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Respect the Lawn

Virginia Green
June 2021 Newsletter!

Respect the Lawn

Message from Virginia Green’s Gil Grattan

Moving Past the Dry Days of May

A lack of rain made this May unusual as Virginia experienced drought-like conditions. Year to date, Virginia is more than four inches behind average rainfall totals, and some lawns have begun to show signs of stress, especially those with poor soil characteristics. However, Tall Fescue is very drought tolerant and able to bounce back once more rain arrives.    
Before temperatures rise further, these simple steps can prep your lawn for summer success:
  • Raise your mower to its tallest setting because taller grass has a stronger root system.
  • Check sprinkler heads for proper coverage; adjust or contact your irrigation contractor as needed.
  • Use a “screwdriver check” to gauge soil moisture—if a screwdriver does not go into the ground easily, it is too dry.
Our Estate Program—a comprehensive, 11-application plan—also helps prevent summer lawn disease, with grub and weed control for your lawn’s toughest months of the year. Visit our website for more information or give us a call to upgrade your service.
Fall Aeration and Seeding season is right around the corner, starting in August. Sign up for this crucial service now at, or simply call our office. This is our only service requiring advance payment, so call early for the best times.
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Choose our Estate Program for Lawn Disease Protection

Summertime’s heat and humidity can create the perfect conditions for lawn diseases. Rhizoctonia (“brown patch”) and Sclerotinia (“dollar spot”) can take your lawn from bright and green to dull and brown in no time. However, our Estate Lawn Care program provides the protection your lawn needs to thrive, featuring four additional fungicide applications.

See how your lawn can benefit from our Estate Lawn Care Program

You Might Have Boxwood Spider Mites

Despite their name, boxwood spider mites are not actually insects—although that does not make them any less annoying. Spider mites are prone to attacking both annual and perennial flowers in your landscape, along with deciduous shrubs and even some trees. 

Get our tips on spotting damage from spider mites


Make Moisture a Priority

No lawn can look its best without the right amount of water, and over the past month, Virginia has seen only a little over a half-inch of rainfall. Coupled with the rapidly rising summer temperatures, lawns that lack proper irrigation run the risk of drying up. 

Check out our instructions for proper lawn watering

The Benefits of Grass Clippings

Do your lawn—and your local landfill—a favor by returning your grass clippings directly to your lawn after each mow. Grass clippings are filled with nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients, which act as a natural (and free!) fertilizer for your lawn. 

View our round-up on the best way to handle grass clippings

Lawn of the Month Winners

The lack of rain last month did not slow down our most recent Lawn of the Month contest winners! Do you think your lawn has what it takes to be a winner next month? Entering is easy—just send us a photo of your lawn looking its best, and tell us a few words about what you like most about it. Each month, our selected winners will receive a Lawn of the Month yard sign, along with a discount of $75 dollars off their next treatment from Virginia Green!


A Tail-Wagging “Thank You” to All of #BustersBuddies!

We would like to offer a huge “Thank You” to all our customers who took part in our latest #BustersBuddies campaign for sharing so many awesome pictures of their pets making the most of their lawn. Not only were the photos a lot of fun to see, but they were also for a very good cause. Thanks to your participation, Virginia Green made donations to local animal shelters in Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia, for a grand total of $8,000! 

We thank you once again for trusting the experience and expertise of Virginia Green to bring out the best in your lawn! 


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