Speaking for the Trees                                                                                                                    Fall 2015
Three New Forests Dedicated
We are pleased to announce that the following forests have been added to the Network this summer:
DeVeaux Woods State Park, Niagara County, NY
Cordrey Tract of Nassawango Preserve, Wicomico County, MD (our 50th!)
Spotlight on Community Forests
The founding vision of the Old-Growth Forest Network was at least one forest in each county, protected from logging and open to the public. But as we looked around we noticed that some municipalities recognized the importance of forests to their communities, and others did not. The “Community Forests” were often small in area, but were important because of their location near populated areas. Frequently children could ride their bicycles to these “in-town” forests. Around the U.S. more than 3,000 communities in 43 states own and manage forests. These forests are places for outdoor recreation, protection of water supplies, providing wildlife habitat and educational opportunities.

Unfortunately some towns still have not recognized the importance of forests to their community, and they sometimes sell off forested parcels for development, leaving no public forests within city limits. At the Old-Growth Forest Network we want to encourage every community to recognize the importance of forests and to preserve, or acquire, one for the benefit of their residents. With that goal in mind we recognize the special Community Forests that already exist.

This quarter we’d like to spotlight Duff Park, an old-growth forest within the city limits of Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The park is a 148-acre natural area located in hilly, heavily wooded terrain. There are many trails that can be used for anything from a relaxing walk to a strenuous workout, and a pavilion that provides a quiet site for a picnic and also may be rented to reserve it for group activities. (Murrysville recently received notoriety of a different sort when a local oncologist was accused of poaching a lion outside Hwange National Park in April, part of a crackdown on illegal big-game hunting after a Minnesota dentist killed a well-known lion last month.)

If you have a forest in your community that you want to preserve, let us know by submitting a Community Forest nomination form on our website.
A Forest Saved
Besides growing a national network of protected, accessible forests, the OGFN also advocates for threatened forests. Recently we stepped up to speak out for the forest at Naylor Mill Park, in Salisbury MD, that would have been destroyed to expand the number of ball fields. The forest has been saved, and plans are underway to protect it with a permanent easement!

We need your support so we can keep “Speaking for the Trees.”
Forest Advocate Award Presented to Will Cook

Will Cook believes that each of us can be an advocate by respecting nature in our own back yard - by replacing turf grass with tree groves and perennial gardens and wild meadows that, taken collectively, will transform the landscape and thereby our quality of life. And we can encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.

Will stepped forward when the Old-Growth Forest Network was just forming and volunteered to be the first treasurer. He has been keeping the books and the corporate documents in order while taking on many other vital tasks, such as creating our website. Will was chosen for the Old-Growth Forest Network’s Forest Advocacy Award because we could not have made it through our first three years of speaking for the forests without his help. In addition to his daily volunteerism, Will is also a member of the Legacy Grove – supporters of the Old-Growth Forest Network who have made arrangements for an end-of-life bequest.
Upcoming Events
October 5, Monday: Joan Maloof will speak at a Brown Bag Lunch at the St. Michaels branch of the Talbot County Free Library. In this presentation, Maloof will discuss what remains of never-logged U.S. forests and what makes them so special, including the latest scientific findings. She also will discuss the expansion of the Old-Growth Forest Network. The Friends of the Library are sponsors of the speaker series, and the public is invited to bring a lunch or a snack and enjoy coffee and dessert provided by the library. For more information, visit or call 410-745-5877.
If you are interested in my speaking schedule it is always listed here
In the News!
OGFN has gotten lots of press recently. Here are some links if you’d like to read more:
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The Old-Growth Forest Network is the first national organization working specifically to preserve ancient forests for the enjoyment of present and future generations. In counties capable of supporting forest growth we identify at least one forest that will be forever protected from logging and open to the public. Then we help families connect with these forests. The result will be a national network of treasured forests where all generations can experience native biodiversity and the beauty of nature.
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