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Louvain School of Management Newsletter - August 2018

In the spotlight

Professor Michel De Wolf passes the torch
This Friday, August 31 at midnight, Professor Per Agrell will succeed Professor Michel De Wolf as Dean of the LSM. During a beautiful ceremony at noon, rich in laughter and emotion, the new Dean spoke about the importance of the international dimension within our school. He also highlighted this year's theme: the game. This notion includes the dimensions of experience, social life, joy, performance, failure but also diversity. A metaphor that is particularly consistent with the LSM vision.

A tribute and a gift were given to Professor Michel De Wolf. Prof. Agrell stressed the creative mind and the capacity of anticipation of his predecessor. Prof. De Wolf then expressed his gratitude to the various persons present, without whom the LSM would not be what it is today. He repeated the importance of further developing responsible leaders for a sustainable world. In his view, this is the distinctive characteristic of the LSM.

The portrait of Professor Michel De Wolf, the second LSM dean, was then inaugurated in the faculty Boardroom, just besides the one of Professor Alain Vas, the first dean.

The 2018-2019 academic year is approaching!
A new academic year is starting at LSM, wich give us the opportunity to inform and guide our students as well as possible. To help them get this new year off to a good start, LSM is organising its "Induction Week" from Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 September, combining useful information and testimonials. The program is available via the following link.
The LSM administrative team is getting organized and increasing its hours on duty during the first two weeks of the school year. Many of the senior students will be there to help you find answers to your questions (follow the blue t-shirts!).
See you soon for a great back-to-school band!
Five of our Master's in the Eduniversal ranking
First of all, we note the excellent second place won by our interdisciplinary training in business creation in the world ranking of Entrepreneurship training. To this, let us add the excellent performances of our Master's in various "Western European" rankings: the Master's in International Business (4th place in the International Management category), the Master's in Management Sciences (6th place in the General Management category), the Master's in Business Engineering (13th place in the International Management category) and the International Executive MBA (20th place in the Executive MBA category). 
We can be very proud of these results, which vouches for the quality of the work done at LSM.
LSM Conseil celebrates its 25th anniversary
A new year is ending for LSM Conseil, an opportunity to take stock. Two European awards and two Belgian awards, a revised recruitment process, an ERP implementation project or the new ISO9001 standard; quality work was once again carried out this year. LSM Conseil deserves its ranking as Belgium's first junior company!
This 25th year thus ends with many objectives achieved.
You will find the whole LSM Conseil newsletter via this link.
PRME 2018 report
The new PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) report has been completed. It focuses on two highlights of the year:
1 - In September 2017, we launched the Philippe de Woot Major in Corporate Sustainable Management, an option of six courses offered in our two Master's programmes – the Master's in Management and the Master's in Business Engineering.
2 - In February 2016, we launched the first edition of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Communication skills in Corporate Social Responsibility. The MOOC deals with CSR in two ways: (a) as a reflection of corporate self-awareness; and (b) as a source of innovation and a means to deal with heightened competitiveness, demands for sustainable development, and shifts in international governance.
The fifth edition of this MOOC will be launch next September.
Marcel Gérard at the IIPF annual Conference
From Aug 21 till Aug 23, Marcel Gérard, the Invited Emeritus Professor in Economics and Taxation at the Louvain School of Management, attended the 74th annual congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, held in Tampere, Finland. At this occasion he presented a research paper on “The Allowance of Corporate Equity (ACE) in Europe: Latvia, Italy and Portugal“ jointly prepared with Jan Kock. ACE attempts to end corporate over-indebtedness through a deduction from the cost of equity.
CriDIS Activity Report 2017
The 2017 Activity Report of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Democracy, Institutions, Subjectivities (CriDIS) has been published.
At a time when worrying threats are looming over the future of our democraties, CriDIS analyses and supports the institutional work necessary to give the actors collective autonomy, in several fields (the city, work and business, social movements...), in the North as well as in the South.
The central objective of CriDIS is to shed light on what democratic action means in changing institutions in a globalised world. Researchers also pay particular attention to the vulnerabilities of individuals and institutions. They devoted their research seminar to the theme "Subjectivity/Subjectivation", several texts of which are published online in the Working Papers series of CriDIS.
You will find the full report via this link.
Former LSM student ordained Priest
On 30 June 2018, François-Xavier Compté was ordained by Cardinal Joseph de Kesel, in the service of the Archdiocese of Malines-Brussels.
Originally from Waterloo, he studied Business Engineering at the Louvain School of Management and joined the student parish of Saint Francis of Assisi.
Navigating Innovation - The new book for strategic success
How to maintain an entrepreneurial ecosystem and a coherent innovation strategy? Published this year, Benoit Gailly's new book identifies the fundamental challenges and offers a guide to the success of his actions using useful concepts and tools to seize the opportunities available to your company.

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