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  • NEW WEBSITE! Cyma Technologies is excited to announce our new website—
Where Science, Cymatics and Spirituality Meet In Sound
by Mandara Cromwell
Cyma Technologies is excited to announce our new website— Where Science, Cymatics and Spirituality Meet In Sound
See the latest information on new Products, Certification Trainings and much more!
Thanks to all who contributed their talents, pictures, information and testimonials to this new site!
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Now the long-awaited book is available….
Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit by Mandara Cromwell
In this book, the author shares her journey of bringing the realms of science and spirit together to help prove what she had held in her heart for decades. It is an intimate sharing of her personal experiences showing the incredible power of sound –from the ancient practices of healers in many cultures, to the instruments of leading-edge sound technology. She relates the story of being on the forefront of a new science while also on a journey to follow her heart.

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Why this book is a must-read….
 If you are a sound therapist, especially one with an AMI 750, you will learn how Cymatherapy™ came to the United States and has become available to people around the world through the innovation of this device.
 If you are looking for answers in your own spiritual quest, Soundflower invites readers to look for signs and symbols along the way reflected in Cymatic (sound-made-visible) images of healing frequencies.
If you are a physician interested in complimentary medicine or metaphysician doing spiritual practices or if you are someone in awe of the beauty of the universe…
 Soundflower: The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit is for you.

While Soundflower, the book, will introduce you to Cymatics and many sound-made-beautiful images…

We also invite you to have The Soundflower Experience™.

The Soundflower Experience is a short video providing stunningly beautiful sound-made-visible images, created by a specific set of healing frequencies. The pre-recorded tones you will hear created the visuals you will see through the utilization of the modern day Cymascope. Download one or all of the Experiences from the new website for unlimited viewing.
We can help YOU create a Sound Environment
What people are saying about The Soundflower Experience
“The whole experience was very relaxing, hypnotic and soothing.   C. Brooke, Augusta, GA
“ I felt like I was looking into portals of wisdom, like preparing for meditation.”  J. Bledsoe, Nutritionist, Chicago, IL
“I was aware of the healing vibrations surrounding my body as I watched the images!” M. Gilman, Speech therapist, Atlanta, GA
All Three of the Soundflower Experiences can be downloaded from the Cyma Technologies website.
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We are excited to welcome our new recent graduates from the CCP Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner and AMI Facial Rejuvenation programs into the Cyma Technologies family of excellent sound therapists.
In 2017, the CCP training was developed into an on-line program. Since that time we have been able to provide in-depth training for therapists using the AMI 750 and its channels to students all over the world. We continue to train our AMI Facial Rejuvenation Therapists in live settings in various locations throughout the country.

Now you can hear from them…

“I had been an owner of the AMI 750 for almost a year, when I decided to embark on further study with it. Through the course I learned what an incredible instrument for healing it is. After my on-line study of Cymatherapy, I have been able to help my family and many others with a full understanding of the Cyma Ten channels and the potential of energy medicine. Even though I don’t work in a doctor’s office, I have still been able to help a lot of people.
Margie, private owner and new CCP, Atlanta, GA  
“I have been very happy with my training path with Cymatherapy. I think it is one of the most effective ways of finding peace in mind and body. I am so grateful for this opportunity. My last case study was very profound for me, as I was able to significantly reduce her stress level, which resulted in the progressive disappearance of her heart palpitations which are now completely gone.”
Simone Gatto, CCP Nardo, Italy

“The online course was especially beneficial to me, as I was able to complete it at my own pace, while working and caring for my family. As a certification program, it has definitely prepared me for a second career that I am able to integrate into my job at the chiropractic clinic. I have started using the AMI 750 very efficiently and introduced it to our patients right away.

Terri, chiropractic assistant in Atlanta  

 “I really enjoyed the onsite instruction provided in the AMI Facial Rejuvenation course. The two-day intensive with small groups is really the way to learn the very specific facial techniques being offered. After the practicum on the second day, I felt confident that I had the correct approach to begin a practice and also the language to speak about sound therapy to clients and others in the wellness industry."
Jessi, make-up artist, Atlanta, GA  
 "As a massage therapist, I am always looking for new techniques to add to my practice. The ones taught in the AMI Facial Rejuvenation course were very respectful of the ancient study of reflexology but became synergistically different in their combination with the sound technology of the AMI 750 device. This has actually been a great selling point to my clients and allows me to increase their health potential."
Brian Gershater, massage therapist,  Denver, CO 


JUNE 7-8, 2019, DENVER, CO (Open to Booksellers—Private Event)
June 9th, 2019 Asheville, NC   Crowne Plaza Hotel
Mandara Cromwell, author and inventor of the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence Devices will present the latest Cymatherapy discoveries and healing techniques. Includes book signing of “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science And Spirit”

August 9-11, 2019 Doubletree Suites,  Detroit, MI
Join Keynote Mandara Cromwell as she presents,” Cymatics: A Portal To The Stars”
Includes book signing by the author of “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit” and Workshop: “The Magic Carpet of Sound”

September 7, 2019   3pm-4pm at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, Atlanta, GA
September 22nd 2019  8 p.m. at The Lake House at Avondale, Decatur, GAA special book reading and signing of “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit
Oct 6, 2019  4pm-6pm Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, Atlanta, GA
Healing Goddesses are honored in every major culture and religion in the world. Their skills and gifts are varied and significant. Experience healing with both modern day techniques and ancient traditions. You will be moved the artistry, captivated by the science and thrilled by the possibilities for the future of the world. 
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