SWF November 2019 Newsletter
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Upcoming Events

Dec 10, 2019

Upcoming Engagements

Nov 16, 2019
Victoria Samson will speak at Yale University's 2019 “Space Strategy for the 21st Century Conference” in New Haven, CT

Nov 18–Nov 22, 2019
Krystal Wilson and Josh Wolny will participate in the 16th European Space Weather Week in Liege, Belgium

Nov 18, 2019
Brian Weeden will participate in a panel discussion on space security at the Symposium on Space Innovations in Atlanta, GA

Nov 20–Nov 21, 2019
Krystal Wilson will moderate a panel at Space Tech Expo: Europe in Bremen, Germany

Nov 22, 2019
Peter Martinez will speak in a panel titled “Spaces Beyond the State” at the Geography 2050 conference in New York, NY

Dec 2-Dec 3, 2019
Victoria Samson will speak on "Space Cooperation" at the conference, “Enhancing U.S.-India Strategic Cooperation,” at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

Dec 2-Dec 4, 2019
Peter Martinez will speak at the 8th African Leadership Congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dec 5, 2019
Ian Christensen will speak on a plenary panel at the European Space Week in Helsinki, Finland

Secure World Foundation Newsletter

November 2019

Insight - Improving Space Situational Awareness

By Director of Program Planning, Brian Weeden, and Washington Office Director, Victoria Samson

Space situational awareness (SSA), defined as knowledge about the space environment and human activities therein, is foundational to space sustainability. SSA provides the underlying information that enables satellite operators to detect natural or hostile threats to their satellites, scientists to study the long-term evolution of and risks posed by orbital debris, and governments to monitor and supervise their own national space activities. 

As the space domain becomes more complex, improving access to quality SSA data and services for all space actors is increasingly important. The rapid growth in the number of satellites being launched by government and commercial actors, the emergence of cubesats and large constellations, and the growing population of orbital debris all drive increased need for more timely and accurate data to avoid collisions in orbit. Additionally, the proliferation of counterspace capabilities and the growing risk of conflict on Earth extending into space increases the importance of SSA for transparency and confidence-building. 

Read more here.


The Secure World Foundation is seeking a Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications. A comprehensive job description and application procedure are available here. The deadline for applications is December 9, 2019.
Oct 23, 2019
SWF Partners with ConsenSys Space on TruSat Project
In a step toward transparency, predictability, and accountability in orbit, ConsenSys Space introduced TruSat as a platform-led initiative with its partners, SWF, Professor Moriba Jah of the University of Texas at Austin, and the Society of Women in Space Exploration. TruSat is an experimental open source, open-sensor system for creating a globally accessible, trusted record of satellite orbital positions. 

Oct 31, 2019
SWF Announces Staff Transition - Tiffany Chow

It is with regret, and deep gratitude for her contributions, that SWF announces the departure of Director of Strategic Partnerships Tiffany Chow.


Oct 17-Oct 19, 2019
SWF Supports Space Generation Congress 2019
Project Manager Josh Wolny helped plan and participated in the Space Generation Advisory Council’s 2019 Space Generation Congress. Executive Director Peter Martinez delivered a keynote address entitled "Secure Space - Secure World: Securing our common future on Earth and our shared future in space." SWF also sponsored the Working Group on Space Policy, with the goal of exploring how space innovations can impact global health.

Oct 21, 2019
U.S.-India Commercial Space Dialogue
In advance of the U.S.-India Civil Space Joint Working Group scheduled for Nov. 21, 2019 in Bangalore, India, the U.S.-India Business Council, Confederation of Indian Industry, and SWF hosted a delegation of Indian commercial space leaders. Washington Office Director Victoria Samson spoke and helped moderate conversations focused on the development of a commercial space sector in India and the lessons learned from development in the United States.

Oct 22, 2019
Space and Cyber: Bolstering the Two Domains
SWF hosted a panel discussion examining the relationship between space and cyber from the viewpoints of commercial, policy, and international actors, and discussed ways in which stakeholders can ensure that their space capabilities will be reliable and accessible over the long-term. Ms. Samson moderated this discussion that featured diverse viewpoints from the public and private sector.

Oct 24, 2019
UNIDIR/SWF Informal Consultation Group: Implications of the Commercialization of Military Space Services
SWF partnered with the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) to convene an informal consultation group to analyze the implications of commercialization of military space services from a variety of perspectives. Experts from government, industry, and academia participated in round-table discussions focusing on questions of threat awareness, liability issues, and government policy. A summary document is forthcoming.  

Oct 28, 2019
Navigating Space: Charting a Course for a Sustainable Space Environment
SWF partnered with UNIDIR and Project Ploughshares—with support from the Government of Belgium—came together to host a First Committee side event. The event focused on contemporary dynamics in outer space in the context of emerging technologies, and how they could inform multilateral discussions on the prevention of an arms race in space.

Staff Activities and Presentations

Oct 9, 2019
SWF Invited to Discuss the Space Force and Competition in Space at the World Affairs Council of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
Director of Program Planning Brian Weeden gave a public talk on why the United States was considering creating a Space Force and broader space security issues as part of an event organized by the World Affairs Council of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Dr. Weeden's presentation gave an overview of the history of space security challenges and policies, current trends in the space domain that are driving changes, and explained how the proposals for a U.S. Space Force and U.S. Space Command are attempts to better organize existing U.S. military space activities. 

Oct 9, 2019
SWF Presented on SmallSats and International Development at Pecora 21 and ISRE19
Director of Space Applications Programs Krystal Wilson presented at the joint meeting of the 21st William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium (Pecora 21) and the 38th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE 38).  Ms. Wilson presented on small satellites and international development in Session 8-7: Earth Observations for International Development. Her talk covered recent SWF events on this topic and gave the audience a sense of both the possibilities of how small satellite data can be used in international development projects as well as an overview of the challenges.

Oct 22, 2019
SWF Discussed Counterspace at the International Astronautical Federation’s Space Security Committee Meeting
Ms. Samson presented the results of SWF research on global counterspace capabilities and other recent developments in international space security and stability.

Oct 22, 2019
SWF Presented at the 8th Annual Space & Satellite Regulatory Colloquium
Ms. Wilson and other panelists discussed how regulation can promote satellite as a digital divide solution, particularly the effectiveness and relevancy of Universal Service Funds. Overall, this event aimed to address the legal issues at the cutting edge of the space and satellite industry, and aims to foster dialogue among the participants on addressing these legal, regulatory and financing issues.

Oct 21-25, 2019
SWF Staff Contribute to 70th International Astronautical Congress
SWF staff were active participants in the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), held in Washington, DC. This IAC brought thousands of representatives of the global space community to Washington to participate in the Congress's paper sessions, plenaries, and side events focused on the future of the space domain. Staff presented papers on issues as varied as the UN COPUOS Long-Term Sustainability discussions, space resources development, the development of norms and behavior for space sustainability, policy challenges related to space debris mitigation and more. Staff also participated in numerous side events and panel discussions organized by the International Astronautical Federation and other organizations.

Experts in the Media

Oct 13, 2019
Space Junk - Beyond Anthropocentrism: Sustainable Uses of Space
Space Law Advisor Chris Johnson and podcast host Annie Handmer discuss exploration, space law, and space sustainability.
SWF Co-Founder and President, Cynda Collins Arsenault received the Space Generation Advisory Council's inaugural SpaceGen Ambassador Award.
Oct 19, 2019
Secure World Foundation is the First Recipient of the SpaceGen Ambassador Award
SWF recognized with an award for active support of the next generation of space leaders.

Oct 23, 2019
NSC Makes Cyber Security For Space Industry ‘Top Priority’
SWF space and cyber event highlighted in Breaking Defense.

Oct 28, 2019
Next-Gen SMC Launch Study Targets Satellite Maneuver
Dr. Weeden quoted by Breaking Defense on the Air Force leveraging commercial satellite servicing for space resilience.

Oct 29, 2019
1 Big Thing: There's Big Data in Space But So Far Not Big Money
Ms. Wilson quoted in the Axios Space Newsletter on the expanding market for satellite imaging and analytics.

Oct 31, 2019
The Risky Rush for Mega Constellations
Mr. Johnson quoted in Scientific American on satellite megaconstellations and their possible risks to the space domain.

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