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The Youth Lab's Youth Culture Uncovered 2018 report reveals a growing desire among young people to right the wrongs affected by their parents' generation. They're on a mission to fix the world and they're going to do it now....

Welcome to the Era of Self Salvation where young people are forced to refocus on to the individual in order to survive, and yet, in focussing on the self, on what really matters to them, this individualistic approach is also reflected outwards into their community, creating a culture that reflects more fundamentally human values than capitalist principles, forging a society that values truth, transparency, openness and acceptance.

This week the Youth Lab focusses on the March for Our Lives campaign set up by and propelled by youth seeking to save themselves, and the world.

In 2018, 122 school-shootings after the Million Mom March, young people have realised that their parents' efforts are simply not working. Solving this problem becomes their issue – hence, March for Our Lives, the most potent, and 'hopefully' effective campaign to impact gun law reform in the USA, ever.

When people listen to Emma Gonzalez (18), Edna Chavez (17) , David Hogg (17), Naomi Wadler (11), Cameron Kasky (17), and Yolanda King (9) - they remark on how articulate, passionate, impressive and driven these young people are.

We shouldn't be surprised. Young people today are more clued in than ever and they're convinced that they will change the world. They are passionate about changing the world.

In Youth Culture Uncovered 2018, we found that for 16-35-year olds, 85% want to help others, and 78% believe having a positive impact on society is vital. For under 18-year olds, those numbers rocket up to 99% and 100%, respectively.

Today's teenagers are geared on fixing the world and helping each other.

Recognising the power and thrust behind the March for Our Lives movement, older generations, politicians, celebrities, national media platforms and brands are stepping in behind the young people, following them, offering them support and allowing them to lead.

Newseum hosted a panel for student journalists. Shake Shack sponsored a sign-making party. Kind donated granola bars. Teen Vogue, Time Magazine, and 60 minutes offered airtime and huge publicity.

Celebrities have come out in force to support the teenagers marching for their lives – including Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Paul McCartney.

In the Era of Self Salvation, when young people are driving lasting and meaningful change – older people who also want to see the world change, are stepping in line and allowing the youth to lead.

It's no longer 'The kids are alright.' It's 'we're alright because of the kids.'


  • Young people are driven to make positive social change – how can you support them in their efforts to change the world for the better?
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