Concert organist Martin Setchell plays the Toccata on Joy to the World from his 3-Piece Suite, on the Rieger organ in the Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand.
Joy to the World! A timeless declaration 
Acoustic Version of 'Joy To The World' (Joyful, Joyful) from Phil Wickham’s new album 'Christmas'
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Dear e hoa,

The Lord is come, the Lord is coming!

Isaac Watt’s famous carol Joy to the World candidly notes that our human existence is full ‘sins and sorrows’. The world has seen plenty of both this past year, not least in the Christchurch terrorist attacks and in the recent volcano tragedy. But the song-writer exultantly declares the joyful reality that ‘the Lord is come’: the Saviour of the world has now entered this world, bringing the priceless wonders of God’s love, grace, and truth. That is indeed cause for joy. For all who on earth who ‘receive her King’, there is reconciliation with God, new birth, peace, and a confident anticipation of eternal life.

Inspired by Psalm 98, Watt also looked ahead to that time when the Saviour shall return, in all glory and power, and there will be no more sin or sorrow, and the whole of creation shall be filled with the glory of God and shall sing the praise of God. So remember the big picture: the Lord is come, and the Lord is coming!


Stuart Lange
National Director

Watch this space! A fresh new season for New Zealand Christian Network and its impact in Aotearoa-New Zealand!

The staff and Board of the New Zealand Christian Network have been working on a major refresh and expansion of NZCN, and are excited about what we sense the Lord is doing.  We are convinced that NZCN is more needed than ever, and is uniquely positioned to make a critically-important contribution, both now and into the future.
We are very aware that our New Zealand society is in a time of intensifying social change. Much that is happening is more hostile towards Christian faith and values. It is increasingly necessary that Christian churches work better together, become healthier and stronger, and that there be clear and constructive Christian voices into society.

In essence, NZCN exists… 
  • to gather: to bring Christians together and share visions and strategies
  • to build: to help encourage, resource, and strengthen New Zealand churches
  • to speak: to be a moderate, constructive, well-informed biblical voice into New Zealand society, one that holds together both grace and truth. 
The Board of NZCN is very committed to that NZCN calling and vision, and to seeing its fulfilment in contemporary and future New Zealand. We remain deeply committed to biblical and Gospel faith, and to working across the denominational spectrum.
Since NZCN’s inception in 2002 (with wide support from across the denominations including mainline, independent, and Pentecostal churches), NZCN has networked with churches, run five Congresses, published books, distributed the Te Rongopai DVD, partnered in Prayer Breakfasts, hosted think tanks, made submissions to Parliament, been part of the National Church Leaders’ meetings, represented biblical Christianity in inter-faith discussions, and spoken out on many matters.
NZCN has long been under-funded and under-staffed. For years, the National Director (Glyn Carpenter) served as a volunteer. The current three part- time staff members between them amount to less than one full-time position, whereas EA (UK) has 60 staff, and Zimbabwe has 30. If NZCN were better resourced it could do so much more, and achieve so much greater impact!
So what is the plan?
We have decided to replace the existing governance board with an executive Working Board comprised of both staff and volunteers.
We aim to have a highly energetic team of people who are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus, the church, and the future of Aotearoa. To that end, we have been recruiting an impressive group of capable evangelical leaders, many of them younger, and diverse in gifts, skills, culture, gender, and region.
We are still wanting to bring more people in. The team will include: church networkers, events people, researchers and writers, speakers, think-tank conveners, regional advocates, those who write or curate resources for churches, those who help tell the story of the Gospel in this country, those promoting Prayer Breakfasts, social media people, spokespersons, and media contacts.
If you want to invest in this strategic re-gearing of NZCN, with time or funding, please be in touch.
Contact Dr Stuart Lange


Honour your parents with a tribute

Wynand and Nikki from FamilyLife NZ speak to Andrew on radio Rhema about giving your parents the gift of a tribute.
An inspiring event – the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance

Stuart reports on the recent General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance, in Indonesia, that 7 New Zealanders attended.


Elevate Christian Disability Trust
3 December, 2019

Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. A day that promotes the rights, wellbeing and development of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society. We recently had the privilege of filming Jacqui Gardner, our Northland CFFD Coordinator. Have a listen to her story and why she says 'because of my disability I think my life has been more exciting and adventurous'!


Are you thinking of preparing yourself better for ministry or mission?

Laidlaw Alumni – do you know someone who has a passion for serving and leading in the church community and would deeply appreciate the opportunity to be further equipped and developed?

Kaimai Presbytery is offering a scholarship towards part of the course fees for one year of the Diploma in Christian Leadership through Laidlaw College. The successful applicant will need to be open to the possibility of ongoing leadership/participation within the Presbyterian Church of NZ, successfully complete the Laidlaw application process and be prepared to fulfil the internship obligations in either Hamilton or Tauranga.

Could you be interested? Or do you know someone who would benefit from this wonderful opportunity?
Come and talk to us.
For more details contact: Rev Christine Harding


The Christian faith is deep, alive, and worth living well. 

It speaks of our world as filled with beauty and meaning, created by a good God with good purpose. It calls us to live lives marked by wonder, imagination, deep thought, rich feeling, love, courage, and service. This faith has transformed the lives of men and women for generations: given new energy and meaning to the student at her desk, the worker in his office, the athlete with her team, the writer with his pen, the scientist in her lab.

Venn Summer Conference is an opportunity to explore this vision of God, ourselves, and the world, and how it affects all parts of life. Over seven days of learning, conversation, good food, and fun, you’ll come to see the truth, beauty, and challenge of the Christian life.

This summer, join 100 students, young professionals, and creatives from around Aotearoa, New Zealand for seven days as we explore this rich, transforming faith and what it means for our lives.
Find out more

A day for church pioneers, innovators & renovators

This is a day to connect, reflect, engage & enjoy great food and dialogue. We are being hosted by Venn Foundation and exploring how to create newness in a culture of threatening sameness, how better to support those doing new things, and how we can more effectively do mission together.

Thursday 27 February, 10am – 3pm

49 Cape Horn Road, Hillsborough

Lunch is provided, for a koha
RSVP by 14 February 2020

Email Nigel for registrations and more information
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