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Virus Consciousness
What Is It that You Know for Sure?
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Virus Consciousness

If you are forced into battle with a formidable enemy, what must you do first?

You must size them up, study them, identify their weak spots and their strengths and form a plan.

This is the only way to know how to win.

Are the viruses living things that are out to get us? What do they truly want?

Viruses have some traits that might actually be helpful for us to use. They adapt quickly to any changes in their environment. They are quick to change themselves in order to survive. They have strengthened their defenses which means that evolution is occurring within them all the time.

Here are some things to remember:

When you have the first few skirmishes with the opponent and it seems that you are losing, don’t equate that to them winning the battle.

Take a pause… What have you learned about the virus from hearing reports on TV or when you have read the personal stories of people who have experienced it and lived to tell about it?

What is it that you know for sure?

If you are faced with a lack of information then you will spend some time fighting in the dark and in fear.

It may take a lot of research and a lot more time to learn all that we need to know about this particular virus, so we must pay attention to what is happening around us and to our world in the meantime.

What will guarantee your victory and the victory of your species over time?

A Strong Immune System.

The impact of how we deal with this situation, however, will define us for generations to come.

You must be able to name the personal AND collective lessons you are learning in order to become fearless. 

If you know yourself to have a strong body, mind and spirit, then you will survive even if you come face to face with your opponent.

If you have a strong spirituality, you might even walk away from this pandemic with a deeper understanding as to why it had to happen.

As a human race, we don’t have to wait for a catastrophic event to show us how we can do and be better. 

Can you think of a list of things we as a human race could do to improve our health and the health of the planet?

Stay Calm

Treat the earth better, be respectful of our resources.

Take time out from work to cultivate a healthier mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Make sure we are protecting our public servants who are always our first line of defense in any battle.

Make sure we are the masters of our technology, not a slave to it and remembering to take time away from it to contemplate life.

Remember to believe in the healing power of the body and do everything we can to strengthen our most precious gift of life.

Find ways to improve our public discourse--refuse to take part in cruel, angry or disrespectful exchanges so knowledge and solutions come to us quickly.


If the virus causes us to look at ourselves this closely, we may see that while it has come as a formidable enemy, it also comes with some tools for transformation, bringing a new global consciousness into view.

Here and now we have an opportunity to change to rebuild.

What is your best plan?

Sure. Let’s use the non-pharmaceutical initiatives to include “social distancing” and travel restriction. Even though other countries have used these somewhat effectively, we also have to look at the fact that the number of cases continue to rise here in our country.

Are we missing another really important component…

Building The Immune System!


It is never too late to teach and share what is good for everyone.


Our country and many others have faced massive threats and disruptions before and the human spirit has always risen to the challenge.

The enemy is actually complacency.

Are you going to change your habits? Be responsible for your actions? Take charge of your health. Work to dispel hatred and fear no matter where it is.

Work to build on all your strengths, especially your immune system.

In our last newsletter, we provided a list of things that can help build a great immune system so that the “enemy” known as disease just can’t win.


Your best choice is AMI - Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™!

Use Channel 6 Body Balancing A on the AMI 750™. Just 30 minutes!

If you know you have a history of challenges with your respiratory system then add Body Balancing B Channel 7 for another 30 minutes.

If you can, spend the whole hour and invest it in your health. Do this on a regular basis for optimum health!

During this precious time, use your power to envision yourself and your world healthy and whole. Do this during your AMI 750™ sound session.

If you know that the greatest problem you face in life right now is stress and you also understand that it is one of the biggest underlying cause of many diseases, Start with Channel 1. You MUST help your body to a place of calm.

If you have contracted the coronavirus, it comes equipped with the power to cause rampant inflammation in your lungs.

If you are using the AMI 750™, go directly to Channel 3: Pain/Inflammation and help your body to diminish this acute respiratory distress being caused by the virus in your lungs. Use the other two options as well: Channel 6 and Channel 7 for helping your immune system and supporting the respiratory system.

Remember to imprint your water with these channels!

Please join us in our plan to surround ourselves and our world with healing sound each day.

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With each passing month, we at Cyma Technologies ™ are developing new products and ideas and are excited to show this most recent release:

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This new "POP" Private Owner Program will give YOU insight intot he workings of the amazing network within the human body and help you understand how best to use the AMI 750™ to benefit it.

As many of you may know, this channel is very beneficial if you have nerve pain or as a tool to relax the nervous system in extremely stressful times. The program will also help you identify the stressors for the nervous system and help protect and rid your body of them. It will instruct you on how to combine channels for more serious health challenges and help you maintain a healthy nervous system.

Please visit our store at to see this and other Private Owner Programs.

We also invite you to continue your focused intentions with our sound-made-visible images and healing frequency of The Soundflower Experience™.

This “moving meditation” can help you to relax and re-focus in just five minutes! Please visit our website for more information at


Let’s join together in surrounding the world with healing sound.

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