might just be one that can cater more specifically to their physical needs. Adding hydrotherapies to walk-in tubs not only gives the user a number of incredible health benefits  but also can also take a standard bathing experience to the spa-like level. Microbubbles from MTI is a perfect example of blending luxury with wellness, using billions of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles to detoxify, cleanse, and hydrate, leaving the skin feeling restored.  Take a look at this video to learn more about this fantastic hydrotherapy.


Living-In-Place Products: Fold Up Shower Seat | An in-home steam shower is a fantastic living-in-place feature, especially for people who enjoy the soothing relaxation of a steam but can't make it to the gym as often as they would like. However, Steamist also offers a product that is a perfect accessory for every shower, even one without steam: a fold-down shower seat. As you can imagine, it makes showers safer and more comfortable for people who have trouble standing while showering; and since it folds up and out of the way when not in use, the shower can still accommodate members of the household who prefer to stand while showering. Steamist offers two models, one of which is ADA-compliant if needed, which you can see here.

Trim to the Trade

Product of the Month: P-Traps | Wall-hung lavatories are gorgeous, aren't they? Especially for smaller spaces like powder rooms. Most designs will leave the p-trap exposed underneath the sinks, which is all very well and nice – unless your client wanted a pretty designer finish and the p-trap is chrome, as most are. Finish clashing! (Gasp.) Luckily, Trim to the Trade comes to the rescue with p-traps in a number of specialty finishes that are sure to match your client's faucet (or at least match better than chrome). Check out your choices here.


NEW Basics Pricing | As you read in last month's issue, the Basics collection had a price increase effective February 26, 2020. You can download the updated price sheet here. (Note: If you are in Redding or Eureka, your shipping zone has changed; contact your rep for your correct price sheet.)

Updated Price File | MTI has also shared an updated price file, reflecting all changes and new products as of February 26, 2020. Note that this not a price increase, just a file update. Download here.

Living-In-Place Products: Hydrotherapies | Because the vision is holistic, living-in-place design is concerned with thinking about and maximizing all aspects of a client's comfort, safety, and even lifestyle. From active and athletic to more sedentary lifestyles, MTI offers unique hydrotherapies than can sooth muscle soreness, aches, and stiffness – from the vigorous power of whirlpool jets to the gentleness of a stream to the calm of a soaker. Learn more about MTI's hydrotherapies to see how they can add comfort and healing for your client's unique needs and lifestyle.

Product Update on SculptureStone Custom Shower Bases & Walk-In Tubs | MTI is making some slight adjustments to their beautiful and popular SculptureStone shower bases and will no longer offer walk-in tubs in biscuit. Read more here.

Tom's Tech Tip: American Standard Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tubs: Not just for Grandma anymore!

When we started working with American Standard (almost) 3 years ago, I was surprised to see their emphasis on Walk-In Tubs. I was aware that they existed - but had no idea just how popular they were.

Then the phone calls started coming in, and I figured that I’d better learn something about them.

Walk-in tubs are a fantastic addition to any bathroom designed for living-in-place, because they can accommodate adults of all ages and mobilities. American Standard offers 625 different model walk-in tubs (no, really!): different sizes, different materials, soakers, air systems, whirlpools, combo systems, different feature sets, built-in fillers, left or right-hand drain, color, etc, etc, etc… Of course, different people and different installations have different needs. With 625 models, we’re likely to be able to meet those needs.

But there’s one feature that I personally believe needs to be specified on every walk-in tub – the patented Quick Drain™. So naturally you'll want to know a few things: What is the Quick Drain, what does it do, and why do my walk-in tub customers need it?

Picture in your mind, say, an older person – Mom, Grandpa, Auntie Mabel, Tom from Western Sales – anyone! They take off their clothes (you don’t have to "picture" this), close the tub door, sit down, and turn on the built-in tub filler. The built-in fillers can fill the tub quickly, in as fast as 5 minutes – which is a nice feature (don’t forget that you’re sitting in a tub with no clothes on - it might be chilly).

The bather enjoys their bath, using whichever water therapies they choose, and then they’re ready to get out. But the tub door won’t just open, because the tub is full of 60+ gallons of water. (Don’t forget that you’re sitting in a tub wet with no clothes on - it WILL get chilly.)

The key is to get the tub empty – as soon as possible – so you can open the door and step out. A simple concept!

When you’re helping the customer pick out a walk-in tub, make sure to choose a model with the Quick Drain feature, which can empty the tub in a few minutes. Your customers will thank you – warmly. You can learn more about walk-in tubs and Quick Drain below:

Question:  How long does it take to drain an American Standard walk-in tub with the Quick Drain feature?

Send the correct answer to by March 25, 2020, and receive a $5 Starbucks card.
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