Here's what's really at stake
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This fight has been brewing...

You may have seen in the last few weeks that Archbishop Thompson of Indianapolis announced that Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School could no longer call itself Catholic.

Acting fully within Canon Law, the Archbishop set clear rules for Catholic schools in his diocese, insisting that they require teachers to be public witnesses to the Catholic faith, in word and deed.

Sadly, Brebeuf's leaders insisted on retaining a teacher in a public same-sex union and suffered the consequence. A few days later, Cathedral High School (also in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis) complied with the rules and dismissed a teacher in a same-sex union.

May God bless Archbishop Thompson! This is how renewal happens.

Of course, the secular media and activists are insinuating that the Archbishop has discriminated against people with same-sex attraction, but as I wrote yesterday at the National Catholic Register, "such is 'fake news'—it’s rooted in some fact, but not in truth. In fact, the Indianapolis situation is primarily about a Catholic school’s obligations to teach the faith clearly and without contradiction."

We must remember what is at stake here: Catholic education teaches the Faith and forms young people. Our children need it, families need it, the culture needs it.

Thanks to our faithful members and supporters, our staff is helping Catholic schools avoid these situations and strengthening their Catholic identity to withstand legal attacks.

I invite you to read my full analysis at The National Catholic Register.

Please pray for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis! May we all have the courage and fidelity to be effective witnesses to our Catholic faith.

 Patrick Reilly
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