New class on Tuesdays 8-9am...come to play with me :-)
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Hi gorgeous people,

I just want to say thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me…soon it’s going to be a year since we have moved to the amazing Blue Mountains and honestly, it has been one of the best years in my life…I feel so grateful for meeting such beautiful souls, making great friends and growing every week as a person, yoga student and a yoga teacher…thank you for being a part of my journey :-)

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, there is a new class on Tuesday mornings 8-9am in the beautiful Blue Spirit Yoga Studio, starting from next week the 5th of April. I am sooo excited to have a new class there and I can’t wait to share this beautiful space with you, playing and breathing together and letting our inner light to shine through :-)

As many of you know, yoga is not only a physical practice but it is also a practice of being aware of our inner world and opening ourselves to the lessons that are waiting there for us. If there is some inner conflict or resistance within unnoticed for some time, eventually it will come to the surface in the form of unhappiness, negative emotions or illness. While at the beginning it may be hard to notice the subtle signals our inner world is sending us, with practice it gets easier and we learn to perceive them and gain more understanding into ourselves.

It’s a lot of fun too when all of the sudden you can see further behind the little signs, it’s like a new world opening to you. When I started working with being present several years ago, it always made me super happy to realize something that was always there but I just didn’t see it…it was these little “wow” moments that were the most powerful and helped me to change big and little things in my life so that I lived more in alignment with my values. Don’t take me wrong, my life is not perfect…there’s still things I am trying to tackle and haven’t found the right way to do that…but by being present, I was able to take control of my life and by connecting with my inner world, to choose the better options for me.

This is particularly important in the world we live now…we are overwhelmed with responsibilities, our lives our rushed and we rarely find time for ourselves. How sad and a bit absurd it is, to live our life but not to really attend to it and not to be able to find time to be with ourselves.

So, try to do your best this month to spend some time with your beautiful you...and take a moment to start becoming aware of your inner world. I find that walks in the bush are very cleansing for me, or just sitting quietly in the garden with closed eyes and taking a few deep breaths. For you, it may be something totally different, a place where you feel happy and connected…maybe a hot bath with some natural oils, meditation under your favourite tree, gentle yoga practice, swim in the sea, walk on the beach…whatever it is that makes you feel alive, happy and deserve this time for yourself, make the most out of it and embrace every moment :-)

As usual, here are a few more tips you can start incorporating into your yoga practice. If you have missed the previous parts, you can find them here:

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Some of these tips will not be new to you. You may have heard me saying those many times but as I mentioned previously sometimes we need to hear things over and over again before they become fully ingrained in our body. Enjoy :-)

1) Don’t force your breath. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in a yoga class trying to incorporate all the instructions and at the same time to keep up with the breath of everyone else in the room. It is easy to over-breathe and cause yourself a headache, dizziness, nausea, overstimulation and heightened emotions. The safest way to approach your yoga practice is to keep your breath natural until you master the physical side of the poses and movements, and only when you feel familiar and comfortable with them you can start applying a more specific yogic breath, described in September Newsletter. Whenever you notice that your breath is getting labored, pull back or rest by coming into child’s pose, connecting back to your natural breath.

2) Take care of your neck. We all have days when we wake up and feel like someone was walking on our neck the whole night. At least I do have those occasional days when I know my neck needs special care and attention during my morning yoga practice. If your neck feels stiff, tense or painful, or if you even have a neck injury, keep the neck neutral (aligned with the top of the spine) in twists where the upper body is upright. In side bending standing postures, such as triangle pose and extended side angle pose, don’t turn the head towards the ceiling, instead keep looking down to the floor.

3) Keep your face, neck and throat relaxed. While we need to tense certain parts of our body in various postures to protect our joins and ligaments when practising yoga, we aim to keep our face, neck and throat relaxed. Of course, there are some postures like triangle pose when in the final version of the pose we turn the head to gaze upward and we need to support our cervical spine (in the neck) by muscle activity against the force of gravity. In majority of cases though, the head sits on top of the spine in neutral position and we can keep our neck relaxed. It’s a good practice to bring the attention over and over again to these parts of our body and learn to relax them, softening all the muscles in our face, especially our jaw and allowing the teeth to come apart. By keeping the muscles in the face and neck relaxed, we can decrease tension in our head, release headache, prevent increased blood pressure and stress, support circulation of blood and prana/chi (life energy) throughout our body and feel more relaxed after class.

This is all from me this month :-) Sending a big hug to you all and looking forward to our next practice together :-) Keep shining gorgeous people!

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