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This week we have been busy with group enquiries about small grants; things are picking up again on that sort of development work, and we are happy to advise groups by telephone, email, or Zoom, if appropriate.
There seem to be many grants out there and last week we updated the Funding and Grants information on our website – download the PDF here.
Our Five Ways to Well-being small grants programme has a closing date of 30th September – this might be appropriate for your group if you are working towards improving mental health, and doing or using one of the Five Ways. More detail here.
We have updated the list of Resources – where you will find links to activities to download or take part in – download as a PDF – Keeping Busy.
As well as our fortnightly coffee mornings via Zoom we are starting to plan digital networking and funding events. It’s not the same as meeting face-to-face and we are missing organising events and getting out and about in the Dales, but for the moment we feel it is sensible to plan for digital versions of these events.
If you don’t wish to join a Zoom Networking Event, but would like the information, please let us know and between us we can ring you or email you and let you know the gist of what was discussed.
Also this week we have updated the fantastic guide provided by Connex Community support on food shopping and deliveries in the Dales. Download it here.
That way we have the opportunity to share with you news from other funders and have a bit of a focus on local communities and what they are up to.  We are maintaining an office presence at Bakewell though working remotely for the most part; please contact us by phone or email. We can also set up a Zoom meeting if needed, or post information out, it just might take a little longer. Tel 01629 812154 / Email enquiries@ddcvs.org.uk
The Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Tinnitus Support is keeping in touch with members by sending out regular newsletters and arranging coffee mornings on Zoom, where anyone with Tinnitus would be welcome. There is no particular schedule for the zoom meetings at the moment, but the group encourages anyone wanting to find out more information to email mail@tinnitussupport.org.uk or telephone 01246 380415.
More information on their website: – www.tinnitussupport.org.uk
Derbyshire based Babbling Vagabonds has been awarded an emergency funding grant from Arts Council England. Tara says ‘The grant will enable the organisation to create a series of online story making sessions with you, our wonderful audience! Now more than ever we need your input. We are hearing from people that they are all Zoomed out and often the last thing they want to do is engage in more screen time!’. So Babbling Vagabonds have a few questions: –
  •  Is there scope to run some story-making sessions live?
  •  If so which platform is the easiest to use?
  •  What time and day would suit the majority of our audience?
  •  Is this an experience that people would pay for in the future?
If you have any thoughts on this then please get in touch. Email tara@babblingvagabonds.co.uk.
Wed 1st Jul - Wed 1st Jul
10:00am - 12:00pm
The Derbyshire Dales Children and Young People’s Well-Being Network exists to bring together individuals who support children and young people in the Derbyshire Dales area to share skills, information, experiences, good practice and resources.
The network is open to all groups, organisations and development workers operating in the Derbyshire Dales area.
Join us on Wednesday 1st July for a virtual catch-up via Zoom!
We would really like to hear from you if you are part of a group for young people – sports – drama – Scouts/Guides – you name it! It’s a great chance to share information about what you are doing at the moment – what you feel able to do / what you would like to do – with a view to supporting each other and helping young people feel less isolated.
To book your place & receive your ZOOM link contact Louise at Derbyshire Dales CVS Tel: 07453 383235 email: louise@ddcvs.org.uk
If you are unable to use Zoom or don’t feel comfortable joining an online meeting please do contact Louise as we do hope to meet in person in the future and you might want to contribute your thoughts or ask for support for your work with children and young people. See contact details above
  The Derbyshire Dales Children and Young People’s Well-Being Network
Just a reminder that New Connections is the Social Prescribing service for the Derbyshire Dales.
If you’ve ever wondered what Social Prescribing means – here’s an excellent explanation from the team.
Social Prescribing is a way of supporting and improving people’s health and wellbeing outside of traditional medical settings.
In the Derbyshire Dales, GPs, nurses and other primary health professionals can refer someone to New Connections, who will start by having a conversation with the person about what matters to them. From there, the person will be introduced to activities, groups or services that enable them to get the most out of life.
The local community and voluntary sector is an integral part of Social Prescribing. If you are a group wanting to welcome new members, whether that’s at the moment, or it would be much later in the year, then Debbie and Harriet would love to have a chat with you about how being involved with New Connections can introduce new people to your group.
Debbie Rushworth – Social Prescribing Development Worker North
Harriet Brown – Social Prescribing Development Worker South
Thu 2nd Jul
10:30am - 12:00pm
Our next online Coffee Morning will include a guest speaker from ‘Goldies’ a national charity which hosts singing sessions for older people.
Regular attendees will know that this event is a chance for you to speak with DDCVS staff, meet other Voluntary & Community group members from within the Dales and to raise any issue(s) concerning your group and community.
If you need any advice guidance re Zoom feel free to contact Jonathan Simcock by email jonathan@ddcvs.org.uk
For an invitation and link to the meeting please contact Jonathan, as above.
Thu 13th Aug - Thu 13th Aug
We will be hosting a Networking Event with a Bakewell focus, though everyone is welcome to join us; we will have a speaker from local funder, Foundation Derbyshire.
Please contact Jonathan  Simcock at the CVS for an invitation.
Residents in need of help and support to get food or prescriptions can still register for help if they have no friends or family to call on.
As many people across the county start to return to work, vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours could find themselves with limited or no support.
Residents who are on the shielded list and are in need of help because their circumstances have changed are being urged to register on the national list for supermarket food deliveries.
And residents are also being reminded that DCC Community Response Unit can also provide help to deliver food, prescriptions or even a friendly phone call to those living alone and feeling isolated.
www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/news-event ...
Ossie’s Kitchen – Community Café of Ashbourne was established in June 2019. It operates “for the community by the community” providing 50 to 60 fresh cooked meals once a month, in St Oswald’s Church Hall, as an intergenerational social eating experience to address loneliness, social isolation and food poverty.
Due to open twice a month, it had to suspend operation due to Covid 19 and organisers anticipate it will be a further six months before they can resume as previously.
Meantime, with easing of restrictions, Ossie’s Kitchen aims to address the Covid related issues of increased food poverty, family financial difficulties, shielded and vulnerable members of the Ashbourne community, through the provision of a weekly ‘TakeAway’ Food Service for the next six months, commencing week of 6th July 2020.
Please be mindful that St Oswald’s Church Hall will remain closed for the foreseeable future with the exception of operating Ossie’s Kitchen. This means that only Ossie volunteers may enter the kitchen and use the toilets. All Volunteers will need to sign in and sign out from the Hall. FareShare will deliver food supplies each two weeks, on alternate Mondays commencing Monday 6th July.
Rev. Nigel Rode said ‘We will provide a main cooked meal with vegetarian option, supplemented by fruit, yoghurt, cake etc depending upon supplies from FareShare. We will start the takeaway service on Tuesday 7th July and continue for six months. There is no charge, though donations are welcome, £3 adult meals. £1 children’s meals and £2 for a bag of fresh produce’.
If you would like to find out more, please contact Rev. Nigel Rode by email revnigelr@gmail.com
Derbyshire County Council is able to provide access to Personal Protective Equipment for emergecy situations.
For services that have been formally commissioned by DCC e.g. Home from Hospital, it has been agreed that DCC will provide access to DCC PPE stocks if there is a need that meets the guidance (usually where social distancing cannot be maintained) and PPE cannot be sourced from an alternative supplier. The PPE available includes gloves, aprons, masks and visors, and would be for 3 days or less. Contact by email ppesupplies@derbyshire.gov.uk
For smaller community groups that are operating, but aren’t commissioned by DCC, if they meet the guidance and cannot source any PPE they should submit a request for PPE to emergency.planning@derbyshire.gov.uk and include details of the PPE needed and why.
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