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Using Sound to Tame Inflammation--October is Breast Health Awareness Month

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Interviews with Mandara:
October 6, 2019

Celebrating the THREE FACES OF THE HEALING GODDESS in Atlanta!
Healing Goddesses are honored in every major culture and religion in the world. Their skills and gifts are varied and significant. During the auspicious days of Navaratri, the Divine Mother is in Her most gloriously radiant and compassionate form. She is forgiveness personified and showers Her unconditional love and blessings to all who approach Her during this sacred time. She offers Her motherly protection on all levels and grants all noble wishes.

Join us on Sunday, October 6, 4 pm-6 pm, for a two-hour workshop: THREE FACES OF THE HEALING GODDESS.  Includes presentations by two women who are known for their work in the field of vibrational medicine, specifically sound healing and culminates in the audience engagement of an artistic sound ceremony to honor the Goddess of the Earth.
You will be moved by the artistry, captivated by the science and thrilled by the possibilities for the future of the world. The two-hour workshop is a must, for those who are physicians, metaphysicians, and anyone in awe of the beauty of the universe.

Reserve your place at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore: $25  Limited space 404-255-5207

More details:
Mandara Cromwell will present a new sound healing tool to assist participants with deeper states of relaxation and meditation. All participants will be able to see this video phenomenon that teaches modern-day spiritual practitioners how to use the “gazing” techniques of the ancient adepts.

Kate Holland, choreographer, yoga teacher and sound healer will share her short film entitled, “dance divine” which depicts her own spiritual journey and revelations with sound. The film features never-before-seen healing sound images as the invisible dance partners of the performer. The film was created to show the potential healing power of viewing these beautiful sound images accompanied by an original soundtrack that utilizes the voice of the artist along with sacred sound instruments.

The final segment of the workshop engages the audience in an artistic sound ritual—connecting to our Divine Earth Mother and sending forth healing vibrations throughout the planet. 

Reserve your place at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore: 404-255-5207 $25 Limited space.
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November 4-12, 2019

In 2001, Mandara Cromwell, an American woman entrepreneur, met British osteopath Peter Guy Manners in the United Kingdom and learned of a new therapy that would change the course of healthcare. Now in 2019, Mandara will be bringing 15 years of research and innovation back to the UK, the birthplace of Cymatherapy.


As CEO of Cyma Technologies, she will be speaking at the College of Sound Healing in Malvern, England at their annual conference November 8-10. She will join inventor of the CymaScope, John Stuart Reid, in presentations about “The Future of Therapeutic Sound,” latest developments and stunning new research with the AMI 750.
In recent months, Mandara and Sound Education Director, Kate Holland have developed a new program called “The Three Faces of the Healing Goddess” which introduces the experiences of women with specific healing tools or practices. In Malvern, the two of them will be joined by Anneliese Reid to share their “goddess program” with the conference participants. Mandara will introduce the Soundflower Experience, the most recent sound/visual meditation released by Cyma Technologies. Kate will premiere her film, “dance divine” in the UK, which utilizes the sound-made-visible images created by the CymaScope, utilizing the healing frequencies of the AMI 750. They will be joined by writer and editor, Anneliese Reid, who will share her account of a self-healing experience to inspire all to use their special gifts and skills.
November 4-6: Mandara will also be visiting numerous bookstores in London which have just received her new book “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit,” for special signings and photo opportunities.

See you in London and Malvern!
Find Your Facial Guru at a World Class Healing Spa!
The AMI Facial Rejuvenation technique, an exclusive certification program from Cyma Technologies, is on the forefront of natural health and beauty programs. More and more people are steering away from techniques that are invasive and potentially dangerous in order to create a youthful appearance. With the AMI Facial Rejuvenation program, sound healers can become the next “facial gurus” introducing the concept that the “fountain of youth” springs forth from the natural beauty within, so easily accessed with sound healing. Combining the loving hands of the healer with the powerful healing power of sound flowing from the AMI 750 creates a synergy that can’t be denied.
Sound Education Director Kate Holland reports that she receives calls daily to inquire how people can experience this therapy and how they can take part in the certification program. New owners and practitioners using the AMI 750 have found that the easiest way to start a new sound therapy career is with this two-day intensive training offered by Cyma Technologies.  

Cyma Technologies is proud to announce that the AMI 750 device and AMI Facial Rejuvenation joins the services being offered at one of The Healing Hotels of the World! This particular facility named Sante is truly heaven on earth. We are excited to say that we are part of their Health Optimization Center! We met partner Keith Macmillan in the US when he came for training with the AMI 750. If you would like to see what health looks like—go to:

Becoming a Facial Guru seems to be a trend for those offering AMI Facial Rejuvenation! Sound Education Director, Kate Holland was just invited to teach the staff at The Center of Joy—a new world class health spa opening in Costa Rica in August 2020. She will be there to train the therapists in our very special rejuvenation techniques! Bravo Cyma Technologies for providing cutting edge health and beauty practices and products.

MEET TWO NEW FACIAL GURUs—Recent graduates of the AMI Facial Rejuvenation Training:
Colette Ruff is from Austin, Texas. She came to the training as a facial aesthetician looking to add other techniques to her current licensure. Says Colette, “I am both excited and inspired to be part of this new approach to the world of beauty.”
Dominic Tolbert, a Savannah massage therapist and father of three says: “I am so glad to add this to my practice. I just fell in love with the way it makes people feel and the amazing health benefits that I had no idea about.”
Kate Holland, Sound Education Director
with Dominic Tolbert and Colette Ruff
We wish them the best in their new Sound Careers!
Contact us to join the next two-day AMI Facial Training!
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INFLAMMATION has made the cover of many journals and magazines. Chronic inflammation is common in all degenerative conditions. Over time, chronic inflammation can cause DNA damage and lead to cancer—and various other diseases we see in our patient population, today. We encourage everyone, (male and female), to monitor their breast health.  Thermal imaging is a non-invasive technique that allows us to see where our body may be fighting chronic inflammation. 

Search for a thermal imaging provider near you.  Use noninvasive sound to tame your stress and cool your inflammation!

Recent Events:
Coming Home to Atlanta—

Book Signing—Saturday, September 7
was a warm welcome and reunion for Mandara as many friends (old and new) and AMI 750 owners joined us at the Phoenix and Dragon bookstore.  Candace Apple, the owner of the bookstore, has been a long-time supporter of Mandara’s work—both Cyma Technologies and ISTA. We were able to capture a few photos as Mandara read a segment from her book and autographed copies.

NHG-GA—Tuesday, September 17 Mandara presented new research on the effectiveness of therapeutic sound at the National Guild of Hypnotherapists—GA Chapter.  Hypnotherapists received CE’s—Continuing Education for the presentation which included a lively question and answer session while many relieved their stress and pain on the AMI 750 and the Soundflower Experience™.

Yoga at The Edge of the Clouds—September 22 was the perfect day for yoga at the Avondale Lakehouse in Decatur, GA. The twelve-hour intensive was created for participants to deepen their yoga practice and their love for nature. Long-time practitioners enjoyed asana practice, sound healing with the AMI 750 and beautiful rituals performed at the edge of Avondale Lake. Mother Nature blessed us with a visitation by a blue heron, lots of turtles and beautiful breezes. The light sparkled brilliantly on the water as the participants jointly performed the Sun Salutation, encircling the lake. The retreat concluded with a reading by Mandara from her new book, “Soundflower,” sharing passages depicting her time with Swami Muktananda and life at his ashram in India.

A heart-filled thanks to Sound Education Director and Yogini, Kate Holland for a most memorable event!
At the Rubin Museum Bookstore. The Rubin Museum is dedicated to the Himalayan arts.

Honorary breakfast on the Park with Pat Lynch, CEO Women’s Radio and Ann Marie Sabath, Best-selling author SECRETS OF MILLIONAIRES and 9+ books. 
Dr Pat Bacilli—Talk Radio to Thrive By!
The Mindful Society with Don Simmons
Hearts Rise Up with Carol Chapman
Give yourself a
5 minute “stress break!” 
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