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Downtime away from work is increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world, so for those of you celebrating Christmas this month, we hope you have a great, and well-deserved break from work. For everyone else, we’d love to hear what goes on at this time of year for you too, and what time of year your important downtime takes place.

In this month’s newsletter we are thrilled to share that we are welcoming Intel as our first corporate Champion! We also share a round-up of our SC18 activities. If you want to get more involved in WHPC’s activities, you can now join any of our chapters via the WHPC membership settings.
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Intel Named First WHPC Corporate Champion

We are delighted to announce that the Intel Corporation is WHPC’s very first Corporate Champion. The Corporate Champions programme aims to build the foundation for sustainable WHPC programs and provides support for our mission.

“Intel understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in the development of high performance computing solutions,” said Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, Intel’s Data Center Group. “Since WHPC’s inception, Intel has actively supported the organization’s goals and has partnered with the HPC ecosystem to increase participation of under-represented groups — women and those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds — in computational and data science programs.”

WHPC programs are evidence-based and deliver results, whether it be creating platforms for early career women seeking new positions, training allies on best practices, or supporting a global and growing network of expert and professional women in the sector. Intel is the first of hopefully many corporations making a commitment to supporting women in the sector.

WHPC@SC18: A Roundup

WHPC had such an amazing week at SC, so full of incredible connections and inspirational women! Some of the highlights include:

  • The traditional Women in HPC Workshop and evening reception: these popular events continue to grow beyond what we could have dreamed of when Women in HPC was formed!

  • Our first BoF on the importance of male allies: delivered to a room packed full of not only women but also men, definitely something we’d like to repeat!

  • Our first face-to-face WHPC Chapters Committee meeting: advancing our Chapters program and building grassroots activities targeted at the needs of local HPC communities.

As our membership continues to grow, we hope that you encourage your colleagues to join, too! All genders are welcome in WHPC — men belong in the conversation and have an essential role in eliciting positive changes.

Are Overflowing Inboxes Contributing to Unconscious Bias?

When the goal of Inbox Zero feels unattainable, people rely on heuristics to figure out which emails to answer and which to ignore. Some shortcuts, like always answering emails from your boss, meet important productivity goals, but others, such as how you decide which other emails to prioritize, could be reducing the diversity (and therefore quality) of your network. Click to find out more about how your email inbox goals may allow biased behaviours to creep in.

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Women and Girls Less Likely to be Considered for Brainy Tasks

When a task is thought to require hard work, everyone is likely to be considered for it, regardless of gender. But when it requires intelligence, all eyes turn to the male side of the house. Due to the stereotypes that boys succeed by intelligence while girls succeed by working hard, women are more than 25% less likely to be nominated to perform a task requiring intelligence.

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Opportunities in HPC

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