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Yeast Extract
the key ingredient for plant-based meals
Yeast Extract: A natural taste-enhancing solution for plant-based meals
After an unprecedented year, we saw a fundamental reset in human behavior, food, drink, and foodservice brands are adapting to new demands.  

Consumers' growing awareness of embracing a healthy lifestyle and supporting a sustainable future impels the rapid growth of plant-based food markets. Plant-based claims in the new global food product launch doubled in 2020, compared to 2016.

However, how to mimic the complete taste, texture, and nutrition profile of meat using plants remains a challenge for the food manufacturers. Our FoodPartner Angel Yeast has provided integrated solutions for meat alternatives on taste & nutrition improvement, meaty-notes enhancement, and off-notes masking. 
High protein value
Yeast extract is a great nutritional supplement for plant protein thanks to the high content of proteins up to 50-70%, as well as amino acids, vitamins, and micronutrients. For a high nutrition value, try Angel's yeast protein products.

Boost authentic meaty notes
Angel's Hou-feel/mouthfulness yeast extract is an ideal meaty flavour precursor. Packed with free amino acids, natural nucleotides, and meaty notes giving substances, Angel Hou-feel YE is capable of magnifying flavour intensity, boosting meaty notes, as well as delivering specific flavour notes, such as pork, chicken, beefy, roasted meaty flavour, etc. 

Neutralize unwanted off-notes
Thanks to the high content of polypeptides, flavour peptides, small peptides and aldehydes substances, Angel's Xianness/umami yeast extract can effectively neutralize the unpleasant off-notes of alternative proteins, balance the overall taste profile, intensify the flavour profile while managing the sodium level of plant-based diets.

A natural and meat-free ingredient
Yeast extract comes from natural fresh yeast. It is not made up of any animal ingredients, the taste is similar to that of a meat bouillon. Yeast extract fits perfectly into the concept of a clean label, therefore, suitable for vegan and vegetarian foods.
Vegan | Clean label | KOSHER | HALAL | GMO-free | Meat-free | Gluten-free
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