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For Immediate Release:
Dave Catalfamo | | 5187290469

Carrie Woerner, Prioritizing Politics at the Expense of Public Service. 

“On Wednesday, the NYS Court of Appeals ruled that the state legislature willingly and knowingly broke the law when creating and passing new politically motivated district lines. 

In a reply brief submitted to the court, NYS attorneys candidly acknowledged that the legislature violated the constitution. 

As a candidate for the Assembly I feel it is important to highlight the fact that Carrie Woerner was an active and willing participant of the premeditated plan to gerrymander districts, including her own, strickly for the political purpose of making her own race less competitive.  

Her role in this corrupt and decietful process is emblamatic of what she has become: Inauthentic, dishonest and at the beck and call of New York City power brokers like Carl Heastie. 

Defying the will of the people who by statewide referendum demanded this process be fair and impartial is arrogant and the antithesis of the job of being a representative. 

Carrie Woerner's motivation is rooted in shameless self preservation and this is just one of her purposefully misleading and unapologetically deceptive habits. The State Capital is only about 30 miles away from the 113th district, but incredibly Carrie Woerner manages to be one person here and a completely different person in the corrupt halls of Albany.”
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