JUNE 2016: Imaginarium + Events, Music, Magic, Gin! + more

The Imaginarium - a Photographic Phenomenon

Photographer Gary Nicholls has one piece of advice for anyone who has a story in them - get out there and tell it!

Gary's own life's work is the impressive photography project The Imaginarium - a series of stunning images featuring real steampunks and telling an epic story over the course of three books.

The first book -Eva's Story - is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Echoing the stories of Dickens and the narrative methods of Hogarth, The Imaginarium: Eva's Story is a gloriously spectacular tale, told in intricate images - each of which tells a story in their own right.

The book will be printed as a coffee table art book at very high quality, in standard and collector's editions. Gary's passion for his story and the care he puts into every image is reflected throughout the project.
You can support the Kickstarter here.

Around the World the Steampunk way!

Coming up this month is a steampunk, musical version of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days at the Bernie Grant Arts Theatre in North London.

Directed by the multi-award-winning West End director/choreographer Racky Plews (fresh from her success from The West End’s American idiot and the current UK tour of Footloose), designed by Cleo Pettitt and with costumes by Jema Hewitt (aka Emilly Ladybird).

Will Phileas Fogg with his servant Passepartout make it around the world in 80 Days? The star of the show is probably Eugene... What? You didn’t read about Eugene in the Jules Verne classic? Well you’d better come to meet him then hadn’t you!

Album of the Month

The greatest adventure of all time! Over 22 thrilling tracks, Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana take you through time and space in search of Geoffery, the missing ape companion! Guest stars include Nick Maxwell, Steam Powered Giraffe, Jon Clark, Teej and many more.

An awesome and entertaining album that we haven't stopped playing as we slave away at the SteamPaper Factory!

New Release

The Filthy Spectacula - Thrup'ny Upright

Thrup'ny Upright CD Cover
Featuring songs about Absinthe, Jack the Ripper, ghost ships, vampires, streetwalkers and drinking! What more could any filthy steampunk desire?

13-tracks of glorious dark ditties from the masters of mayhem.

Steampunk music may be impossible to define but why does that matter when there is so much great music out there!
Meet the intriguing figure of Leopold Thorn (as portrayed by Darren Gooding) - Illusionist (professionally), Murderer (reputedly), Visionary Genius (quite possibly) and Strutting Dandy (unquestionably).

Leopold is the subject of a number of brilliant one-man plays chronicling an extraordinary true story of ambition, loss, scandal and deception set within the obsessive, clandestine and occasionally downright ridiculous world of 19th Century Stage Illusion.

Funny, tragic, thought-provoking and never less than spell-binding, don't miss an opportunity to catch the magic of Leopold Thorn! Click for tour dates
If you know of any events coming up or you are an event organiser wanting to get the word out to over 1,600 steampunks – then please email with the event details

Take a walk in the Black Forest with Lady M

Several weeks ago Lady M discovered the sealed jars of home-made damson gin she put away in 2013. After days of intensive research - all for the benefit of others you understand - she created a lovely menu of sweet boozy treats which she shared at MCM in London (Lady M hosted the very popular "Cooking with Gin" session on Saturday).

The last of her delectable demonstration dishes was a simple dessert course, which looks fabulous and is actually very easy to make - a take on a Schwarzwald kirsche torte - perhaps better known as a Black Forest Gateau.

Here's the recipe so you can make it at home:
  • The day before, make a simple black cherry gin: 350g frozen pitted Morello cherries, 350g caster sugar, and Oliver Cromwell 1599 Gin (£10 from Aldi!)
    Put all the ingredients in a jar and agitate until the sugar has dissolved
  • Make three simple chocolate sponges, a recipe for these can be found on Lady M's Maybe Moor Facebook page
  • Take the cherries out of the gin and cook until they start to break apart. Allow to cool.
  • Drizzle the sponges with the cherry gin (enough to flavour, but not too much or you will "melt" your sponges).
  • Whip cream to stiff peaks
  • Layer the sponge, cooked cherries and cream.
  • Pipe cream on the top and decorate with cherries
  • Drizzle with more of the sweet cherry gin

You can see Lady M next month at MCM Comic Con Manchester - on the Steampunk Emporium stand
Steampunk Leicester: 5th Meeting (1st Rendezvous)
June 1st
The Old Horse, Leicester
GASP Radio Show - Torture/pain/death
8-11pm June 2nd
The Internet
A Splendid Day out
June 3rd - 5th
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing at Camden Rocks!
June 4th
Proud Camden, London
Bressteam 2016
June 4th & 5th
Bressingham Steam & Gardens, Diss
Before the Apocalypse
June 4th
Yellow Book, Brighton
The End Times Steampunk Festival
June 5th
The Old Market, Brighton
GASP radio presents "An intimate acoustic evening with New Jacobin Club"
June 7th
Castle Tap, Reading
Around The World In 80 Days
June 8th - 11th
Bernie Grant Arts Theatre, London
GASP Radio Show
8-11pm June 9th
The Internet
Cottonopolis do STUFF and THINGS
June 11th
Cheshire Showground, Tabley
2nd Steampunks at the Well - Punknik in The Castle
June 12th
Lincoln Castle, Lincoln
GASP Radio Show
- Grim Carnivale

8-11pm June16th
The Internet
June's Steamy Social is at the Malt Cross
June 17th
Malt Cross, Nottingham
Monty & Dale's Big Night Out
June 17th
The Albert, Keighley
Steampunk in Cambridge IV
Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge
Ilfracombe Steampunk Sunday
June 19th
GASP Radio Show
8-11pm June 23rd
The Internet
Airship Northstar
June 24th - 26th
Ford & Etal Estates, Berwick on Tweed
After broadcast the
GASP Radio shows can be found on Mixcloud
“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”

Jules Verne

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