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The Old-Growth Forest Network Grows Up
On January 22, 2013, the Old-Growth Forest Network turned three years old. The OGFN was formed because there was no national organization working to protect existing old-growth forests and encouraging the healing of some past-logged forests so they could once again regain their old-growth condition. Our reasons for wanting to increase the acreage in old-growth are many, including human contact and animal habitat. I am still amazed when I realize that before we formed there was no US national organization working specifically to preserve our ancient forests.

 Recently I was reading about nonprofit organization life cycle stages. They are:
  1. Start-up
  2. Growth
  3. Peak Performance
  4. Decline/Crisis
  5. Renewal
While reading the description of each phase, I realized that OGFN had grown up!

The first year of the project was developing an organization, a board, and starting on the Network to see how it could be done and how it was received. The second year was to continue this building of the Network, though at a slower pace, while we spread to more states, developed financial stability through increased private fundraising, and refined our processes. We also developed the Community Forest Network, the Private Forest Network, and the Forest Advocate Award. We increased our supporter base and improved our social media.

In the third year we increased our involvement by helping to preserve threatened forests. We increased all three branches of the Network (County, Community, and Private). I completed a book that will help to show the important biodiversity contained in un-managed forests. I gave numerous public talks to educate others on the importance of old-growth forests.

Now starting our fourth year, I will be seeing book #3 through the publishing and promotion process. I will also be writing the text for a “coffee table” type book called Seeing Forests, with photographer Robert Llewellyn. Both of these books will promote our mission. I hope to give a minimum of 10 to 12 public talks; I hope to increase the Network by a minimum of 10 to 12 forests; I hope to add a minimum of 2 new states to the Network. I plan to continue to speak out for threatened forests – including newspaper and magazine articles. I plan to continue communicating with our supporters through electronic newsletters, personal letters, and hard copy mailings. I plan to fund raise to meet our budget needs. To summarize, I plan to guide an efficient and effective organization to be all it can be.

And of course all of this is possible because we have also cultivated devoted and generous financial supporters. In 2015 we celebrated our first $10,000 private donation! I realize that for some $10 is as much of a stretch as $10,000 is to others, and I am so grateful for every gift given for the forests.

We now look forward to growing toward Peak Performance. We want to be a voice for every special forest that needs protection. We want to help connect people with the beauty and biodiversity in ancient forests. We want to have an Old-Growth Forest Network that covers our whole wonderful country. Please email and let us know if you’d like to be part of making this happen.

For the Forests,
The Old-Growth Forest Network is the first national organization working specifically to preserve ancient forests for the enjoyment of present and future generations. In counties capable of supporting forest growth we identify at least one forest that will be forever protected from logging and open to the public. Then we help families connect with these forests. The result will be a national network of treasured forests where all generations can experience native biodiversity and the beauty of nature.
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