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Hi beautiful people,

What a beautiful time of the year. I love autumn and everything about it…chilly mornings and evenings with nice warm breeze during the day, golden sunrays, yellow and red maple and cherry trees, the quietness in the air and the peace. How lucky we are to live in this beautiful part of the world, it reminds me of my home back in Europe. But you know what? I have my home here too. I feel happy :-) I have beautiful people in my life, like you and that’s what really matters. Thanks for bringing your sunshine into my classes :-)

Classes are staying the same for the month of May, with two classes in the Blue Spirit Yoga Studio in Leura (Tuesday 8-9am and Friday 9-10am) and two classes in Anytime Fitness in Katoomba (Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm and Saturday 9-10am). There’s more and more of you who have approached me regarding new classes on different days (evenings on weekdays and a class on Sunday) and I just want to let you know that I am keeping you in my mind and hopefully I will be able to open a new class sometimes soon.

The more I am discovering the world of yoga and meditation and how profound effects these beautiful traditions have on our well-being, the more fascinated I get. A few weeks ago I came across a documentary “The Connection: Mind Your Body”, a beautiful and very inspiring documentary about how our body and mind are interconnected and how we can use our minds to heal ourselves, even illnesses that are already in advanced stages or those without a cure.

It all comes to the health of our mind. As said in the documentary “The body is always responding to whatever the mind tells it to do. When the mind is tense, the body is tense. When the mind is happy, the body is happy.” And if there is too much tension in the body, it will over time manifest as pain, injury or illness.

However, there’s very good news. Even if you are sick, challenged by emotions, negativity or feel imbalanced, all of this can be changed and reversed in the mind and body by learning how to relax.
Yoga and meditation are two of the beautiful relaxation techniques that can help us to find our inner peace. They release tension in our body, quiet the incessant thoughts in our minds, bring awareness within, help us to connect with our inner wisdom and help us to heal. We become more attentive and start noticing things we didn't see before. And I don't really mean things on the outside but rather "seeing" things on the inside. Cultivating a discriminating ability and knowing/noticing when something is imbalanced and what it really is and what we need to do to get back into a balanced state.

Yoga, meditation and some other relaxation techniques have also been proven to be changing the structure of our brains…and this happens quite quickly. In simple terms, some parts of the brain associated with stress responses get smaller and less active and we feel a greater overall sense of peace and harmony.

Yoga and meditation are wonderful! I can’t even tell you how many aha moments I have experienced in my own practice. And it just makes me so happy to see this documentary and seeing more and more people finding out about yoga and meditation :-)

If you would like to watch it (it's really worth it!), you can find it here They have the first 15 minutes for free, so you can see if it is something that would be of interest to you. Enjoy!!!

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Today I want to share with you one important tip and it is related to the article above about the mind, body and health connection. It is something that totally changed my practice :-)

I will start with a question. Do you get from your yoga practice what you need? Do you feel relaxed, centered, grounded after your practice? And if not, why not?

A lot of people who practice yoga take it at first as a physical practice. We often push ourselves hard because we think the harder we try, the quicker we will get better. And it's definitely nice to find out that after some time of doing yoga we are getting stronger and more flexible and we can do now stronger poses. But the beauty of yoga is in being able to do the physical side of the practice to that extent so that it doesn't interfere with being able to keep the focus within, often to our breath.

I used to be this way too. I have always been very ambitious and driven. So when I started practicing yoga, I just wanted to get better and be able to do those super hard poses. It took me probably 12 months to realize that yoga is not really about it. Honestly, my best practices are those when I am in tune with my body and mind and I am very gentle to myself. I keep my breath slow, deep and quiet and put in only as much effort as I need to be able to stay in the postures. My body is relaxed and there's only slight tension in my muscles to keep my joints supported.

A strong yoga class can still be a very gentle class. It all depends on you approach your practice and your ability to tune into your body and mind.

So next time when you practice, ask yourselves, "What do I really want to get out of it?"

Don't allow your ego to push you, you don't need to prove anything to yourself, nor to other people :-)

This is all from me this month :-) Enjoy this beautiful month of May, it is a month of love in my home yourselves, love the people close to you and love your life... Big hug to you all, gorgeous souls, and I can't wait for our next yoga practice together :-)

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