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Daily Update for: Wednesday, February 10th 2021

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Israeli soldiers break the silence about midnight invasions of Palestinian homes

"The overarching goal [of home invasions] was to instill a sense of persecution among the Palestinians." "It's a rolling trauma." So say Israeli soldiers, as they look back with regret on the acts they carried out, night after night, at the behest of their state. Their testimonies are compiled in a new human rights report from Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din and Physicians for Human Rights, "A Life Exposed: military invasions of Palestinian homes in the West Bank." 
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When your village becomes a “firing zone” – that’s ethnic cleansing

In order to intimidate Palestinians into leaving their own land, Israel declares various areas of the West Bank "military firing zones." It's one of many strategies for ethnic cleansing and "Judaization."
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