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The Viva Village Voice, December 2015
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The Viva Village Voice

The Viva Village Voice is an e-publication of Viva Village ( Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network. It is one of seven Villages being formed in the Portland area. Another Village — Eastside Village — became a fully functioning Village offering services to members on October 1, this year. 

To learn more about the Village movement locally, nationally, and internationally, please visit Villages NW online at or email Contact the Viva Village Voice at


Staff: Editor, Ross Miller; Layout, Kathlyn Brown


Viva Village Governing Council


Viva Village Planning Group
Elects Governing Council

(No debates!  No photo I.D.s!  No Hanging Chads!)

This election is a decisive step in the journey to becoming a full-fledged Village, ready to offer services to its members. The final responsibility for any Village Planning Group is to elect the first Governing Council of that Village. This Governing Council will be legally and ethically responsible for most of the decision-making needed to launch operations for Viva Village in October 2016.

The newly-elected “Governors”—from left to right in the photo—are Kathy Brown,  Kathe Fradkin, Terri Mishler, Bonnie Barksdale, Rae Coleman, and Larry Brown. Included with their names on the ballot was  a statement about themselves and their desire to serve on the Governing Council. 

  • Kathy:  “I have been part of Viva Village’s development this past year, involved in many areas—data managing, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and membership.  The Village concept of community and neighbors resonates with me. I look forward to helping our Village become a strong part of the Beaverton community.”
  • Kathe:  "I support Viva Village’s mission knowing that it will provide the necessary system to enable older adults to age in their own homes, safely and comfortably. I offer the following expertise to help plan and deliver a successful launch for our Village: project management, strategic and tactical planning skills, organizational skills and analytical skills. My experience with both the private and public sector is also a benefit.”
  • Terri, a therapist:  “From prior board experiences I know that I enjoy the type of work and decision-making entrusted to Governing Council members. I would consider it a valuable investment of myself and my time.”
  • Bonnie:  “I’m a retired teacher. I have assisted Viva Village with website and Facebook administration, 101s, outings, focus groups, photography, publicity and tabling. “I believe that the Village idea is one that will last and be a strong force for good in the community. I want the Governing Council to be as open as possible (except for matters that require confidentiality), with posted agendas and an opportunity for interested parties to give either written or oral input to decisions.”
  • Rae, has been co-chair from the beginning of Viva Village in January 2014:  “I want to be part of bringing Viva Village to reality. I hold history and a concept of how Viva Village will grow that is valuable. I have the capacity to bring people together. I have shown willingness and capacity to learn, to be adaptable, have enthusiasm for big and small advances. I like who we are as a Village and want to continue to work with the individuals who are making this happen.”
  • Larry (see his story below):  “I was drawn to the Village concept about a year ago—thinking about my own needs as I age. Based on my experience as a family doctor, I clearly see the usefulness and security that membership in a village brings to a wider population. I am looking forward to working the others to make Viva Village a reality for Beaverton.”




Holiday Gala & Potluck Supper  Holly

Friday, December 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Westbrook Clubhouse
14225 SW 6th Street, Beaverton

(In place of gifts, please bring a book or CD for a child aged 5-11.
All gifts to be donated to Beaverton Schools.) 

Please RSVP: or 503-208-2290



Village 101 Presentation

Saturday, January 9, 10:30-noon
Southminster Presbyterian Church
12250 SW Denney Road, Beaverton

RSVP: or 503-312-7675


Walk in the ParkA walk in the park.

Saturday, January 16, 10 to 11 a.m.
Commonwealth Lake Park
Wheelchair accessible at west end of park from SW Foothill Drive
and SW Dellwood Avenue

(Access from SW Huntington Ave. and Butner Rd., opposite St. Andrew Church)
Cedar Hills, Beaverton


Volunteer Orientation (Village 101 attendance required)

Sunday, January 17, 12:00 to 1:30
Beaverton Community Center, Vose Room
12350 SW 5th Street, #100  (across from Library)

RSVP: or 503-644-7417


Thursday Social Time Sherrie and Ruth

Thursday, January 21, 6:00-8:00
Giovanni’s Restaurant
12390 SW Broadway, Beaverton
(At the corner of Hall and Broadway, 
on the #76 and #78 bus lines)

RSVP: or 503-644-7417


Behind the Scenes in a Forensics Lab

Saturday, January 23, 2-3:30 p.m.
Cedar Mill Bible Church
12208 NW Cornell Rd., Portland, 97229


What methods and technologies are used today in forensics labs? How do forensic scientists turn the tiniest clues into real evidence that can help track down criminals. 

Come hear Joyce Sippa Pardo, retired senior criminologist with the State of California’s Dept. of Justice DNA lab describe critical steps involved in establishing guilt or innocence of criminal suspects and more.


Viva Village Book Club

Monday, January 25, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
at a private home new West Union RD. and 185th

The book for discussion is Blessings, by Anna Quindlen

RSVP for address:

Ruth Ann Homan reports on the last Club discussion re: The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown. Elaine and Gerry“The U.S. was not supposed to win a gold medal during the 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Berlin—at least not in rowing. But that’s what they did. Through many interviews and in-depth research this author pieced together a true tale of teamwork, personal integrity and the depth of craftsmanship set during economic hard times. (Eight VivaVillagers, as people of the Pacific Northwest, knew that practicing on Lake Washington was a benefit to the ‘Udub” crew.)


Larry Brown

No, not THAT Larry Brown …


… although Viva Village’s Finance Committee head, Larry Brown, did admit he played some grade school basketball, but he’s an MD, not the legendary NBA and collegiate coach of the same name. More on the finance piece ahead . . . 

A long career as a foreign service medical officer at embassies abroad (think Islamabad, Jakarta, Vienna, London, Singapore) found him reporting to the State Department, headed by some uber-household names—George Shultz, Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, Madeline Albright.  Wife Kathy (of Village fame too) and their three children came along for the ride throughout.

Larry’s Ohio State medical school practice originally took him to Albany (ours, not New York’s) for six years of family practice before his prestigious foreign service life took off, eventually synthesizing skills medical and administrative.

These skills are a big plus for leading Viva Village’s finance committee. They just may have been jump-started, he opines, by a long-ago club treasurer’s job in college. Larry began attending Viva Village planning meeting in January 2015, and has lent his highly consequential talents, financial and otherwise, ever since, powerfully aided by Kathy. 

But it’s not all number crunching. Three children and then three grandchildren added up to a lot of Christmas Eve toy assembling in the Brown’s household—an agreeable challenge, however, of a man who oversaw more than 250 staff members during his foreign service assignments. Putting together all those toys or Ikea furniture or woodworking in the spacious home is Larry’s ideal relaxation in This not-so-Old-at-all House in suburban Beaverton.

(Viva Village volunteer, Ellin Johnson, wrote this bio-piece after interviewing Larry.)



From January 2015 Through November 2015 forty-three volunteers contributed 6030.36 hours to Viva Village.

Dick, Don, and RaySome of these volunteers we know: Suzanne Van Slyke, Suzanne Boyd, Stacey D. Lyn, FranciskaSlayton, Shilo Jiroudek, Ruth Spencer, Ray Rosa, Pam Eyde, Dick Eyde, Nancy Miller, Ross Miller, Regina Ford, Rae Coleman, Ruth Ann Homan, PSU volunteer hours, David Christie, Nilze Sumner, Marshall C. Goldberg, Lyn Trainer, Laurence G. Brown, Kathe Fradkin, Kathy Brown, Karen McCune, Janet Wolf, Jolinda Osborne, Jolene Heitmann, Joan E. Bates, Judith K. Feinstein, Jasmina Balogh, Gerry Lokos, Gerry Barksdale, Fran Jones, Frieda Pardo, Eloise Cole, Leon Paulson, Elaine Johnson, Ellin Johnson, Sue Mann, Don P. Wolf, Carmela M. Bowns, Bonnie Barksdale, Susana Sharp, Linda Scott.

Julie and NilzeMany other volunteers are anonymous and their hours unrecorded. Noble humility? Recording volunteer hours, however, benefits Viva Village.

As we seek to validate our community presence required to attract business and foundation support for Viva Village, it is important to document the volunteer commitment of our organization’s members.

Knowing both the number of contributed hours and the number of different contributors is essential for demonstrating our strength.

Several local companies make cash contribution to benefit Viva Village based on the number of volunteer community-service hours current (and retired) employees give.

Thus, Viva Village Volunteers:  CURB YOUR HUMILITY.



Village Cartoon


This cartoon, and those to follow in subsequent issues, offer scenarios illustrating ways the Village serves its members. Each cartoon focuses on the needs most often requiring services by members of the nearly 200 fully functioning Villages in the U.S. 

Drawings are by Judith Feinstein, text by Ross Miller, and layout by Kathy Brown.


Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW
nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network.
Copyright © 2016 Viva Village, All rights reserved.

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