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Carts always full but I never check out.
Its sequined so it's good for nighttime but its light pink so it's appropriate for daytime? Wear to your hard-partying friend's baby shower.

Sequin low back dress. 
$50: Zara
The pictures of these shoes suck but Etsy isn't for the precious reliant on ecomm's seamless perfection. Etsy is for treasure hunters willing to take risks! 

Vintage Prada satin kitten heel. 
$150 + shipping, size 38.5: Dorila Clothes
Sometimes I see things and think, "this will definitely make my life better" before thinking "I will wear this once before it spends the rest of eternity in my closet."

Vintage Givenchy jumpsuit.
$1010: FarFetch
I'm a fan of rattan! 

Franco Albini rattan ottomans.
$650 for larger: Lawson-Fenning
Picnics are for Type A's that remember the blankets, the spoons, the wine opener, etc so I will just use this as a purse.  

Handwoven Picnic Tote.
$50 for small size: Food52
I see this shoe/color on babes walking down the street and think, "Are you my friend? Or do I just recognize things from my closet in your outfit?" (BTW the reason we like this color is marketing. Surprise!) 

Vintage Enzo Angiolini Block Heel Pumps.
$72 + shipping, size 7: Part 'n Parcel
Continuing with #coolgirlpink theme.

Rouje Lola Sweater.
$95: Rouje
Sometimes I see things and think, "I need that" before thinking, "what the actual F is that?" 

Judith Leiber bag.
$4695, free shipping lol: Saks Fifth Ave
Tiny apartment pro tip: get dining chairs that double as living room chairs. (Also, these are so cheap it's crazy.)

Marcel Breuer Cesca Chairs.
$200 for the pair: Krrb
I don't know what a "bungalow colony" is. It might be a summer camp. It might be a cult. Either way I want to go.

The Glen Wilde Bungalow Colony.
$175/night: The Glen Wilde
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