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Spring 2022 ISE Newsletter

A Message from the Chair

This is testament to the resilience of our faculty, staff, and students and I cannot be prouder of their dedication during this period. We have continued with our mission to enable our students to become socially responsible engineers and leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond through an accessible, world-class education. In fact, Silicon Valley employs more engineering graduates from the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering than any other university, and the College ranks 3rd nationally among public engineering programs offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, excluding service academies. This newsletter profiles some of the exciting activities the department is engaging in, and I hope you enjoy the reading.

A few highlights: A generous gift from the Li Family to support our newly named state-of-the art wireless smart manufacturing lab, the welcoming of a new faculty member, Dr. Gaojian Huang, who is a recent PhD graduate from Purdue University, the numerous awards and/or scholarships won by our faculty, staff, and students, the mentoring our alumni are providing to our students, and the outstanding research our faculty is performing. These are few of the many stories below that are presented in this edition.

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ISE Receives Named Lab Gift

In January, 2022, the Davidson College of Engineering announced that Engineering Room 194 will henceforth be known as:

The Vy and Timothy Li Laboratory for Industrial and Systems Engineering

This gift, the first in the ISE Department’s history, will enable the department to further the teaching and research activities of the lab. Near term goals include the development of new exercises and projects for all ISE core courses that can be conducted by students in the Vy and Timothy Li Lab. In addition, new robotic and vision system equipment, along with new sensor devices will enhance the research capability of the faculty using the lab.

The Li’s directed that their gift be recognized to be in honor of Dr. Louis Freund’s decades of service to the ISE Department. Dr. Freund is an Emeritus Professor in the Department, founder of the Human Factors and Ergonomics MS Program, and served as ISE Department Chair from 2001-2009. The Li’s are both BSIE graduates of the Department (in 2003) who went on to found MaxDecisions, Inc., a fintech leader in banking information systems.

The department is grateful to the Li’s for this amazing tribute and also appreciates the many other donations in support of the department’s students and programs over the past several years. The installation of a plaque and ribbon cutting ceremony are planned for the near future.

2020-21 Senior Design Sponsors

Our senior design projects continue to be a highlight of our students’ learning experiences. While he COVID pandemic created challenges, our sponsors came through for us. We are deeply grateful to all of the recent sponsors listed below.

Featured Sr. Design Project Sponsor

Meet two ISE Fall 21 grads who completed a terrific Sr. Design project at Morgan Advanced Materials. Morgan, located in Hayward, CA, has been an ISE Sr. Design project sponsor for many years. The company that creates unique ceramics out of recycled materials. In the most recent project, sponsor Ha Nguyen (also an SJSU ISE grad) set the goal of improving the efficiency of the ceramic making process in order to reduce waste and develop savings

Read the story here

ISE Alums Begin Mentoring ISE Students

Using the new SJSU2 PeopleGrove Mentoring portal, 12 ISE Alums have volunteered to be mentors for current ISE students. Students can review each mentor’s professional history, interests, and preferred mentoring topics, then select mentors for a mentoring connection. All mentoring sessions are confidential, and are privately arranged on Zoom or F2F.

Alums and students who want to participate in this program can click here and join the ISE Mentoring Group.

Our Faculty Spotlight is on …

Learn more here

Recent Tenure Announcements!

The Department confirmed in 2020 that Dr. Ayca Erdogan and Dr. Dan Nathan-Roberts had been awarded tenure. In 2021, Dr. Anil Kumar also received the tenure award. All are Associate Professors in ISE The award of tenure is a major milestone in a faculty member’s career and represents sustained excellence in their record of teaching, research, and service.

Click here to view the entire list of ISE faculty

Dr. Yasser Dessouky appointed Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s

Computers & Industrial Engineering

Link to: Computers & Industrial Engineering

Link below to view the Complete lists of 2020 - 2021 ISE faculty publications, presentations, awards, and professional activities…

…that can be found on separate pages on our Department website. Internal grants and activities of note are reported here.

College of Engineering

2021 Staff Excellence in Service Award

ISE 151 Wins GE Area V Approval!

Student Highlights

2021 ISE Jindia Scholarship Award Winners

Daniela and Gift are Senior ISE students with exceptional backgrounds, achievements and inspiring stories. They were selected from among all eligible applicants to receive the 2021 $800 Jindia scholarship award near the end of the Fall semester.

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Spring/Fall 2021 Graduation Recognitions

The Department was proud to learn of the outstanding academic achievements of the following May, 2021 BSISE graduates:

Summa Cum Laude (Above 3.85 GPA): —Mamta Kanda — Joveli Njomin

Magna Cum Laude (Above 3.70 GPA): —Adam Ababneh— Ethan Duong

Cum Laude (Above 3.5 GPA):—Steven Permana —— Nestor Gimenez—— Jin You Goh — To Uyen Nguyen Hoang — Andre Ng — Gaia Bach

Alumni Spotlights

In the Department Advisory Committee (DAC) Spotlight:

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