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Top Takeaways From Today's Trailblazer:

1. President Biden's Immigration Plan Unveiled Yesterday Would Leave Our Border Less Secure And Hurt Law-Abiding Americans 

2. The Administration's Decision To Re-engage With Iran Will Only Embolden Their Terrorist Behavior And Make Us Less Safe

3. Republicans Continue To Address The Pandemic Responsibly By Working To Reopen Schools And Helping Provide A Vaccine To Everyone Who Wants One

The House is not in session. Click here for a list of committee hearings scheduled for today. 

The Senate will convene at 10:15am for a pro forma session. 
In The News

Biden's Immigration Plan

Yesterday, President Biden released his immigration plan that offers amnesty to millions of people who broke the law and entered the country illegally, does nothing to actually secure the border, and would hurt law-abiding American citizens. 

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan, issued the following statement about why this approach would be wrong for the nation: 

“President Biden’s immigration proposal puts our country’s safety and economic interests last at a time when we should be focused on reopening our schools, getting Americans back to work, and defeating COVID-19. This blatantly partisan proposal rewards those who broke the law, floods the labor market at a time when millions of Americans are out of work, fails to secure the border, and incentivizes further illegal immigration. President Biden’s radical proposal is a non-starter and should be rejected by Congress."

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee also pointed to their 32-page report that detailed how President Biden's immigration plan would undo the strides made to secure the border over the past four years. See below for key arguments from that report, which can be read here
  • Administration Amnesty – President Trump sought to reign in the out-of-control use of administrative amnesty in U.S. immigration policy. President Biden has reversed course and signaled his intention to return to the radical administrative amnesty policies of the Obama-Biden Administration, which will damage the integrity of the U.S. Constitution. 
  • Border Security – President Trump delivered on his campaign promise by completing 450 miles of border wall, implementing policies aimed at reducing frivolous asylum claims, and instituting a program to make those border crossers who claim asylum wait in Mexico for the duration of their immigration court proceedings, among other things. Some of President Biden’s first actions in office were to reverse these policy successes.
  • Interior Security – President Trump’s interior security policies were aimed at cracking down on sanctuary jurisdictions, ending the Obama-Biden policy of catch and release, and increasing the arrest and removal of deportable aliens. President Biden’s continued reversal of President Trump’s policies will make America less safe and encourage more illegal immigration.
  • National Security and Rule of Law – President Trump took bold and decisive action to prevent bad actors from entering our country. These actions were in line with the fact that America’s immigration law and policy must be created and implemented with a focus on national security. President Biden’s reversal of the President Trump’s travel ban, for example, shows he is not prioritizing the safety and security of the American people.
In addition, Leader McCarthy highlighted how the legislation was representative of Democrats' misguided priorities:
Finally, please see the below background document put together by the House Republican Conference that summarizes what's included in Democrats' legislation: 
Re-Engaging With Iran Will Only Embolden A Terrorist Regime & Make Us Less Safe

Late yesterday, we learned that the Biden Administration was rescinding efforts to enforce UN sanctions on Iran and would be formally restarting negotiations on a nuclear deal with them. This is obviously a dangerous approach and makes clear that President Biden's true intentions are to re-enter the United States into another flawed agreement with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism that only advances their interests, while making us and our allies more vulnerable. 

See below for a statement issued by Conference Chair Cheney reacting to these reports: 

"The Administration’s actions today make clear that President Biden wants to return to the JCPOA and give Iran billions in sanctions relief — even as Iran is committing nuclear blackmail and using its proxies to attack Americans.

"The Iran nuclear deal was one of the most flawed agreements ever negotiated. The Obama Administration sent billions of dollars to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism in exchange for a pathway to obtaining a nuclear weapon. Re-engaging with the human rights abusers in Tehran to revive this disastrous, outdated agreement will embolden a ballistic missile-armed, terrorist regime and make us and our allies more vulnerable to their hostile behavior."

In addition, the leading Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, also issued the below statement

“It is concerning the Biden Administration is already making concessions in an apparent attempt to re-enter the flawed Iran deal. The Trump Administration created leverage for President Biden on Iran – we should not squander that progress. We need to secure a better deal that keeps the American people safe from the full range of Iran’s malign threats. The Biden Administration must prioritize bipartisanship and stick to their assurance not to re-enter the deal until Iran comes back into full compliance with the JCPOA.”

Republicans Work Responsibly To Reopen Schools & Distribute Vaccines

Democrats approach to reopening schools continues to be muddled by their decision to stand with their political allies in the teachers' union, instead of following the science and pushing for students to be back in the classroom, in-person, as quickly as possible. 

Both the CDC Director and Dr. Fauci have said that vaccinations for teachers are not a prerequisite to reopening schools safely, and Democrats' refusal to keep their promise to listen to experts shows that they can't be trusted to put their political agenda aside and do what's right for the country. 

While they keep failing students with their refusal to reopen schools, their majority on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis will be holding a hearing today to discuss the vaccine process. Ahead of that hearing, see the below takeaways put together by Republicans on the Committee that explain how Republicans are responsibly leading the way when it comes to ensuring that every American who wants a vaccine is able to receive one: 
Member Highlights:

Rep. Lance Gooden penned an op-ed for Mesquite News criticizing the Democrats’ partisan COVID relief plan.
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer joined Newsmax's “National Report” to discuss targeted relief for our nation's small businesses and reopening our country once again.
Rep. Diana Harshbarger spoke with The Catholic Current’s Fr. Robert McTeigue about her experience as a pharmacist, the importance of Pro-Life policies like the Hyde Amendment, and fighting for life in the 117th Congress.
Rep. Lee Zeldin appeared on “Mornings with Maria” to discuss the Justice Department and FBI’s investigation of Cuomo's COVID-19 nursing home policy.
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