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Dear Friends and Community,
Hoping you and yours are well and healthy. I so hope that you can feel yourself peeking around the corner to feeling more hopeful about better days ahead. Spring is coming, and I feel there a shift towards joy. If you were up at 3 in the morning Friday night you might have seen the last of Winter coming in with the clouds to bring us just enough snow/sleet to coat the ground white. If it was the last, I honored it as a gift, as I was beginning to miss the comfort that snow brings to me. It was the season smiling at felt like that anyway. Winter might not be gone, but I feel it is, and I am not clinging to it anymore to comfort me. It is now time to manifest the hopes and dreams that we have stored up over the last is time to manifest miracles.We are now at the beginning place of the virus not looming over all of our life. That feels miraculous to me.

Being hopeful is a miracle. Sometimes we are so afraid to be hopeful. We treat it like a superstition. It is not. Being hopeful is prayerful awareness of all that is possible. The end of the pandemic was always possible and I so hope that you are beginning to feel the tingle of joy in and around the sorrow that will forever live with us when we think of this time. History is like that,and we were part of it, along with the rest of the world. Humanity moved forward and backward like a pendulum, there was and still is a winnowing of life. We were reduced and expanded every day, every second, by life and death, more so than usual. Aware in some part of our day that life was being pulled up into the vast universe, away from us, to form a new galaxy of stars. I do imagine myself peeking out from a mountain cliff to gaze at that swirling galaxy of new stars that were those we knew, those we loved. And to welcome the new ones that perhaps could never know how hard it was to be a parent, or how frightened parents were.

Life is not for the faint of heart, as we have learned, and being hopeful will always feel like a risk, like love, or anything worth living and dying for. We are just that amazing and I hope you know it and feel it! Existence is just that amazing and I so hope you know it and feel it! We and Existence conspire together with hopeful anticipation for life to fulfill itself within each of us. I am looking forward to all my hopeful thoughts and prayers and visions to meet my daily life reality. Spring is coming.

Heart Space
I will be adding new events as this month goes on. There are new considerations for classes and workshops. There will be a Story Workshop for those that feel pressed to remember and share what they have been through, what they learned. There will be a Soul Art, Painting and Collage, to express, without words, our time away from time, or what our soul is reaching towards. If anyone here would like to offer in Heart Space, please get in touch with me. I am eager to begin building up the calendar again.

These are the events that are up right now:
Monday March 1 ~ 6:30 to 7:45 PM ~  Soul Awakening Meditation

Wednesday March 3 ~ 1 to 2:15 PM ~ Soul Awakening Meditation

Friday March 19 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ Drum Circle

Not yet on the calendar is the Grief workshop that will be on March 28. I will have it up by next week.

This And That...
My Aunt passed over on Monday. She had been sick for sometime, but somehow you feel they will endure a bit longer because they have such spirit. At least I felt that way. She got more sick, with different things that break the spirit. I wish I could have spoken to her again. She was faithful, and she knew the body was just a garment, and she was probably very open towards moving on. Bless your journey dear Aunt Angie.

Our second vaccine was postponed until next Friday. So soon enough. I just saw that the Johnson vaccine has been approved. That will really help to move things along I think.

I will be moving my alter. I created it over the course of the year as I learned of different practices, and also the Deities. As the year was fraught with darkness and chaos, it was my refuge and comfort. It  was created in the dining room, with candles burning and with hope easily seen. I have been wondering if I should move it to my pre-covid meditation space. And so I asked and received a clear answer to move it. I am looking forward to the move.

I am painting a castle for our youngest Grandgirl. It is a unpainted wooden castle that opens up to many rooms. If I can ever figure out a way to get a picture on here, I will post one. Learning to create stone and brick that looks 3D is mesmerizing fun. I will also be doing all the interior design. Got some furniture and will be creating the royal household from peg people. Lots of painting! It sure hurts my hands but while I am painting, I only feel joy!

We create happiness when we are creating. Happiness helps us to heal. There is so much healing that we need. We have been made aware during this pandemic of the many wounds we have ignored. What we thought perhaps time would take care of if we pushed them far enough away. The sadness of this time was like a memory jolt of long ago suffering of the unhealed places within us. We might think we are just lonely, or afraid, or bored, and we all felt that. But for many it was also a reminder to take care of what never stopped hurting.

Love yourself dear friends. Self love is the beginning of a new creation within. It sounds hard and complicated, but it is not. You can begin like this: Hold your hands over your heart and ask your heart to open. Imagine the most beautiful of your life's experience, and just wait for your heart to respond. Tell yourself you are ready to love yourself. Ready to forgive. Ready to let go of what is no more. Happiness follows, along with more love to give, more love to receive. Happiness is the healer. In this life journey we only need carry what we need. We need love. All the rest flows from there.

Peace, love and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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