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October 22, 2021 Edition

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“No Discernable Relationship” between Vaccines and Cases
We’ve Been Had
As time rolls on and the months go by, more data is becoming available around the actual efficacy, safety and other attributes of the new experimental mRNA technologies which have been injected into now billions of people. And that data becomes less and less convincing and reassuring by the minute. At the country-level, there appears...
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Premium ArticleThe Data Says…
…we shouldn’t trust the vaccinated
The following is a continuation of Part 1.  Click here watch or listen to Part 1. The narrative around infectivity and transmissibility reduction among vaccinated vs. unvaccinated has officially fallen apart thanks to a new study from the University of California, Davis and UC San Francisco. The study confirms there is no significant difference in...
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Premium ArticleRecap: Honey Badger Farms Live Event 2021
It Was Amazing!
This past weekend 100 people signed up to come to a Peak Prosperity gathering hosted by Chris & Evie at Honey Badger Farms in Chester MA. It was a smashing success and we all had a great time. Friends were met and made, experiences shared, and food offered in abundance.
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Daily Digest
Daily Digest 10/22 -- Himalayan Fungus Kills Cancer; First Carbon Neutral Steel Mill Coming
Energy 750,000-Panel Solar Farm Will Power Colorado Steel Mill, First of its Kind The solar energy arm of petro-giant BP has brought together $285 million in private equity to fund a gargantuan solar energy project in Colorado that will power the world’s first carbon-neutral steel mill. How energy flexibility can save us money and cut...
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Daily Digest 10/21 -- America's "Big Quit"; "Shortages, Not Inflation, Is Plaguing Us" Claims FED
Economy What’s plaguing the American economy? According to the Fed, it’s shortages Supplies may be dwindling, but complaints about “shortages” are surging. The ‘Big Quit’ Tells a Bigger Economic Story The Great Resignation is more than just the sum of its quits; the pandemic is restructuring the economy, and forcing fundamental changes in the way...
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Daily Digest 10/20 -- Facebook Doubles Down on "Metaverse"; More Bad News for Chinese Real Estate
Economy China property: Default risks for other developers, PBOC on Evergrande All eyes will be on Chinese real estate developer Sinic Holdings, which warned last week it’s not likely to repay offshore bonds worth $250 million due on Monday. On Friday, another developer, China Properties Group, said it had defaulted on $226 million worth of...
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Daily Digest 10/19 -- Bucking Low Prices, Ranchers Go Rogue; UN Declares Access to Clean Environment "Human Right"
Economy Unhappy with prices, ranchers look to build own meat plants Frustrated with persistently low prices, ranchers and others in the beef industry are moving to reverse a long trend of consolidation and planning to open new slaughterhouses. The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote that “the degree of civilization in a...
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Daily Digest 10/18 -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies from COVID Complications, Integrated Circuits (ICs) at the Heart of China, Taiwan Troubles...
Economy IC Industry at Heart of Possible China Takeover of Taiwan Healthy future global economic growth is increasingly dependent upon the continued introduction of advanced electronic systems. The critical components within these systems are integrated circuits (ICs), without which, advanced electronic systems cannot be produced. Industrial metals blast off as energy crisis drags down supply...
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